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States of Poetry QLD

O Hail! to the days of wine and typhus,
the arrangements of battlefields in early spring,
the glory of a factory that rifts your body
before it wipes your mind, religions vivid
as blood sacrifice. Rise up King Pepe!
Pwn the noob descending the staircase,
these Chads will know the beta’s far cry.

PTSD was straightforward
when you could just belt your ...

What happens after the rain is pure speculation
And this is a weekend where I exhale my body weight
In cigarette smoke and a hangover’s regrets
And The Boss’ call and response calibrates
And my city blossoms like an orchid or a cancer
Spreading over an investor’s heritage listing
And this is what it’s like when the evening three step
Picks up a fourth ...

The marker: Bruce Lee happy snapping
Opposite Trajan’s stables.
Not up to scratch, we replace
Dostoyevsky with an app
And clap enthusiastically
At the dud soundtrack’s tub.

When the Premier dished out
Shit sandwiches in the Executive
She called them pineapples.
They swapped ironic gifts
Now: giant, projected,
T ...

a gunman is a gunman is a gunman
like the chorus line tryout i felt nothing

it was worth noting the small matter
of gathering rare ingredients for a drink

a monday morning death toll
as specific as thursday’s Powerball

this time he can’t be arsed with the filter
it doesn’t come up at the crumbs

of somebody from the health team’s birthd ...

my name is abundance his name is love
charlie doesn’t advise does charlie
command? accrete necessary details
you can parse anything try

what’s a poor girl to do? parade us
as students we are your daughters
we lived as armies liberate villages
we all knew money wasn’t pure

my name is disturbance his name is love
you have an awful lot of gu ...

Liam Ferney States of Poetry QLDLiam Ferney's most recent collection Content (2016, Hunter Publishing) was shortlisted for the Judith Wright Calanthe Award. His previous collections are Boom (201 ...

after the Saint Louis University Mental Status (SLUMS) Examination

at midpoint I take a call from work – don’t want to, though
all jobs are made up anyway and I’m not in today

the first year without ...

we started in 1981 and compleTed in 1988.
in 1983 the first portioN
of it was included in john cagE's book x ...

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gurgle /ˈɡəːɡ(ə)l
grandmothers carry prams to term / babysit baby’s baby / regurgitated capsule
commuters exhale daily day into night aircon carriage ...

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