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Patrice Newell

Patrice Newell reviews 'Wild Solutions: How Biodiversity Is Money in the Bank' by Andrew Beattie and Paul R. Erhlich

July 2001, no. 232 01 July 2001
We demand difference and variety in our lives – in the food we eat, in our friends, in our distractions and aversions. And we know that diversity is desperately needed in the biological world. There is debate, however, on how much is enough, and where the balance lies, and it’s hard to judge because we remain ignorant about natural processes. My own garden pays homage to Joseph Banks, the gre ... (read more)

Patrice Newell reviews 'The Secret Life of Wombats' by James Woodford

August 2001, no. 233 01 August 2001
Kangaroos, wallabies and wallaroos abound, literally, on our farm, as do platypuses, echidnas and wedge-tails. We’ve even been told by visiting bushwalkers that we’ve got a few koalas up the mountain. But we don’t have wombats. To compensate, we’ve a ceramic wombat doorstop and a big wooden wombat garden seat. We buy books for our daughter – The Muddle Headed Wombat, Wombat Divine – a ... (read more)

Patrice Newell reviews 'A Gap in Nature: Discovering the world’s extinct animals' by Tim Flannery and Peter Schouten

December 2001–January 2002, no. 237 07 July 2022
It is too heavy to read in bed or on an aeroplane, too handsome to besmirch at the beach, would court disaster if tackled at the kitchen table, and there’s no room on my always-littered desk. It’s the sort of book that, in its size and splendour, is aimed at the coffee table. Yet volumes like this seem more at home on television, their contents rendered into documentaries introduced by David A ... (read more)