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Bronte Adams

Bronte Adams is an occasional crime writer who occasionally lives in Sydney.

Bronte Adams reviews 'A Children's Book of True Crime' by Chloe Hooper and 'Regret' by Ian Kennedy Smith

April 2002, no. 240 01 April 2002
These two novels can be read as intelligent manipulations of the crime genre, exploring the inarticulacies as well as the betrayals, real or imagined that can precipitate acts of violence. Chloe Hooper’s impressive début, A Child’s Book of True Crime, explores, in her words, ‘the twilight space between childhood and adulthood’. The means for interrogating this porous and ambiguous zone in ... (read more)

Bronte Adams reviews 'Volatile Bodies: Towards a corporeal feminism' by Elizabeth Grosz

October 1994, no. 165 01 October 1994
Volatile Bodies is an important book: its challenge is nothing less than the development of a non-essentialist, feminist philosophy of the body. In providing an epistemological base and theoretical start to the project, Grosz is moving beyond her previous focus of explicating Continental theorists and making their work accessible to a larger audience. While the bulk of Volatile Bodies still expli ... (read more)