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Index for 2019: Nos 408–417 & online features

ABR Index 2019

NB: this index includes material published in the print magazine and online in 2019.

2019 Australian Book Review Index

Subscribers can read these reviews online here.

ADELAIDE, Debra, The Innocent Reader: Reflections on reading and writing, Picador, 417/57, Susan Sheridan

ADELAIDE, Debra, Zebra & Other Stories, Picador, 409/55, David Haworth

ALEXANDER, Kirsten, Half Moon Lake, Bantam, 408/31, Jane Sullivan

ANDREW, Christopher, The Secret World: A history of intelligence, Allen Lane, 408/27, Kyle Wilson

ARAMBARU, Fernando (translated by Alfred MacAdam), Homeland, Picador, 412/37, Gabriel García Ochoa

ARIANRHOD, Robyn, Thomas Harriot: A life in science, Oxford University Press, 416/44, Elizabeth Finkel

Arrow, Michelle, The Seventies: The personal, the political and the making of modern Australia, NewSouth, 410/21, Zora Simic

ASHLEY, Melissa, The Bee and the Orange Tree, Affirm Press, 417/47, Lisa Bennett

ATWOOD, Margaret, The Testaments, Chatto & Windus, 416/35, Beejay Silcox

BALLESTRO, Andrea, A Future History of Water, Duke University Press, 415/21, Timothy Neale

BAMFORTH, Tom, The Rising Tide: Among the islands and atolls of the Pacific Ocean, Hardie Grant Books, 416/49, Ceridwen Spark

BARNS, Greg, Rise of the Right: The war on Australia’s liberal values, Hardie Grant Books, 410/33, Andrew Broertjes

BARTULIN, Lenny, Fortune, Allen & Unwin, 415/52, Francesca Sasnaitis

BATE, Jonathan, How the Classics Made Shakespeare, Princeton University Press, 414/56, David McInnis

BENJAMIN, Marina, Insomnia, Scribe, 408/41, Tali Lavi

BERMAN, Sheri, Democracy and Dictatorship in Europe: From the Ancien Régime to the present day, Oxford University Press, 414/16, Rémy Davison

BEST, Gillian, The Last Wave, Text Publishing, 409/33, Rose Lucas

BIRD, Carmel, Field of Poppies, Transit Lounge, 416/38, Gregory Day

BISHOP, Alice, A Constant Hum, Text Publishing, 416/40, Debra Adelaide

BLACKFORD, Russell, The Tyranny of Opinion: Conformity and the future of liberalism, Bloomsbury, 409/14, Ceridwen Spark

BLAINEY, Ann, King of the Air: The turbulent life of Charles Kingford Smith, Black Inc., 412/49, Michael McGirr

BLAINEY, Geoffrey, Before I forget: An early memoir, Hamish Hamilton, 414/12, Brenda Niall

BONYHADY, Tim, The Enchantment of the Long-Haired Rat: A Rodent History of Australia, Text Publishing, 415/28, Libby Robin

BORNHOLDT, Jenny (ed.), Short Poems of New Zealand, Victoria University Press, 410/52, Joan Fleming

BOUVERIE, Tim, Appeasing Hitler: Chamberlain, Churchill and the road to war, The Bodley Head, 415/54, Glyn Davis

BOX, Dan, Bowraville, Viking, 413/19, Stephen Dedman

BRAMSTON, Troy, Robert Menzies: The art of politics, Scribe, 412/50, Michael Sexton

BRANDS, Hal and Charles Edel, The Lessons of Tragedy: Statecraft and world order, Yale University Press, 412/11, Rémy Davison

BREARLEY, Mike, On Cricket, Constable, 411/46, Gideon Haigh

BRETT, Judith, From Secret Ballot to Democracy Sausage: How Australia got compulsory voting, Text Publishing, 411/11, Frank Bongiorno

BROOME, Richard et al., Mallee Country: Land, people, history, Monash University Publishing, 417/28, Lilian Pearce

BROWN, Kate, Manual for Survival: A Chernobyl guide for the future, Allen Lane, 415/12, Sheila Fitzpatrick

BRUNDAGE, W. Fitzhugh, Civilizing Torture: An American tradition, Harvard University Press, 409/12, Prudence Flowers

BRYER, Elizabeth, From Here On, Monsters, Picador, 414/39, James Halford

BUI, Joey, Lucky Ticket, Text Publishing, 416/54, Cassandra Atherton

BULLOUGH, Oliver, Moneyland: Why thieves and crooks now rule the world and how to take it back, Profile Books, 411/14, Kieran Pender

BUTI, Antonio, A Stolen Life: The Bruce Trevorrow case, Fremantle Press, 413/16, Michael Winkler

BUTLER, Isaac and Dan Kois (eds), The World Only Spins Forward: The ascent of angels in America, Bloomsbury, 408/59, Tim Byrne\

CALDWELL, Lucy (ed.), Being Various: New Irish Short Stories, Faber, 414/47, Chris Flynn

CALIC, Marie-Janine (translated by Elizabeth Janik), The Great Cauldron: A history of southeastern Europe, Harvard University Press, 415/56, Iva Glisic

CAMPBELL, Craig and Debra Hayes, Jean Blackburn: Education, feminism and social justice, Monash University Publishing, 414/60, Ilana Snyder

CARR, Wally and Gaele Sobott, My Longest Round, Magabala Books, 413/16, Michael Winkler

CARROLL, Steven, The Year of the Beast, Fourth Estate, 209/27, Kerryn Goldsworthy

CARTER, David and Roger Osbourne, Australian Books and Authors in the American Marketplace 1840s–1940s, Sydney University Press, 413/48, Keyvan Allahyari

CHANIN, Eileen, Capital Designs: Australia House and visions of an imperial London, Austrlian Scholarly Publishing, 414/57, Jim Davidson

CHAPMAN, Simon and Fiona Crichton, Wind Turbine Syndrome: A communicated disease, Sydney University Press, 415/27, James Dunk

CHENG, Melanie, Room for a Stranger, Text Publishing, 411/36, Alice Nelson

CHIANG, Ted, Exhalation, Picador, 412/31, Lisa Bennett

CHIM, Wai, The Surprising Power of a Good Dumpling, 417/54, Emily Gallagher

CICERO, Marcus Tullius, How to Be a Friend: An ancient guide to true friendship, online only, William Poulos

CLARKE, T.J., Heaven on Earth: Painting and the life to come, Thames & Hudson, 412/58, Christopher Allen

CLEARY, Simon, The War Artist, UQP, 410/41, Robin Gerster

COETZEE, J.M., The Death of Jesus, Text Publishing, 415/42, James Ley

COLEMAN, Claire G., The Old Lie, Hachette, 414/30, Alison Whittaker

COLES, David, Chromatopia: An illustrated history of colour, Thames & Hudson, 408/63, Simon Caterson

CONDON, Matthew, The Night Dragon, University of Queensland Press, 414/55, Ben Smith

COOKE, Richard, Tired of Winning: A chronicle of American decline, Black Inc., 412/52, Varun Ghosh

CORNGOLD, Stanley, Walter Kaufmann: Philosopher, humanist, heretic, Princeton University Press, 410/56, Lewis Rosenberg

COSTELLO, Tim, A Lot with a Little, Hardie Grant Books, 415/63, Jacqueline Kent

COTTE, Sabine, Mirka Mora: A life making art, Thames & Hudson, 416/45, Carol Middleton

CROALL, Jonathan, Performing Hamlet: Actors in the modern age, Bloomsbury, 408/58, Brian McFarlane

CROGGON, Alison, Remembered Presences: Responses to theatre, Currency Press, 411/21, Ben Brooker

CUNNINGHAM, Sophie, City of Trees: Essays on life, death and the need for a forest, Text Publishing, 411/9, Johanna Leggatt

CURRAN, Andrew S., Diderot and the Art of Thinking Freely, Other Press, 411/42, Peter McPhee

CUSK, Rachel, Coventry: Essays, Faber & Faber, 417/12, Johanna Leggatt

D’ANGOUR, Armand, Socrates in Love: The making of a philosopher, Bloomsbury, 413/59, Julia Kindt

DABASHI, Hamid, The Shahnameh: The Persian Epic as world literature, Columbia University Press, 411/56, Darius Sepehri

DALE, John (ed.), Sydney Noir, Brio Books, 408/34, Chris Flynn

DALTON, Robyn and Laura Ginters, The Ripples Before the New Wave: Drama at the University of Sydney 1957–1963, Currency Press, 411/23, Gillian Appleton

DAMOUSI, Joy, and Judith Smart (eds), Contesting Australian History: Essays in honour of Marilyn Lake, 412/54, Christina Twomey

DAPIN, Mark, Australia’s Vietnam: Myth vs history, NewSouth, 411/20, Michael Sexton

DEL AMO, Jean-Baptiste (translated by Frank Wynne), Animalia, Text Publishing, 413/55, Phoebe Weston-Evans

DELARGY, James, 55, Simon & Schuster, 411/34, Chris Flynn

DENNISS, Richard, Dead Right: How Neoliberalism ate itself and what comes next, Black Inc., 412/53, Rubik Roy

DI FIGUEIREDO, Ivo (translated by Robert Ferguson), Henrik Ibsen: The man and the mask, Yale University Press, 414/51, Kári Gíslason

DIAMOND, Jared, Upheaval: How nations cope with crisis and change, online only, Tim Rowse

DIBBLE, Jeremy and Julian Horton (eds), British Music Criticism and Intellectual Thought 1850–1950, online only, Peter Tregear

DISHER, Garry, Kill Shot, Text Publishing, 409/57, David Whish-Wilson

DIXON, R.M.W., Australa’s Original Languages: An introduction, Allen & Unwin, 413/20, Bruce Moore

DOIG, Tom, Hazelwood, Viking, 412/17, Alistair Thomson

DOTEN, Mark, Trump Sky Alpha, Graywolf Press, 411/26, Beejay Silcox

DUNK, James, Bedlam at Botany Bay, NewSouth, 412/13, Alan Atkinson

EADES, Quinn and Son Vivienne (eds), Going Postal: More than ‘yes’ or ‘no’, one year on, online only, Stephen A. Russell

EDGERTON, David, The Rise and Fall of the British Nation: A twentieth-century history, Allen Lane, 408/23, Simon Tormey

ELLMANN, Lucy, Ducks, Newburyport, Text Publishing, 417/45, Shannon Burns

ELVEY, Anne, White on White, Cordite Books, 408/50, Amy Lin

ERNAUX, Annie (translated by Alison L. Strayer), The Years, Seven Stories Press, 409/38, Gemma Betros

EVANS, Alison, Highway Bodies, Echo Publishing, 412/38, Emily Gallagher

EXTINCTION REBELLION, This is Not a Drill, Penguin Press, 415/10, Tim Flannery

FABER, Toby, Faber &Faber: The untold history of a great publishing house, Faber & Faber, 412/56, Jacqueline Kent

FAGAN, Brian, A Little History of Archaeology, Yale University Press, 413/30, Kelly D. Wiltshire

FARMAN, Jason, Delayed response: The art of waiting from the ancient to the instant world, Yale University Press, 410/28, Alex Tighe

FARRELL, Michael (ed.), Ashbery Mode, Tinfish Press, 416/57, John Hawke

FEATHERSTONE, Nigel, Bodies of Men, Hachette, 413/54, Patrick Allington

FERGUSON, Adele, Banking Bad, ABC Books, 416/27, Ben Huf

FERGUSON, Melissa, The Shining Wall, Transit Lounge, 411/39, Jacinta Mulders

FINNEY, Vanessa, Capturing Nature: Early scientific photography at the Austrlkaian Museuem 1857–1893, NewSouth/Australian Museum, 410/13, Philip Jones

FLEMING, Chris, On Drugs, Giramondo, 416/20, James Antoniou

FORBES, Angus, Global Planet Authority: How we’re about to save the biosphere, LID Publishing, 415/10, Tim Flannery

FOX, Candice, Gone by Midnight, Bantam, 409/58, David Whish-Wilson

FOX, Charlie, This Young Monster, Brow Books, 411/24, Keegan O’Connor

FOX, Helena, How it Feels to Float, Macmillan, 412/38, Emily Gallagher

FOX, Peggy L. and Thomas Keith (eds), The Luck of Friendship: The letters of Tennessee Williams and James Laughlin, W.W. Norton & Company, 408/44, Ian Dickson

FRAME, Tom (ed.), Back from the Brink, 1997-2001: The Howard Government Volume II, UNSW Press, 408/49, Lyndon Megarrity

FRAME, Tom, Gun Control: What Australia got right (and wrong), UNSW Press, 415/60, Kieran Pender

FRASER, Peg, Black Saturday: Not the end of the story, Monash University Publishing, 412/16, Daniel May

FREW, Peggy, Islands, Allen & Unwin, 420/38, Bronwyn Lea

FUREDI, Frank, How Fear Works: Culture of fear in the twenty-first century, online only, Adrian Walsh

GARNER, Helen, Yellow Notebook: Diaries, volume 1, 1978–1987, Text Publishing, 417/10, Peter Rose

GAYNOR, Andrea (ed.), George Seddon: Selected writings, La Trobe University Press, 417/61, Judith Brett

GILES, Paul, Backgazing: Reverse time in Modernist culture, Oxford University Press, 417/56, Philip Mead

GILLING, Tom, Project Rainfall: The secret history of Pine Gap, Allen & Unwin, 415/23, Alison Broinowski

GILMOUR, Bejamin, The Gap: An Australian paramedic’s summer on the edge, Viking, 415/39, Nicholas Bugeja

GIRIDHARADAS, Anand, Winners Take All: The elite charade of changing the world, Allen Lane, 412/8, Glyn Davis

GLEESON, Kate and Catherine Lumby (eds), The Age of Consent: Young people, sexual abuse and agency, UWA Publishing, 414/61, Dean Biron

GOLDSMITH, Andrea, Invented Lives, Scribe, 410/39, Francesca Sasnaitis

GOLDSWORTHY, Peter, Minotaur, Viking, 413/53, Chris Flynn

GOODALL, Jane R., The Politics of the Common Good: Dispossession in Australia, NewSouth, 415/58, Judith Brett

GOPNIK, Adam, A Thousand Small Sanities: The moral adventure of liberalism, riverrun, 414/15, Russell Blackford

GORDON-SMITH, Eleanor, Stop Being Reasonable, NewSouth, 412/18, Alex Tighe

GORMAN, Ginger, Troll Hunting: Inside the world of online hate and its human fallout, Hardie Grant Books, 409/53, Jacinta Mulders

GORTON, Lisa, Empirical, Giramondo, 415/65, David McCooey

GRANT, Neil, The Honeyman and the Hunter, Allen & Unwin, 412/38, Emily Gallagher

GRANT, Stan, Australia Day, HarperCollins, 413/10, Bruce Pascoe

GRANT, Stan, On Identity, Melbourne University Press, 413/10, Bruce Pascoe

GREENBLATT, Stephen, Tyrant: Shakespeare on Power, Bodley Head, 409/47, David McInnis

GREENWICH, Alex and Shirleene Robinson, Yes Yes Yes: Australia’s journey to marriage equality, online only, Stephen A. Russell

HALFORD, James, Requiem with Yellow Butterflies, UWA Publishing, 412/55, Alice Whitmore

HALL, Doug, Present Tense: Anna Schwartz gallery and thirty-five years of contemporary Australian art, Black Inc., 416/15, Sophie Knezic

HAM, Paul, New Jerusalem, William Heinemann, 410/55, Paul Collins

HARDING, Christopher, Japan Story: In Search of a Nation, 1850 to present, Allen Lane, 410/48, Alison Broinowski

HARRIS, Robert, The Gang of One: Selected poems, Grand Parade Poets, 413/46, Judith Bishop

HASTE, Cate, Passionate Spirit: The life of Alma Mahler, Bloomsbury, 417/29, Ian Dickson

HAWKE, Steve, The Valley, Fremantle Press, 408/32, Helena Kadmos

HAYES, Patrick and Jan Wilm (eds), Beyond the Ancient Quarrel: Literatures, philosophy and J.M. Coetzee, OUP, 410/26, Tim Mehigan

HEISS, Anita (ed.), Growing up Aboriginal in Australia, Black Inc., 413/41, David Haworth

HENNETTE, Stéphanie et al., How to Democratize Europe, Harvard University Press (Footprint), 417/24, Paul Muldoon

HILL, Jess, See What You Made Me Do: Power, control and domestic abuse, Black Inc., 414/10, Zora Simic

HOBAN, Mary, An Unconventional Wife: The Life of Julia Sorell Arnold, Scribe, 411/40, Jim Davidson

HOOTON, Matthew, Typhoon Kingdom, UWA Publishing, 412/30, Alison Broinowski

HOUELLEBECQ, Michel (translated by Shaun Whiteside), Serotonin, William Heinemann, 417/48, David Jack

HUBER, Florian (translated by Imogen Taylor), Promise Me You’ll Shoot Yourself: The mass suicides of ordinary Germans in 1945, Text Publishing, 414/13, Alexander Wells

HURLEY, Susan, Eight Lives, Affirm Press, 412/32, Stephen Dedman

HUSTVEDT, Siri, Memories of the Future, Sceptre, 411/33, James Ley

ISAACS, David, Defeating the Ministers of Death: The compelling history of vaccination, Harpercollins, 413/58, Euzebieusz Jamrozik

JACKSON, Julian, A Certain Idea of France: The life of Charles de Gaulle, Allen Lane, 409/36, Rémy Davison

JAMES, Clive, Somewhere Becoming Rain: Collected writings on Philip Larkin, online only, Geoff Page

JAMISON, Leslie, The Recovering: Intoxication and its aftermath, Granta, 408/42, Lucas Thompson

JINKS, Catherine, Shepherd, Text Publishing, 414/40, David Whish-Wilson

JOHNSON, Stephanie, West Island: Five twentieth-century New Zealanders in Australia, Otago University Press, 417/41, Brian Matthews

JONES, Benjamin T., Frank Bongiorno, and John Uhr (eds), Elections Matter: Ten Federal elections that shaped Australia, Monash University Publishing, 410/47, Lyndon Megarrity

JONES, Jannali, My Father’s Shadow, Magabala Books, 417/54, Emily Gallagher

KAMINSKY, Leah, The Hollow Bones, Vintage, 410/49, Jacinta Mulders

KANTOR, Jodi and Megan Twohey, She Said: Breaking the sexual harassment story that helped ignite a movement, Bloomsbury Circus, 417/8, Zora Simic

KAUFMANN, Eric, Whiteshift: Populism, immigration and the future of white majorities, Allen Lane, 410/29, Simon Tormey

KELLY, Dominic, Political Troglodytes and economic lunatics: the hard right in Australia, La Trobe University Press, 410/33, Andrew Broertjes

KEMP, David, The Land of Dreams: How Australians won their freedom, 1788-1860, Miegunyah Press, 408/13, Alan Atkinson

KENEALLY, Meg, Fled, Echo Publishing, 412/32, Kerryn Goldsworthy

KENT, Jacqueline, Beyond Words: A year with Kenneth Cook, UQP, 409/29, Susan Sheridan

KENWOOD, Nina, It Sounded Better in My Head, Text Publishing, 417/54, Emily Gallagher

KINSELLA, John, Hollow Earth, Transit Lounge, 415/47, Chris Flynn

KINSELLA, John, Lucida Intervalla, UWA Publishing, 409/24, Francesca Sasnaitis

KISSANE, Andy, David Musgrave, and Carolyn Rickett (eds.), Feeding the Ghost 1: Criticism on contemporary Australian poetry, Puncher & Wattmann, 408/48, John Hawke

KISSANE, Andy, The Tomb of the Unknown Artist, Puncher & Wattmann, 412/57, Geoff Page

KOFMAN, Lee, Imperfect: How our bodies shape the people we become, Affirm Press, 409/52, Tali Lavi

KOHLER, Alan, It’s Your Money: How banking went rogue, where it is now and how to protect and grow your money, Nero, 416/28, Ben Huf

KON-YU, Natalie et al. (eds), #MeToo: Stories from the Australian movement, Picador, 412/41, Zora Simic

KRIEN, Anna, Act of Grace, Black Inc., 415/46, Alice Nelson

LACKEY, Jennifer, Academic Freedom, online only, Ronan McDonald

LAHIRI, Jhumpa (ed.), The Penguin Book of Italian Short Stories, Penguin Classics, 416/41, Rita Wilson

LAKE, Marilyn, Progressive New World: How settler colonialism and transpacific exchange shaped American reform, Harvard University Press, 409/9, Ian Tyrell

LAMSTER, Mark, Man in the Glass House: Philip Johnson, architect of the modern century, Little, Brown, 414/58, Patrick McCaughey

LANCHESTER, John, The Wall, Faber & Faber, 411/26, Beejay Silcox

LANDRAGIN, Alex, Crossings, Picador, 412/36, Amy Baillieu

LAWRENCE, Susan and Peter Davies, Sludge: Disaster on Victoria’s Goldfields, La Trobe University Press, 415/18, Alexandra Roginski

LAYMAN, Lenore and Gail Phillips, Asbestos in Australia: From boom to dust, Monash University Publishing, 415/17, Graeme Davison

LE, Nam, On David Malouf, Black Inc., 411/12, Peter Rose

LEE, Christopher, Postcolonial heritage and settler well-being: The historical fictions of Roger McDonald, Cambria Press, 413/45, Robin Gerster

LEFEVRE, Carol, The Happiness Glass, Spinifex Press, 410/40, Susan Varga

LEGGE, Kate, Kindred: A Cradle Mountain love story, Miegunyah Press, 410/50, Jarrod Hore

LEHMANN, Geoffrey, Leeward: A memoir, NewSouth, 408/26, Morag Fraser

LEPORE, Jill, These Truths: A history of the United States, W.W. Norton & Company, 408/22, Ben Vine

LESER, David, Women, Men and the Whole Damn Thing, Allen & Unwin, 414/23, Paul Dalgarno

LEW, Emma, Crow College: New and selected poems, Giramondo, 411/55, Judith Bishop

LIPSTADT, Deborah, Antisemitism: Here and now, Scribe, 413/60, Ilana Snyder

LLEWELLYN, Caro, Diving into Glass: A memoir, Hamish Hamilton, 410/59, Astrid Edwards

LOBB, Joshua, The Flight of Birds: A novel in twelve stories, Sydney University Press, 417/44, Sascha Morrell

LONGERICH, Peter (translated by Jeremy Noakes and Lesley Sharpe), Hitler: A life, Oxford University Press, 415/53, Philip Dwyer

LUKIANOFF, Greg and Jonathan Haidt, The Coddling of the American Mind, Allen Lane, 411/48, David Rolph

LYDON, Jane (ed.), Visualising Human Rights, UWA Publishing, 409/31, Alison Stieven-Taylor

MACAULEY, Wayne, Simpson Returns: A novella, Text Publishing, 411/31, Alex Cothren

MacDONALD, Reg, The Boy from Brunswick: Leonard French, a biography, Australian Scholarly Publishing, 409/32, Sheridan Palmer

MACFARLANE, Robert, Underland: A deep time journey, Hamish Hamilton, 416/47, Alison Pouliot

MADDISON, Sarah, The Colonial Fantasy: Why White Australia Can’t Solve Black Problems, Allen & Unwin, 413/22, Richard J. Martin

MALCOLM, Elizabeth and Dianne Hall, A New History of the Irish in Australia, NewSouth, 409/11, Michael McGirr

MANNING, Paddy, Born to Rule?, Melbourne University Press, 409/16, Paul Williams

MARCUS, Sharon, The Drama of Celebrity, online only, James Antoniou

MARES, Peter, No Place Like Home: Repairing Australia’s housing crisis, Text Publishing, 409/22, Tom Bamforth

MARTEL, Frédéric, In the Closet of the Vatican: Power, homosexuality, hypocrisy, Bloomsbury, 410/8, Barney Zwartz

MARTIN, Peter, The Dictionary Wars: The American fight over the English language, Princeton University Press (Footprint), 417/40, Bruce Moore

MATHEWS, Iola, Winning for Women: A personal story, online only, Noel Turnbull

McEwan, Ian, Machines Like Me, Jonathan Cape, 411/30, Paul Giles

McGAHAN, Andrew, The Rich Man’s House, Allen & Unwin, 414/29, James Bradley

McLEAN, Felicity, The Van Apfel Girls are Gone, HarperCollins, 412/39, Dean Biron

MCPHEE, Hilary, Other People’s Houses, Melbourne University Press, 416/18, Jane Cadzow

McTIERNAN, Dervla, The Scholar, HarperCollins, 409/57, David Whish-Wilson

MENDELSSOHN, Joanna et al., Australian Art Exhibitions: Opening our eyes, Thames & Hudson, 408/60, Ron Radford

MORIARTY, Jaclyn, Gravity Is The Thing, Pan Macmillan, 411/38, Naama Grey-Smith

MOSER, Benjamin, Sontag: Her life, Ecco, 416/17, Paul Kildea

MOUNT, Ferdinand, Prime Movers: From Pericles to Gandhi: Twelve great political thinkers and what’s wrong with each of them, Simon & Schuster, 410/30, Glyn Davis

MULLINS, Patrick, Tiberius with a Telephone: The life and stories of William McMahon, Scribe, 408/16, James Walter

MUNDELL, Meg, The Trespassers, University of Queensland Press, 416/39, Amy Baillieu

MURNANE, Gerald, A Season on Earth, Text Publishing, 410/36, Paul Giles

MURNANE, Gerald, Green Shadows and Other Poems, Giramondo, 409/46, Geoff Page

MURPHY, Philip, The Empire’s New Clothes: The myth of the Commonwealth, Hurst & Company, Jim Davidson

NIEHAUS, Amanda, The Breeding Season, Allen & Unwin, 415/50, Fiona Wright

NOEL-TOD, Jeremy, The Penguin Book of the Prose Poem, Penguin Classics, 414/62, John Hawke

NOGRADY, Bianca (ed.), The Best Australian Science Writing 2019, NewSouth, 417/60, Robyn Arianrhod

NOLAN, Justine and Martijn Boersma, Addressing Modern Slavery, UNSW Press, 415/61, Sayomi Ariyawansa

O’CALLAGHAN, Amanda, This Taste for Silence: Stories, University of Queensland Press, 414/26, Bronwyn Lea

OLSEN, Penny and Lynette Russell, Australia’s First Naturalists: Indigenous peoples’ contribution to early zoology, NLA Publishing, 413/18, Anna Clark

OLSEN, Penny, Night Parrot: Australia’s most elusive bird, CSIRO Publishing, 411/58, Neil Murray

ORCHARD, Sonia, Into the Fire, Affirm Press, 411/37, Keyvan Allahyari

PACKER, George, Our Man: Richard Holbrooke and the end of the American century, online only, Benjamin Madden

PARRETT, Favel, There Was Still Love, Hachette, 416/37, Anna MacDonald

PASCOE, Bruce, Salt: Selected stories and essay, Black Inc., 416/29, Steven Kinnane

PENDER, Anne, Seven Big Australians: Adventures with comic actors, Monash University Publishing, 412/59, Desley Deacon

PEPPIATT, Michael, The Existential Englishman: Paris among the artists, Bloomsbury, 411/45, Gemma Betros

PERKINS, Cathy, The Shelf Life of Zora Cross, Monash University Publishing, 417/17, Brenda Niall

PERLMAN, Elliot, Maybe the Horse Will Talk, Vintage, 417/43, Chris Flynn

PETTIT, Philip (edited by Kinch Hoekstra with Michael Tomasello), The Birth of Ethics: Reconstructing the role and nature of morality, OUP, 411/47, David Neil

PETTITT-SCHIPP, Renee, The Sky Runs Right Through Us, UWA Publishing, 408/50, Amy Lin

PFEIFFER, Dan, Yes We (Still) Can: Politics in the age of Obama, Twitter, and Trump, Hardie Grant, 408/19, Varun Ghosh

POGREBIN, Robin and Kate Kelly, The Education of Brett Kavanaugh: An Investigation, Portfolio, 417/8, Zora Simic

POLAIN, Marcella, Driving Into The Sun, Fremantle Press, 411/39, Stephen Dedman

POLITES, Peter, The Pillars, Hachette, 414/46, Crusader Hillis

RANKIN, Joy Lisi, A People’s History of Computing in the United States, Harvard University Press, 410/58, Josh Specht

RASMUSSEN, Carolyn, The Blackburns: Private Lives, Public Ambition, Melbourne University Press, 410/45, Jacqueline Kent

REYNOLDS, David and Vladimir Pechatnov (eds), The Kremlin Letters: Stalin’s wartime correspondence with Churchill and Roosevelt, Yale University Press, 410/11, Sheila Fitzpatrick

RHODES, Ben, The World as it is: Inside the Obama White House, The Bodley Head, 408/19, Varun Ghosh

RICHARDS, Kate, Fusion, Hamish Hamilton, 409/28, Chris Murray

RIPPON, Gina, The Gendered Brain: The new neuroscience that shatters the myth of the female brain, Bodley Head, 409/49, Nick Haslam

ROBERTS, Claire and John Thompson (eds), Ian Fairweather: A life in letters, Text Publishing, 416/13, Morag Fraser

ROBINSON, Alice, The Glad Shout, Affirm Press, 410/43, Jane Rawson 

ROBINSON, Suzanne, Peggy Glanville-Hicks: Composer and critic, University of Illinois Press (Footprint), 416/42, Suzanne Robinson 

RODDAN, Michael, The People vs the Banks, Melbourne University Press, 416/27, Ben Huf

RODRIGUEZ, Judith, The Feather Boy & Other Poems, Puncher & Wattmann, 409/44, Jennifer Strauss

ROMER, Anna, Under the Midnight Sky, Simon & Shuster, 411/34, Chris Flynn

ROSE, Heather, Bruny, Allen & Unwin, 415/51, Nicole Abadee

ROSENTHAL, Daniel (ed.), Dramatic Exchanges: The Lives and Letters of the National Theatre, Profile Books, 410/44, Ian Dickson

ROUPENIAN, Kristen, You Know You Want This, Jonathan Cape, 409/56, Amy Baillieu

ROWE, Josephine, Here until August: Stories, Black Inc., 414/26, Bronwyn Lea

RUNDLE, Guy, Practice: Journalism, essays and criticism, Black Inc., 411/57, Ryan Cropp

RUSBRIDGER, Alan, Breaking News: The remaking of journalism and why it matters now, Canongate, 408/11, Jane Cadzow

SALOM, Philip, The Returns, Transit Lounge, 414/31, Brenda Walker

SALUSINSZKY, Imre, The Hilton Bombing: Evan Pederick and the Ananda Marga, Melbourne University Press, 417/59, Jacqueline Kent

SANYAL, Mithu, Rape: From Lucretia to #MeToo, Verso, 414/10, Zora Simic

SAVVA, Nikki, Plots and Prayers: Malcolm Turnbull’s demise and Scott Morrison’s ascension, Scribe, 413/25, Paul Williams

SCHOLTE, Astrid, Four Dead Queens, Allen & Unwin, 412/38, Emily Gallagher

SCHUBERT, Steven, Mandatory Murder: A true history of homicide and injustice in an outback town, ABC Books, 416/51, Russell Marks

SCHWEBLIN, Samanta (translated by Megan McDowell), Mouthful of Birds: Stories, Oneworld, 413/56, James Halford

SEAMER, Peter, Breaking Point: The future of Australian cities, Nero, 411/50, Tom Bamforth 

SEGEV, Tom (translated by Haim Watzman), A State at Any Cost: The life of David Ben-Gurion, Head of Zeus, 416/25, Ilana Snyder

SENDZIUK, Paul and Robert Foster, A History of South Australia, Cambridge University Press, 410/16, Kerryn Goldsworthy

SENECA, How To Keep Your Cool: An ancient guide to anger management, online only, William Poulos

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ZUBRZYCKI, John, Empire of Enchantment: The story of Indian magic, Scribe, 408/51, Alexandra Roginski


ABR Arts

ABR Arts reviews can be read here.

Arts commentary

DICKSON, Ian, ‘Letter from Bucharest’, online only

McCAUGHEY, Patrick, ‘The Golden Age on St Kilda Road’, 412/68

SHMITH, Michael, ‘Musician of the world: A tribute to Andrew Davis’, online only


Burrbgaja Yalirra (Marrugeku), online only, Amelia Zhou


ARCHER, Robyn, ‘Braving Glyndebourne’, 412/67

CHEETHAM, Deborah, ‘A Night at the Opera’, 413/62

GRIFFITHS, Jane Montgomery, ‘Becoming Electra’, 414/71 


2019 Melbourne International Jazz Festival, online only, Des Cowley

2019 Stonnington Jazz Festival, online only, Des Cowley

Light and The Dark Master (OzAsia Festival), online only, Ben Brooker


1985 (EPK), online only, Stuart Richards

All Is True (Sony), 412/65, Johanna Leggatt

Anne Frank: Parallel Stories (Sharmill Films), 416/66, Tali Lavi

At Eternity’s Gate (Transmission Films), online only, Jack Callil

Burning (Palace Films), 411/67, Richard Leathem

By the Grace of God (Sharmill Films), online only, Nicholas Bugeja

Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan (Transmission Films), online only, Andrew Nette

Dogman (Palace Films), 415/71, Jack Callil

Green Book (Entertainment One), online only, Barnaby Smith

Halston (Madman Films), 415/69, Felicity Chaplin

If Beale Street Could Talk (Entertainment One), 409/62, Patricia Maunder

Joker (DC/Warner Bros.), 416/70, Dilan Gunawardana

Judy and Punch (Madman Films), 417/66, Anwen Crawford

Late Night (Roadshow), online only, Richard Leathem

Lean on Pete (Transmission Films), 408/56, Anwen Crawford

Little Woods (Limelight Distribution), 412/62, Anwen Crawford

Loro (Palace Films), online only, Anwen Crawford

On the Basis of Sex (Entertainment One), online only, Patricia Maunder

Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood (Sony), online only, Patrick Boyle

Pain and Glory (Palace Films), online only, Richard Leathem

Palm Beach (Production Company Five), 414/71, Jake Wilson

Rocketman (Universal), online only, Patrick Boyle

Sorry We Missed You (Icon Films), online only, Jack Callil

Stan & Ollie (Universal), online only, Richard Leathem

The Dead Don’t Die (Focus Features), online only, Aaron Nyerges

The Irishman (Netflix), 417/65, Aaron Nyerges

The Truth (Palace Films), online only, Felicity Chaplin

Us (Universal), online only, Barnaby Smith

Who You Think I Am (Palace Films), online only, Felicity Chaplin


An Evening with Gun-Brit Barkmin (West Australian Symphony Orchestra), online only, Humphrey Bower

Australian World Orchestra – Conducted by Alexander Briger (Australian World Orchestra), online only, Michael Shmith

Hansel and Gretel (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra), online only, Michael Shmith

Heavenly (Queensland Symphony Orchestra), online only, Gillian Wills

Ives Westlake Debussy (Australian String Quartet), online only, Sheila Fitzpatrick

Leaf and Shadow (Australian Art Orchestra), online only, Des Cowley

Nicole Car, Étienne Dupuis and Jayson Gillham (Melbourne Recital Centre), online only, Peter Rose

Season Opening Gala (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra), 411/65, Elizabeth Kertesz

Sir Andrew’s Messiah (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra), online only, Morag Fraser

Stravinsky Double Bill (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra), online only, Elizabeth Kertesz

The Film Scores of Nick Cave and Warren Ellis (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra), online only, Tim Byrne


Andrea Chénier (Opera Australia), online only, Peter Rose

Anna Bolena (Opera Australia), 413/70, Peter Rose

Billy Budd (Royal Opera House), online only, Ian Dickson

Così Fan Tutte (Opera Australia), online only, Peter Rose

Farnace (Pinchgut Opera), online only, Ian Dickson

Il Viaggio a Reims (Opera Australia), online only, Elizabeth Kertesz

Karl V (Bayerische Staatsoper), online only, Peter Tregear

Les Troyens (Opéra National de Paris), online only, Christopher Menz

Macbeth (West Australian Opera), online only, William Yeoman

Madama Butterfly (State Opera South Australia), online only, Peter Rose

Moby-Dick (Chicago Opera Theatre), online only, Ian Dickson

Ned Kelly (Lost & Found Opera), online only, Humphrey Bower

Nina Stemme Returns (Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra), online only, Peter Rose

Norma (Melbourne Opera), online only, Rob Holdsworth

Oscar and Lucinda (Sydney Chamber Opera), online only, Michael Halliwell

Peter Grimes (Sydney Symphony Orchestra), online only, Peter Rose

Rigoletto (Opera Australia), online only, Peter Rose

Salome (Opera Australia), 410/67, Michael Halliwell

The Flying Dutchman (Melbourne Opera), 409/64, Barney Zwartz

The Ghost Sonata (Opera Australia), online only, Michael Halliwell

The Great Symphony: Simone Young Returns (QSO), 413/67, Gillian Wills

The Return of Ulysses (Pinchgut Opera), online only, Michael Halliwell

The Selfish Giant (Victorian Opera), 417/67, Peter Tregear

Turandot (Opera Australia), online only, Peter Rose

West Side Story (Opera Australia), 411/66, Peter Tregear

Whiteley (Opera Australia), 413/68, Michael Halliwell

Wozzeck (Opera Australia), online only, Michael Halliwell


Bottomless (fortyfivedownstairs), 408/57, Maxim Boon

33 Variations (Comedy Theatre), online only, Tim Byrne

A Man of Good Hope (Isango Ensemble/Young Vic), online only, Ben Brooker

A Room of One’s Own (fortyfivedownstairs), 414/69, Lisa Gorton

A View from the Bridge (Melbourne Theatre Company), 410/66, Maxim Boon

All About Eve (National Theatre Live), online only, Anwen Crawford

Anthem (Arts Centre Melbourne), 416/71, Fiona Gruber

Arbus & West (Melbourne Theatre Company), 410/62, Fiona Gruber

Australian Realness (Malthouse), 415/70, Sarah Walker

Beware of Pity (Sydney Festival), online only, Jonathan Dunk

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (Sydney Theatre Company), 412/71, Tim Byrne

Così (Melbourne Theatre Company), 412/66, Maxim Boon

Death of a Salesman (Queensland Theatre), 409/65, Bronwyn Lea

Escaped Alone (Red Stitch Actors’ Theatre), online only, Tim Byrne

Gender Euphoria (Arts Centre Melbourne/Melbourne International Arts Festival), online only, Sarah Walker

Golden Shield (Melbourne Theatre Company), 414/66, Tim Byrne

Hydra (State Theatre Company and Queensland Theatre), online only, Ben Brooker

Kiss of the Spider Woman (Melbourne Theatre Company), online only, Tim Byrne

Krapp’s Last Tape (Red Line Productions/Old Fitz Theatre), online only, Ian Dickson

Life of Galileo (Belvoir St Theatre), online only, Ian Dickson

Lord of the Flies (Sydney Theatre Company), online only, Ian Dickson

Mary Stuart (Sydney Theatre Company), 409/63, Ian Dickson

Mosquitoes (Sydney Theatre Company), 411/62, Ian Dickson

Much Ado About Nothing (Bell Shakespeare), online only, Tim Byrne

My Dearworthy Darling (Malthouse Theatre and THE RABBLE), 414/67, Tali Lavi

Oh No! Satan Stole My Pineal Gland! (Melbourne Fringe), online only, Sarah Walker

Oil (Red Stitch Actors Theatre), 417/64, Laura Hartnell

Packer & Sons (Belvoir St Theatre), online only, Ian Dickson

Picaresque (Adelaide Festival), online only, Ben Brooker

Prima Facie (Griffin Theatre Company), online only, Steve Dow

Slaughterhouse Five (MUST and Theatre Works), online only, Laura Hartnell

The Beauty Queen of Leenane (Sydney Theatre Company), online only, Ian Dickson

The Magic Flute (Adelaide Festival), online only, Steve Dow

The Miser (Bell Shakespeare), online only, Steve Dow

The Nico Project (Melbourne International Arts Festival), online only, Dilan Gunawardana

The Torrents (Sydney Theatre Company), 413/66, Susan Lever

Titus Andronicus (Bell Shakespeare), 415/68, Susan Lever

Two Feet (Adelaide Festival), 410/63, Lee Christofis

Ulster American (Traverse Theatre Company/Adelaide Festival), online only, Michael Morley

Wake in Fright (Malthouse Theatre), 413/65, Tim Byrne

White Pearl (Royal Court Theatre), 412/63, Alexander Douglas Thom

Visual Arts

David Goldblatt: Photographs 1948-2018 (Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney), 408/55, Alison Stieven-Taylor

Patricia Piccinini and Joy Hester, Through Love… (TarraWarra Museum of Art), 408/62, Fiona Gruber

A Place to Paint: Colin McCahon in Auckland (Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki), online only, Julie Ewington

Ballenesque, Roger Ballen: A Retrospective (GAGPROJECTS/Adelaide Festival), 410/64, Alison Stieven-Taylor

Civilization: The Way We Live Now (National Gallery of Victoria), 416/68, Alison Stieven-Taylor

Edward Burne-Jones: Pre-Raphaelite Visionary (Tate Britain), online only, Christopher Menz

Hugh Ramsay (National Gallery of Australia), online only, Keren Rosa Hammerschlag

Juno Gemes: The Quiet Activist, A Survey Exhibition 1979–2019 (Macquarie University Gallery), 412/70, Alison Stieven-Taylor

Keith Haring | Jean-Michel Basquiat: Crossing Lines (National Gallery of Victoria), online only, Sophie Knezic

Manet and Modern Beauty (Getty Center), online only, Patrick McCaughey

Māori markings: Tā moko (National Gallery of Australia), 411/63, David Hansen

Monet: Impression Sunrise (National Gallery of Australia), 413/63, Keren Rosa Hammerschlag

Story Time: Australian Children’s Literature (National Library of Australia), online only, Margaret Robson Kett

Water (Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art), online only, Alison Stieven-Taylor

Andy Warhol - From A to B and Back Again (Whitney Museum of American Art), 409/66, Patrick McCaughey

Book Talk

ROSE, Peter, ‘Get Adam and Eve out of Paradise’, online only

HOLLIER, Nathan, ‘MUP, Looking Ahead’, online only

EGAN, Robbie, ‘Long Live the Bookshop’, online only

TORNEY, Kate, ‘Australian Libraries Join Forces to Build National Digital Collection’, online only

THE ASSOCIATION FOR THE STUDY OF AUSTRALIAN LITERATURE, ‘ASAL Protests the Non-Appointment of the University of Sydney Chair of Australian Literature’, online only

JUCKES, Daniel, ‘The closure of UWA Publishing’, online only

WHITE, Robert, ‘Buildings or Books – What Makes a University?’, 417/2

HOLLIER, Nathan, ‘Open Letter to the Chancellor of the University of Western Australia’, online only

Essays and Commentary

KELLY, Dominic, ‘“Well, there are other publishing companies”: On MUP and the resilience of non-fiction publishing’, 409/19

SIMMONDS, Alecia, ‘Forced Marriage: MAFS and reality television’s chamber of horrors’, 410/25

HALLIDAY, Daniel, ‘Why do politicians find justice so hard?’, 411/17

RUSSELL, Lynette, ‘Living in the Indigenous Space’, 413/5

MADDISON, Sarah and Dale Wandin, ‘So much at stake: Forging a treaty with authority and respect’, 413/13

TOFIGHIAN, Omid, ‘Behrouz Boochani and the politics of naming’, 413/44

ALTMAN, Dennis, ‘“Things That Never Were”: Contradictions in the 2019 Federal election’, 414/18

GRIFFITHS, Billy, ‘Scar Tissue: Searching for Retribution Camp’, 415/14

MAHOOD, Kim, ‘The Night Parrot: It’s a Whitefella Thing’, 415/24

SCOTT, Kim, ‘Australian Dreaming’, 415/36

TWOMEY, Christina, ‘Putting the terror in extraterritoriality’, 417/20

PENDER, Kieran, ‘Hot Water: The erosion of democratic accountability’, 416/8

TERRACINI, Lyndon, ‘A Lyric Future: Enabling the Sydney Opera House to fulfil its potential’, 416/22

BROERTJES, Andrew, ‘Death and Sandwiches’, 417/49

LAUGESEN, Amanda, ‘One’s last gumtree’, 416/46


PLUNKETT, Felicity, ‘“A Mutinous and Ferocious Grace”: Nick Cave and Trauma’s Aftermath’, 2019 ABR Patrons’ Fellow essay, 412/44


BOEHMER, Elleke, ‘Supermarket Love’, online only

ROWE, Josephine, ‘Anything Remarkable’, online only

SILCOX, Beejay, ‘Metal Language’, 412/24


Calibre Essay Prize

KARSKENS, Grace, ‘Nah Doongh’s Song’, 413/31

WALKER, Sarah, ‘Floundering’, 412/20

Peter Porter Poetry Prize

FOULCHER, John, Dancing with Stephen Hawking’, 409/39

GILLETT, Ross, ‘The Mirror Hurlers’, 409/40

KISSANE, Andy, ‘Searching the Dead’, 409/43

LING, Belle, ’63 Temple Street, Mong Kok’, 409/41

TREDINNICK, Mark, ‘Raven’, 409/43

ABR Elizabeth Jolley Short Story Prize

DECHIAN, Sonja, ‘The Point-Blank Murder’, 414/32

JAMSHED, Raaza, ‘Miracle Windows’, 414/41

NUNAN, Morgan, ‘Rubble Boy’, 414/49


Publisher of the Month

BIN SALLEH, Rachel, 413/39

BRENNAN, Michael, online only

COONEY, Sam, 412/40

CURNOW, Meredith, 410/60

DUFFY, Madonna, 416/58

Open Page

ADELAIDE, Debra, 409/60

BRETT, Judith, 411/60

DALTON, Trent, 415/44

GARNER, Helen, 414/24

LEHMANN, Geoffrey, 408/52

PASCOE, Bruce, 413/27

SIMONS, Margaret, 417/62

WOMERSLEY, Chris, 412/24

Poet of the Month

GORTON, Lisa, 415/63

LEW, Emma, 411/53



BANG, Mary Jo, ‘The Experience of Being Outside’, 415/26

BERNSTEIN, Charles, ‘Karen Carpenter’, 411/29

BOOCHANI, Behrouz, ‘Flight from Manus’, 409/7

FARRELL Michael, ‘Advantages of Stopovers’, 414/63

HARRIS, Robert, ‘Don’t Feel Sorry About It’, 413/57

HOFMANN, Michael, ‘The Resident’, 417/19

HOLLAND-BATT, Sarah, ‘Classical Allegory’, 417/21

HOLLAND-BATT, Sarah, ‘Night Flight’, 414/53

KINDT, Julia, ‘Nature’s Ancient History’, 415/33

KINSELLA, John, ‘Hailstone Villanelle’, 415/59

LANG, Kristen, ‘Painting the Horizon’, 411/17

LE, Bianca, ‘An Evergreen Canopy: The Alluring and Resilient Eucalypt’, 415/30

LEA, Bronwyn, ‘Lost World Sonnets’, 410/57

LI, Bella, ‘As Time Goes By’, 411/52

McNAUGHT, Rowan, ‘Honeywell’, 412/19

NOTLEY, Alice, ‘Jim Carroll’s Ass’, 408/49

PAPERTALK GREEN, Charmaine, ‘Walgajunmanha All Time’, 413/28

RIGBY, Karen, ‘Tangelo’, 412/23

RODRIGUEZ, Judith, ‘The Feather Boy’, 409/45

WAGAN WATSON, Samuel, ‘Songline Contraband’, 413/15



Arts Highlights of the Year

ARCHER, Robyn, 416/60

BOWER, Humphrey, 416/60

BROOKER, Ben, 416/60

BYRNE, Tim, 416/60

CHAPLIN, Felicity, 416/60

COSLOVICH, Gabriella, 416/60

COWLEY, Des, 416/60

DICKSON, Ian, 416/60

HALLIWELL, Michael, 416/60

KNEZIC, Sophie, 416/60

LAVI, Tali, 416/60

LEATHEM, Richard, 416/60

LEVER, Susan, 416/60

MCCAUGHEY, Patrick, 416/60

ROSE, Peter, 416/60

SASNAITIS, Francesca, 416/60

SHMITH, Michael, 416/60

STIEVEN-TAYLOR, Alison, 416/60

WELLS, Gillian, 416/60

WILLIAMS, Kim, 416/60

YEOMAN, Will, 416/60

ZWARTZ, Barney, 416/60

Books of the Year

ALIZADEH, Ali, 417/32

BONGIORNO, Frank, 417/32

DALTON, Trent, 417/32

DAVIS, Glyn, 417/32

DAY, Gregory, 417/32

DOOGUE, Geraldine, 417/32

DOVEY, Ceridwen, 417/32

EDWARDS, Astrid, 417/32

FLYNN, Chris, 417/32

GILES, Paul, 417/32

GOLDSMITH, Andrea, 417/32

GOLDSWORTHY, Kerryn, 417/32

GORTON, Lisa, 417/32

GRIFFITHS, Billy, 417/32

HAIGH, Gideon, 417/32

HAWKE, John, 417/32

KARSKENS, Grace, 417/32

KENT, Jacqueline, 417/32

KILDEA, Paul, 417/32

KINSELLA, John, 417/32

LAKE, Marilyn, 417/32

LEA, Bronwyn, 417/32

LEY, James, 417/32

NELSON, Alice, 417/32

NIALL, Brenda, 417/32

PENDER, Kieran, 417/32

PLUNKETT, Felicity, 417/32

SILCOX, Beejay, 417/32

SIMIC, Zora, 417/32

VAN NEERVAN, Ellen, 417/32

WALKER, Brenda, 417/32

WRIGHT, Fiona, 417/32

WYNDHAM, Susan, 417/32


ADAMS, Michael, 415/31

CLODE, Danielle, 415/31

DOVEY, Ceridwen, 415/31

GAYNOR, Andrea, 415/31

GRIFFITHS, Billy, 415/31

GRIFFITHS, Tom, 415/31

HUGHES-D’AETH, Tony, 415/31

KINSELLA, John, 415/31

MORGAN, Ruth A., 415/31

RUSSELL, Lynette, 415/31

Publisher Picks

CHRISTER, Nikki, 408/36

COONEY, Sam, 408/36

CURNOW, Meredith, 408/36

GRUNDY, Alice, 408/36

HEYWARD, Michael, 408/36

HOLLIER, Nathan, 408/36

IMLAH, Mathilda, 408/36

McGUINNESS, Phillipa, 408/36

MILNE, Catherine, 408/36

MUSGRAVE, David, 408/36

SCOTT, Barry, 408/36

TUFFIELD, Aviva, 408/36

WHITE, Terri-ann, 408/36