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Emma Shortis

Emma Shortis

Emma Shortis is Senior Researcher in the International and Security Affairs program at the Australia Institute, and the author of Our Exceptional Friend: Australia’s fatal alliance with the United States (Hardie Grant Books, 2021). 

Emma Shortis reviews 'Trump’s Australia: How Trumpism changed Australia and the shocking consequences for us of a second term' by Bruce Wolpe

September 2023, no. 457 25 August 2023
Having worked for the Democrats in the United States and as chief of staff to Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Bruce Wolpe has credentials. Few in Australia are better placed to examine the implications for Australia, and particularly the Labor government, of a possible Trump return in 2024. Trump’s Australia, according to Wolpe, reflects how ‘our confidence that American democracy can and will ... (read more)

Emma Shortis reviews 'The Four Ages of American Foreign Policy: Weak power, great power, superpower, hyperpower' by Michael Mandelbaum

April 2023, no. 452 27 March 2023
Michael Mandelbaum’s book The Four Ages of American Foreign Policy is intended as another instalment, the author argues (quoting Pieter Geyl), in history’s ‘argument without end’. Historians of US foreign policy have long been engaged in their own particular argument – mostly, a competition over naming rights. In the most prestigious instalments – and Mandelbaum’s contribution is cer ... (read more)

Emma Shortis reviews 'American Exceptionalism: A new history of an old idea' by Ian Tyrrell

October 2022, no. 447 26 September 2022
The forty-sixth president of the United States, like most of his predecessors, is an avid student of American history. In August 2022, Joe Biden met for the second time with a group of pre-eminent historians to discuss his presidency and the many threats facing American democracy. A month later, standing in Independence Hall in Philadelphia, he told the American people: ‘I know our history.’ B ... (read more)