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Jo Stubbings

Jo Stubbings

Jo Stubbings is a Melbourne-based writer who has had numerous feature articles published in newspapers around Australia. She holds a PhD in Spanish drama and headed translation company Language Australis for twenty-five years. Her focus is now on writing slice-of-life articles, reviews, and short stories.

‘Aftersun: Charlotte Wells’s masterful début’ by Jo Stubbings

ABR Arts 21 February 2023
Not much appears to happen in Aftersun, the first feature film of young Scottish director Charlotte Wells – unless you count the snooker games, scuba diving, mud baths, and other holiday activities. But don’t be fooled. Like the water polo players in one of the many watery scenes, all the grunt work takes place below the surface. All you have to do, as spectator, is sit back and look for the c ... (read more)

'The Whale: A new film from Darren Aronofsky' by Jo Stubbings

ABR Arts 30 January 2023
He may shock, horrify, polarise, and disgust but one thing Darren Aronofsky will never do is bore an audience. This is true of the director’s latest feature film, The Whale (2022), which has all the intensity of Black Swan (2010) and fascination of the controversial mother! (2017). Happy to say there’s no gore at all in this surprisingly sympathetic study of man who is morbidly obese, striving ... (read more)