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Troy Harwood

Troy Harwood

Troy Harwood is a freelance arts reviewer, video editor, and script reporter. He graduated from RMIT with an Advanced Diploma in Screenwriting. He is a member of the Australian Writers Guild and was awarded by the AWG for Outstanding Student Performance in 2019. He is currently writing his début novel and frequently critiques film and television on his personal website.

‘Nope: Muddled allegories redeemed by spectacle’ by Troy Harwood

ABR Arts 16 August 2022
It’s easy to forget that it has only been only six years since Jordan Peele’s directorial début. Get Out (2017) was both a strikingly confident addition to the horror genre and a remarkably influential step-forward for black representation on film, instantly making Peele a household name. Now, his third and latest picture, Nope, is backed by a $60 million budget. This makes it his biggest pro ... (read more)

‘The Northman: Vikings and vengeance’ by Troy Harwood

ABR Arts 26 April 2022
If you were to pluck a tenth-century Norse Viking from their firelit longhouse and drop them into the twenty-first century so that they could create a film accurate about their life and culture, you would probably end up with something not far off from Robert Eggers’ The Northman, and not just because of the film’s graphic violence, fanatical religious ceremonies, and historically faithful aes ... (read more)