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Kathrin Bartha

Kathrin Bartha

Kathrin Bartha is a doctoral researcher at Monash and Goethe University Frankfurt. She holds degrees from Freie Universitaet Berlin and has written about Australian literature, German memory culture, and migrant experiences. She is an activist for the Fossil Free University network.

Kathrin Bartha reviews 'Facing Gaia: Eight lectures on the new climatic regime' by Bruno Latour, translated by Catherine Porter

December 2017, no. 397 22 November 2017
Have you heard of the Anthropocene, the so-called Age of Humans? Our geological epoch has been renamed because human influences on Earth are so profound that not only is our climate changing, but so are our soils, water, and social order. Bruno Latour, prolific French philosopher and historian of science, dedicates his book, Facing Gaia, to this ‘new climatic regime’, which leads to questions ... (read more)