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Winter Bel

Winter Bel

Winter Bel is a writer of literary fiction and poetry. Born in England, she now splits time between Paris and Los Angeles. She is presently polishing for publication her début novel, After The Angels, as well as her short story collection Hard Place Rock, from which ‘Black Wax’ is taken.

'Black Wax' by Winter Bel | Jolley Prize 2023 (shortlisted)

August 2023, no. 456 24 July 2023
They met by the smashed call box at the intersection of Homan and 16th, as proposed in her perfectly spelt text message earlier that night. Her name was Artesia, which Harry would later learn she wrote on her mailbox as ‘Tease ya’. Harry might have guessed that the moment he saw her. Full-body leather. Tattoo of a honey bee on her neck. A my-body-my-canvas vibe that suggested she had more ... (read more)