Tim Byrne reviews 'The Ring of Truth' by Roger Scruton

Tim Byrne

There is a kind of dread in the heart of any reader who approaches a philosopher in the act of pronouncing on a great work of art. Many a filmmaker’s oeuvre and ...


Der Ring des Nibelungen

Peter Rose

Der Ring des Nibelungen, presented by Opera Australia three years after its première in Melbourne, was a great success, mostly because of the excellence of the singing ...


Theodora (Pinchgut Opera)

Ian Dickson

‘The Jews will not come to it because it is a Christian story and the ladies will not come because it is a virtuous one.’ George Frideric Handel’s much-quoted explanation for the lack of success of Theodora, his penultimate oratorio, may or may not be accurate, but there is no doubt about its failure. After an original run of just three performances i ... More

Götterdämmerung (Opera Australia)

Peter Rose

After the exaltation of the closing duet in Siegfried (memorably sung by Stefan Vinke and Lise Lindstrom), we had to wait until the second part of the Prologue to Götterdämmerung before meeting the post-coital lovers.

First we had the Norns (Tania Ferris, Jacqueline Dark, Ann ... More

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