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Kim Wilkins

Kim Wilkins

Kim Wilkins is a film scholar. She recently completed her PhD in the English department at the University of Sydney on existential anxiety in contemporary American cinema. She has published work on dialogue in cinema and Wes Anderson's films.

Everybody Wants Some!!

ABR Arts 20 June 2016
At the end of Richard Linklater's 1970s coming-of-age comedy Dazed and Confused (1993), an inebriated teenager encourages her peers to be optimistic: 'Maybe the 80s will be radical, you know?' Twenty-three years later, Linklater has provided a response to this suggestion with the film's 'spiritual sequel', Everybody Wants Some!!. Set in 1980 at an unspecified Texan college, Everybody Wants Some!! ... (read more)

The Daughter

ABR Arts 10 March 2016
A handful of storylines recur in the family drama genre. The premise of an individual returning home, with a secret that threatens to disrupt the equilibrium of a family unit, after a period of self-imposed exile in order to fulfil filial obligations is well established, if not always predictable. From the famous final sequence of Roman Polanski's Chinatown (1974) to Mike Leigh's Secrets & Lie ... (read more)

Mad Max: Fury Road

ABR Arts 15 May 2015
In a hit-driven commercial climate, creating film franchises makes economic sense. Consumers who enjoyed the first The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel are likely to purchase a ticket to the sequel. Those who have committed more than eleven hours’ viewing to the first six films in The Fast and the Furious series will probably invest in the seventh. Film series encourage a devoted audience. With their ... (read more)