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Kevin Childs

Kevin Childs is a Melbourne journalist.

'Starters & Writers' by Kevin Childs

July 1986, no. 82 01 July 1986
The usual incumbent of this space is, as it were, being spelled. Meanwhile, the view from the other side of the bookshop counter is cheery. The debate about whether too much is being published and whether women writers are getting more of the discrimination than they are positively entitled to has flitted across the pages of the Bulletin and the National Times, with John Hanrahan, formerly an assi ... (read more)

Kevin Childs reviews 'The Macmillan Dictionary of Biography' by Barry Jones and M.V. Dixon

August 1986, no. 83 01 August 1986
Ah, unblissful ignorance. Having recently travelled through part of the Eyre Peninsula, I wish that I had known more about Edward John Eyre, English explorer and administrator. Thanks to Barry Jones and M.V. Dixon, and the twenty-seven years of work that brought about The Macmillan Dictionary of Biography, I now know that after his expeditions to the interior and the south-west, and his lieutenan ... (read more)

Kevin Childs reviews 'Rupert Murdoch: A paper prince' by George Munster

December 1985–January 1986, no. 77 01 December 1985
Our newspapers participate in debate on public issues in their respective communities and have a role of importance. The News Corporation is a citizen of the global village, and such citizenship carries with it obligations and responsibilities as well as opportunities. We will continue to serve our communities, providing them with clear and unbiased reporting of matters of importance. Thus wr ... (read more)