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Gabriella Edelstein

Gabriella Edelstein

Gabriella Edelstein is a Sydney-based academic and writer. She is Lecturer in English at the University of Newcastle, where she teaches early modern drama and literary theory. 

Gabriella Edelstein reviews 'The Romantic' by William Boyd

January-February 2023, no. 450 28 December 2022
There, at the back of Louis Édouard Fournier’s painting The Funeral of Shelley (1889), you can almost see him. One of the mourners to the right of Lord Byron is a tall man with light hair: one Cashel Greville Ross (1799–1882), the hero of William Boyd’s new novel, The Romantic. But Fournier’s depiction of Shelley’s cremation was a fabrication. The kneeling woman at the left, Mary Shelle ... (read more)

'RBG: Of Many, One: A hagiographic depiction of an American icon’s life' by Gabriella Edelstein

ABR Arts 07 November 2022
Ruth Bader Ginsburg (1933–2020), the late and great associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America, was notoriously difficult to decipher. She was shy, enigmatic, and unused to clamour. Her career was distinguished by her sharp arguments and belief that due process – not reactivity – is the route to a fairer society. How, then, do you represent the interiority of a pe ... (read more)

'Julius Caesar': A satirical reflection of our political present

ABR Arts 22 November 2021
Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, first performed in 1599, is deeply interested in the difference between sleeping and wakefulness, if sleeping is equivalent to wilful ignorance and being awake means political consciousness. Characters throughout the play can’t sleep, won’t sleep, sleep on stage, are roused from sleep; they dream, and their eyes open and close, put to an eternal sleep. Before off ... (read more)