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Tony Smith

Tony Smith is a writer and reviewer who lives in Bathurst, New South Wales.

Tony Smith reviews ‘The Visitor’ by Jane R. Goodall, ‘Rubdown’ by Leigh Redhead and ‘The Broken Shore’ by Peter Temple

September 2005, no. 274 01 September 2005
Some generals in Australia’s ‘culture wars’ have appointed themselves defenders of a mythical identity against the incursions of multiculturalists and ‘black armbanders’. Literary skirmishes over national identity have been more mundane, concerning mainly eligibility for awards. Certainly, three recent crime novels suggest that Australian writing benefits from adoption of a broad definit ... (read more)

Tony Smith reviews 'Blood Sunset' by Jarad Henry

July–August 2008, no. 303 01 July 2008
Detective Rubens McCauley has recovered almost fully from a gunshot wound suffered while exposing corrupt Melbourne cops: see Head Shot (2005). Colleague Cassie Withers supports McCauley, but his superior officer wishes him elsewhere. His private life teeters on the brink: he has neglected his mother who suffered a stroke; he has unresolved issues with his father; his brother wants him to counsel ... (read more)

Tony Smith reviews 'In the Evil Day' by Peter Temple

March 2008, no. 299 01 March 2008
Oscar Wilde’s Lady Bracknell famously deplores Ernest’s loss of not one but both parents. The great polymath would approve of Peter Temple’s easy mastery of not just two but three popular literary genres. In the Jack Irish series, Temple created a likeable rogue who approximates a Melbourne private eye, and with The Broken Shore (2005) he won crime writing awards for a disciplined police pro ... (read more)

Tony Smith reviews 'The Contract' by Brett Hoffmann

November 2009, no. 316 01 November 2009
Stella Sartori and Jack Rogers, both Australians, work for a New York bank. Their boss, Frank Spiteri, sends Stella and her team to Peoria to report on the takeover of Collins Military Systems by the Kradel company. Spiteri’s friend Daniel Cross, now head of Kradel and formerly head of CMS, complains that Stella has stolen an important file. Spiteri promotes Jack from the market floor to the mer ... (read more)

Tony Smith reviews 'Blood Moon' by Garry Disher

June 2009, no. 312 01 June 2009
It is ‘Schoolies’ Week’, and Waterloo, on the Mornington Peninsula, hosts a crowd of teenagers who, for various reasons, shun more fashionable parties on the Gold Coast. The police try to ensure that the kids practise safe sex and don’t become victims of their own excesses with drugs and alcohol, nor of the ‘toolies’ who scavenge the festival fringes. Liaison officer Constable Pam Murp ... (read more)

Tony Smith reviews 'The Philosopher’s Doll' by Amanda Lohrey

April 2004, no. 260 01 April 2004
When the Australian government urged older workers to delay retirement, some observers saw this as ‘wedge’ politics. One ageing media personality joked about younger women refusing to have babies sufficient to care for him in his dotage. For electors, the falling birth rate may be a controversial economic issue, but for some couples, and especially women, decisions about procreation are not th ... (read more)