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Desmond O'Grady

Desmond O’Grady is an Australian writer and journalist resident in Rome.

Telecom Australian Voices | 'Ti amo ?' by Desmond O'Grady

June 1990, no. 121 01 June 1990
Desmond O’Grady has worked in Rome since 1962 as a freelance writer. In this month’s Telecom Australian Voices essay, he writes about the diverse relationships between Italy and Australia and how changing countries affects writers, migrants and ideas. I was supercilious towards Italy and Italians before seeing Italian films and reading Curzio Malaparte’s novels. Malaparte foiled the superci ... (read more)

Desmond O'Grady reviews 'The Emergence of Political Catholicism in Italy' by John N. Molony

June 1979, no. 11 12 August 2022
After Italian troops had invaded the Papal States to establish the nation’s capital in Rome in 1870, Italian Catholics were prohibited from voting in political elections. When this policy began to be relaxed in late 1918, a Sicilian priest, Luigi Sturzo (1871–1959), founded the Partitio Popolare Italiano (PPI) which was to be aconfessional but ‘inspired by Catholic principles’. It was the ... (read more)

Desmond O’Grady reviews 'Dining With Princes' by John Sligo

May 1995, no. 170 01 May 1995
As John Sligo spent thirteen years in Rome up to 1982, he experienced vita when life was still dolce in Hollywood-by-the-Tiber where he was one of those expatriates who hobnobbed with both exiled royal families and political refugees. Now a Sydney resident and prize-winning novelist, Sligo worked in Rome for the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organisation and also taught in English-languag ... (read more)

'The View from Europe' by Desmond O'Grady

August 1982, no. 43 01 August 1982
A grizzled, greying migrant, who was holidaying in Sicily after twenty years in Australia, attended a civic reception for participants in a seminar on Australian literature held in Piazza Armerina last January. His wife and three children were in Moonee Ponds. He was obviously pleased to speak with the Australians present as if they somehow confirmed his experience in a far-off land. His experien ... (read more)