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Hidden Author

Books of the Year 2001

December 2001–January 2002, no. 237 01 December 2001
Don Anderson Donald Home’s Looking for Leadership: Australia in the Howard Years (Viking) gives us an octogenarian social commentator in youthful form. Unlike our leaders, Home translates difficult ideas into something with connections to human lives. John Forbes’s Collected Poems (Brandl & Schlesinger) is an invaluable collection of work by a major poet – Sydney’s finest since Sles ... (read more)

Letters - August 1987

August 1987, no, 93 01 July 1987
Dear Madam, I don’t usually believe in responding to reviews, but Kenneth Gelder’s review (ABR June 87) of The Illustrated Treasury of Australian Stories, which I edited, raises a few points which are worth a reply. Gelder may have his fantasies of Adelaide as a city of ‘beautiful spaces’, greys and pinks, colour-coordinated, but I wish he would leave me out of them. I never lived in Ade ... (read more)

Advances: Literary News - December 2007–January 2008

December 2007–January 2008, no. 297 01 December 2007
Three Companions It is now thirteen years since OUP Australia published the second edition of The Oxford Companion to Australian Literature (nine years after ‘Whitlam, Edward Gough’ launched the first edition). Peter Pierce, generally welcomed OCAL2 in his ABR review (‘A bountiful companion’, December 1994– January 1995): ‘The Oxford Companion to Australian Literature may be a touch t ... (read more)

Advances: Literary News - October 2007

October 2007, no. 295 11 May 2022
The Fortunes of HHR Last month, in his critique of Bruce Beresford’s memoir (whose title is far too long to reproduce here), Peter Craven, in addition to expressing surprise at film producers’ unwillingness to finance Beresford’s proposed film of Henry Handel Richardson’s The Fortunes of Richard Mahony, deplored the fact that the great trilogy (1917–29) was out of print. Well, abracadab ... (read more)

Letters to the Editor - August 2001

August 2001, no. 233 01 August 2001
Better off without him Dear Editor, James Griffin, in his effort to rehabilitate John Wren (ABR, June 2001), attacks me and other historians. Stuart Macintyre has replied strongly; and Manning Clark, the main target, is unfortunately dead. My turn now. Griffin refers to a book by me and two co-authors, Doc Evatt (1994), and says that ten letters from Evatt to Wren were ‘made available’ for ... (read more)

Letters to the Editor - July 2001

July 2001, no. 232 01 July 2001
James Griffin and John Wren Dear Editor, Some of your readers will be familiar with the problem. You set aside a few days to get to the National Library to pursue a research project. You obtain the manuscripts, order the material in the Petherick Room, and settle down to uninterrupted industry, when an avuncular bore with too much time on his hands buttonholes you and bangs on about his own proj ... (read more)

Open Page with Carmel Bird

March 2010, no. 319 01 March 2010
Why do you write? It seems to be the only way I can make sense of things. I am often surprised that everybody doesn’t feel like this. It is such a profound thrill to work with fiction and to see the patterns emerge, to feel the rhythm of the story as it develops. Are you a vivid dreamer? There’s a thing that happens – I am asleep, but I seem to be awake watching a full colour dramatisatio ... (read more)

Letters to the Editor – August 1991

August 1991, no. 133 01 August 1991
Dear Editor, Caroline Lurie (ABR No. 131) cited four common criticisms of deconstruction. I think a more important reason is the danger deconstruction poses to the privileged position of the author as the source of one or multiple meanings for a text. It is significant to note that it is mostly the authors (both of narrative and critical discourses) who are so upset about deconstruction. It is t ... (read more)

Letters to the Editor – June 1991

June 1991, no. 131 01 June 1991
Dear Editor, The Fat Author Replies to Robert Dessaix: The author does not embody Iiterary classification nor does she base her work on literary theory though literary criticism does inform her literary practice. The critical texts on multiculturalism do propose difference and have formed a valid and important part of dialogue in Australian literature. Dessaix truly exploits the multicultural ... (read more)

Letters to the Editor – June 2009

June 2009, no. 312 01 June 2009
Delights and jolts Dear Editor, ABR is always engaging, even when one disagrees with the thrust or standpoint of particular reviews, but surely the May issue is the most brilliant ever. An edition which has a poet (Peter Rose) reviewing David Malouf’s new novel, Brian Matthews on Henry Lawson, Elizabeth Webby on Xavier Herbert, and Robert Phiddian on Penny Gay’s monograph about Shakespearean ... (read more)