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Clinton Fernandes

Clinton Fernandes

Clinton Fernandes is Professor of International and Political Studies at the University of New South Wales. He has published on the relationship between science, diplomacy and international law, intelligence operations in foreign policy, the political and regulatory implications of new technology and Australia’s external relations. His research in the Future Operations Research Group at UNSW analyses the operational environment, and the threats, risks and opportunities that military forces will face, in the 2030-50 timeframe.

Clinton Fernandes reviews ‘Eurowhiteness: Culture, empire and race in the European project’ by Hans Kundnani

March 2024, no. 462 22 February 2024
Hans Kundnani, a British citizen, began working at the European Council on Foreign Relations in 2009. He considered himself a ‘pro-European’ supporter of European integration and regarded the European Union as a force for good. He came to realise that much of what he thought he knew about the EU and its history were self-idealising myths that had been created by the EU about itself. Eurowhiten ... (read more)

Clinton Fernandes reviews 'Empire, Incorporated: The corporations that built British colonialism' by Philip J. Stern

October 2023, no. 458 24 September 2023
A senior public servant writes that the history of corporations shows that there are ‘some things which a Government cannot do officially, and which are best accomplished when the people take the lead, while the State lends its support, remaining in the background until it is required to interfere’. This is ‘almost forgotten now in these days of international law, of diplomats, and of quick ... (read more)