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Brian Dibble

Brian Dibble, who in 1972 founded what is now Communication and Cultural Studies at Curtin University, is Curtin's Emeritus Professor of Comparative Literature.

Brian Dibble reviews 'Crank Back On Roller' by Donald Stuart

May 1981, no. 30 01 May 1981
‘Crank back on roller, belt left front ...’ So begins the sequence. Stuart’s novel, the fifth in a series of six called The Conjuror’s Years, depicts Colin of Drought Foal and Wedgetail View following the instructions for preparing his Vickers gun to fire against the Vichy French in the 1941 AIF invasion of Syria. Three things are specially striking about this deftly written book which sh ... (read more)

Brian Dibble reviews 'The Newspaper of Claremont Street' by Elizabeth Jolley

May 1982, no. 40 24 July 2020
Of Elizabeth Jolley’s first novel, Palomino (1980), Nancy Keesing said it ‘establishes Elizabeth Jolley as absolutely one of the best writers of fiction in this country’ (ABR, March 1981). Of The Newspaper of Claremont Street, Tom Shapcott said its ‘capacity to touch the very nerve centre of human fragility, of exposing the tragedy in human needs within the small comedy of existence, is so ... (read more)

Brian Dibble reviews 'Foxybaby' by Elizabeth Jolley

December 1985–January 1986, no. 77 01 December 1985
A colleague asked if I thought that Elizabeth Jolley’s Foxybaby might have gone ‘over the top’. I assume she meant that the book might be ‘too much’ because the function of its preoccupation with (say) crime and sex, including incest and homosexuality, was not immediately apparent. The question is a reasonable one, but for two reasons I don’t think that her latest novel does go over th ... (read more)