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Bob Reece

Bob Reece was Professor in History at Murdoch University, Western Australia, and co-author (with Rob Pascoe) of A Place of Consequence: A Pictorial History of Fremantle (1982).

Bob Reece reviews 'First Fleet to Federation: Irish supremacy in colonial Australia' by Jarlath Ronayne

December 2002-January 2003, no. 247 01 December 2002
It was inevitable, sooner or later, someone would write a book celebrating the achievements of the Protestant Irish in Australia. Books commemorating the part played by the Catholic Irish culminated in Patrick O’Farrell’s ambit claim that they were responsible for just about everything we like to think of (or used to think of) as being distinctively Australian. Now Professor Jarlath Ronayne ha ... (read more)

'How Fremantle's first newspaper was hoaxed' by Bob Reece

October 2006, no. 285 01 October 2006
Fremantle’s first real newspaper, The Herald, saw the light of day in a building on the corner of Cliff and High Streets on Saturday, 2 February 1867. The brainchild of two ex-convicts, James Pearce and William Beresford, it soon became the main voice of opposition to colonial autocracy, as well as the voice of Fremantle itself. William de la Poer Beresford (to give him his full aristocratic nam ... (read more)