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Kirk Dodd

Kirk Dodd

Kirk Dodd is a lecturer and playwright with an interest in Shakespeare, Rhetoric and Creative Process(es). He teaches Writing and Rhetoric and Creative Writing at the University of Sydney. He regularly publishes scholarship on Shakespeare’s application of rhetorical precepts, and his creative work has been shortlisted for the Griffin Award and published by TEXT and Australian Plays Transform. 

'Twelfth Night: Shakespeare’s topsy-turvy play twists again' by Kirk Dodd

ABR Arts 27 October 2023
Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night is a perennial favourite on the Shakespeare calendar (pun intended). The twelfth night of Christmas celebrations was the olden-day version of New Year’s Eve, not because it was the last day of the year but because it was the last day of festivities, with everything returning to normal after the hangover. As such, it was celebrated as a topsy-turvy night where homeow ... (read more)

'Romeo and Juliet: A production of unrealised tension' by Kirk Dodd

ABR Arts 03 July 2023
Bell Shakespeare’s latest production of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (directed by Peter Evans) is punctuated by stand-out performances: Lucy Bell, as the Nurse to Juliet, steals the show early, with her accounts of Juliet’s birth and growing up; she lends warmth and a sense of time and place that allows this loving and loveable character to shine; Rose Riley (Juliet) gives a solid performa ... (read more)

'A Streetcar Named Desire: Each ‘Ste-ll-a!’ in its rightful place' by Kirk Dodd

ABR Arts 09 June 2023
  For fans of Tennessee Williams and this most famous of his plays, this production (directed by Alexander Berlage and produced by Redline Productions) is superb! Buy a ticket now, for the shoebox theatre of the ‘Old Fitz’ can seat only fifty-five people and, like the candles of a Tennessee Williams imaginary, this show will burn brightly, but only for a short time. Williams’s tragic ... (read more)

'Macbeth: Greenery and the ‘fruitless crown’' by Kirk Dodd

ABR Arts 03 March 2023
There is a moment often conveyed in romantic films (and it was certainly the case with Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet) when fresh eyes meet across a crowded room and become fixated, unable to stop ‘looking’, searching for more and more of the alchemical fire that triggered an intense magnetism. Ten minutes into Bell Shakespeare’s new production of Macbeth (directed by Peter Evans), I sat ... (read more)

‘The Tempest: A lively production embroidered with other plays’ by Kirk Dodd

ABR Arts 05 December 2022
The Sydney Theatre Company’s staging of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, directed by Kip Williams, is centred around a large rock set on a revolving mechanism that assists with scene changes and helps to animate this rather static play about characters shipwrecked on a tropical island. The rock is reminiscent of the story of Prometheus, chained forever to a large rock by Zeus, but this is the ‘har ... (read more)