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Kristie Dunn

Kristie Dunn is a Melbourne-based lawyer and writer.

Kristie Dunn reviews 'Romancing the Tomes: Popular culture, law and feminism' edited by Margaret Thornton

April 2003, no. 250 18 October 2022
What exactly is popular culture? Does Big Brother really pose an inherent challenge to law? And what connection does the regulation of cyberpornography have with the film Pretty Woman? These are some of the questions I was left with after reading Romancing the Tomes, a cross-disciplinary collection of conference papers exploring the ‘uneasy relationship’ between law and popular culture from a ... (read more)

Kristie Dunn reviews 'Taking Responsibility for the Past: Reparation and historical justice' by Janna Thompson

May 2003, no. 251 01 May 2003
Those of us who walk across bridges in support of reconciliation, and sign Sorry Day books, do so because we feel an obligation to recognise and apologise for the destructive legacy of past practices. Sometimes we can speak directly to those people who were taken away; often we are addressing their descendants. As the prime minister continues to point out, many of us are apologising for something ... (read more)