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Andrea Gaynor

Andrea Gaynor

Andrea Gaynor, an environmental historian, is an Associate Professor of History at the University of Western Australia. Her research seeks to use the contextualising and narrative power of history to help address real-world problems. Her most recent book, co-edited with Nick Rose, is Reclaiming the Urban Commons: The past, present and future of food growing in Australian towns and cities (UWAP 2018).

Andrea Gaynor reviews 'The Allure of Fungi' by Alison Pouliot

October 2018, no. 405 25 September 2018
Of all the forms of life historically divided into kingdoms, only two – plants and animals – have attracted large bands of human followers. Entire organisations and university departments are devoted to understanding, controlling, and conserving plants and animals, and our cultural domains are saturated with their likenesses. Two of the other kingdoms, Protista and Monera, have arrived on our ... (read more)