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Jarrod Zlatic

Jarrod Zlatic

Jarrod Zlatic is a musician and writer from Melbourne. He has previously written for Memo Review, Dissect Journal, and Negative Guest List.

'Thin Skin: A freewheeling selection of painting at MUMA' by Jarrod Zlatic

ABR Arts 01 August 2023
The current show at Monash University Museum of Art, Thin Skin, is notable as the largest institutional exhibition in Victoria dedicated solely to contemporary painting in nearly a decade. Presumably for this reason, there has been much logistical support from MUMA for the new exhibition. A quarter of the thirty-six works here are new commissions by MUMA for the exhibition, while others have been ... (read more)

'Radical Utopia: An archeology of a creative city: An excess of post-modern Melbourne design' by Jarrod Zlatic

ABR Arts 14 March 2023
  Radical Utopia: An archeology of a creative city, curated by Harriet Edquist and Helen Stuckey, is a maximalist experience. Even the title itself is a little unwieldy. The exhibition is an ambitious attempt to outline firstly the emergence of a contemporary, post-modern design culture in Melbourne, and, secondly, to frame this moment as the point at which Melbourne emerged into what the cu ... (read more)

'Peter Tyndall: The enigmatic art of Peter Tyndall' by Jarrod Zlatic

ABR Arts 31 January 2023
Although Peter Tyndall’s art is littered with the breezy, post-pop imagery of cartoons and illustrations, there is a sparse and unrelenting quality to his work. When assembled together, as in the current retrospective at Buxton Contemporary, they threaten to blur into one. Though this is by design, every painting and print here is a fragment of a single work that has been unwavering in its consi ... (read more)

'Data Relations: A ‘speculative consideration’ at ACCA' by Jarrod Zlatic

ABR Arts 20 December 2022
Is there now an elemental quality to data? Amazon and Meta have certainly demonstrated that data can be harnessed like a natural resource. Yet given that we, the users, shed data at an uncontrollable and unknowable rate, perhaps Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg are not twenty-first century oil barons so much as the managers of a silkworm farm? Is all this data just simply information? Do we even hav ... (read more)