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Sophie Masson

Sophie Masson is a French-Australian fantasy and children's author.

'A "tongue of wonders": writing in between languages' by Sophie Masson

April 1996, no. 179 01 April 1996
The French literary world was agog last year with the news of the awarding of two prestigious prizes, the Prix Goncourt and the Prix Medicis, to a novel called Le Testament Français, by a writer called André Makine. The unusual nature of the novel is that it was written in the most beautiful, yet freshly distinctive French by a man whose maternal tongue is not French at all, but Russian. Makine ... (read more)

Sophie Masson reviews 'The Ancestor Game' by Alex Miller

August 1992, no. 143 01 August 1992
Alex Miller’s third novel treads some complex and difficult territory, staking out the past, memory, and the creation of self. It is also an incursion into the shadowy borderlands that lie between history and fiction, and the way in which, for every individual, the past has a different face. It is a very modern novel, in its rejection of the linear certitudes of an earlier age, and a very Austra ... (read more)