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Index for 2023: Nos 450–460 & online features

ABR Index 2023

NB: this index includes material published in the print magazine and online in 2023

2023 Australian Book Review Index

Subscribers can read these reviews online here.

ADAM, Pip, Audition, Giramondo, 456/29, Jennifer Mills

AKBAR, Kaveh, The Penguin Book of Spiritual Verse: 110 poets on the divine, Penguin, 453/47, Felicity Plunkett

AKRAM, Wasim with Gideon Haigh, Sultan: A memoir, Hardie Grant Books, 453/43, Jonathan Green

ALBISTON, Jordie, Frank, National Library of Australia Publishing, 453/50, Anthony Lynch

ALEXANDER, Rustam, Red Closet: The hidden history of gay oppression in the USSR, Manchester University Press, 454/43, Iva Glisic

ANDERSON, Kim E. The Prize, Pantera Press, 454/38, A. Frances Johnson

ANDERSON, Susie, The Body Country, Hachette, 458/40, Bebe Backhouse-Oliver

ANGEL, Libby, Where I Slept, Text Publishing, 455/41, Jay Daniel Thompson

ARMSTRONG, Kate J., Nightbirds, Allen & Unwin, 459/32, Ben Chandler

ARROW, Michelle (ed.), Women and Whitlam: Revisiting the revolution, NewSouth, 453/14, Marilyn Lake

ASHLEY, Melissa, The Naturalist of Amsterdam, Affirm Press, 460/41, Danielle Clode

ATHERTON, Cassandra and Paul Hetherington (eds.), Alcatraz, Gazebo Books, 457/51, Judith Bishop

ATTWOOD, Bain, ‘A Bloody Difficult Subject’: Ruth Ross, te Tiriti o Waitangi and the making of history, Auckland University Press, 459/12, Jim McAloon

ATWOOD, Margaret, Old Babes in the Wood: Stories, Chatto & Windus, 453/30, Sascha Morrell

AUTY, Kate, O’Leary of the Underworld: The untold story of the Forrest River Massacre, La Trove University Press, 453/11, Ann Curthoys

BACKHOUSE, Bebe, More Than These Bones, Magabala Books, 458/42, Julie Janson

BALINT, Ruth, Destination Elsewhere: Displaced persons and their quest to leave postwar Europe, Cornell University Press, 450/53, Ebony Nilsson

BANCROFT, Jack Manning, Hoodie Economics: Changing our systems to value what matters, Hardie Grant Books, 458/38, Declan Fry

BARANAY, Inez, Drink Against Drunkenness: The life and times of Sasha Soldatow, Local Times Publishing, 452/34, Susan Varga

BARNES, Stuart, Like to the Lark, Upswell Publishing, 459/41, Michael Farrell

BASHFORD, Alison, An Intimate History of Evolution: The story of the Huxley family, Allen Lane, 457/42, Gary Werskey

BEESLEY, Luke, In the Photograph, Giramondo, 456/58, Paul Hetherington

BELLAMY, Alex J., Syria Betrayed: Atrocities, war, and the failure of international diplomacy, Columbia University Press, 451/52, Tom Bamforth

BENJAMIN, Roger, Growing up Modern: Canberra’s Round House and Alex Jelinek, Halstead Press, 454/46, Sheridan Palmer

BENNETT, Tamryn, Icaros, Vagabond Press, 459/43, Sam Ryan

BERMAN, Greg and Aubrey Fox, Gradual: The case for incremental change in a radical age, Oxford University Press, 457/19, Glyn Davis

BIRCH, Tony, Women and Children, UQP, 460/42, Naama Grey-Smith

BISHOP, Stephanie, The Anniversary, Hachette, 452/36, Astrid Edwards

BOOCHANI, Behrouz, (translated and edited by Omid Tofighian and Moones Mansoubi), Freedom, Only Freedom: The prison writings of Behrouz Boochani, Bloomsbury Academic, 450/12, Hessom Razavi

BOSTOCK, Shauna, Reaching Through Time: Finding my family’s stories, Allen & Unwin, 458/34, Jacinta Walsh

BOYD, William, The Romantic: The real life of Cashel Greville Ross – a novel, Viking, 450/37, Gabriella Edelstein

BRAGG, Melvyn, Back in the Day: A memoir, Sceptre, 453/23, Michael Shmith

BROOKS, Peter, Seduced by Story: The use and abuse of narrative, New York Review Books, 451/26, Killian Quigley

BROWN, Claire, The Oxford Guide to Australian Languages, OUP, 458/32, Thomas Poulton

BROWNING, Daniel, Close to the Subject: Selected works, Magabala Books, 458/22, Philip Morrissey

BUORO, Stephen, The Five Sorrowful Mysteries of Andy Africa, Bloomsbury, 455/38, Andrew van der Vlies

BURGMANN, J.R., Children of Tomorrow, Upswell, 453/32, Naama Grey-Smith

CADWALLADER, Robyn, The Fire and the Rose, Fourth Estate, 455/39, Naama Grey-Smith

CALABY, Tara, House of Longing, Text Publishing, 454/33, Rose Lucas

CAMPBELL, Genevieve with Tiwi Elders and knowledge holders, The Old Songs Are Always New: Singing traditions of the Tiwi Islands, Sydney University Press, 458/35, John J. Bradley

CANNON, Michael, Cannon Fire: A life in print, Miegunyah Press, 450/48, Johanna Leggatt

CARBIS, Gaylene, I Have Decided to Remain Vertical, Puncher & Wattmann, 455/50, Chris Arnold

CAREY, Jane, Taking to the Field: A history of Australian women in science, Monash University Publishing, 452/47, Jessica Urwin

CARLSON, Bronwyn and Terri Farrelly, Monumental Disruptions: Aboriginal people and colonial commemorations in so-called Australia, Aboriginal Studies Press, Cole Baxter, online only

CATTON, Eleanor, Birnam Wood, Granta, 452/44, Michael Winkler

CHANDLER, Daniel, Free and Equal: What would a fair society look like?, Allen Lane, 459/15, Glyn Davis

CHARLTON, Andrew, Australia’s Pivot to India, Black Inc., 460/54, John Zubrycki

CIURARU, Carmela, Lives of the Wives: literary marriages, HarperCollins, 453/42, Jacqueline Kent

CLANCY, Kate, Period: The real story of menstruation, Princeton University Press, 459/58, Caroline de Costa

CLARK, Christopher, Revolutionary Spring: Fighting for a new world, 1848–1849, Allen Lane, 460/22, Peter McPhee

CLARKE, Patricia, Bold Types: How Australia’s first women journalists blazed a trail, National Library of Australia, 450/54, Bridget Griffen-Foley

CLEMENS, Justin, A Foul Wind, Hunter Publishers, 452/50 and 454/47, Judith Bishop

COAD, Rachel, New York City Glow, Upwell, 460/44, Bernard Caleo

COETZEE, J.M., The Pole and Other Stories, Text Publishing, 455/36, Geordie Williamson

COHEN, David, The Terrible Event, Transit Lounge, 454/32, Alex Cothren

COLLINS, Rijn, Fed to Red Birds, Simon & Schuster, 453/36, Lisa Bennett

COOPER, Anthony with Thorsten Perl, Dispatch from Berlin, 1943: The story of five journalists who risked everything, NewSouth, 454/17, Joan Beaumont

COOPER, Melinda J., Middlebrow Modernism: Eleanor Dark’s interwar fiction, Sydney University Press, 451/24, Susan Sheridan

CORNWELL, Tim, A Private Spy: The letters of John le Carré, Viking, 450/50, Michael Shmith

CRAIG, Jen, Wall, Puncher & Wattmann, 457/29, Naama Grey-Smith

CROPP, Ryan, Donald Horne: A life in the lucky country, La Trobe University Press, 458/58, Tom Wright

CURTHOYS, Ann, Shino Konishi and Alexandra Ludewig, The Lives and Legacies of a Carceral Island: A biographical history of Wadjemup/Rottnest Island, Routledge, 455/33, Georgina Arnott

DAISLEY, Stephen, A Better Place, Text Publishing, 457/35, Patrick Allington

DALGARNO, Paul, A Country of Eternal Light, Fourth Estate, 451/33, Jennifer Mills

DALGARNO, Paul, Prudish Nation: Life, love and libido, Upwell, 460/51, Frank Bongiorno

DAMOUSI, Joy, The Humanitarians: Child war refugees and Australian humanitarianism in a transnational world, 1919-1975, Cambridge University Press, 451/58, Andrew Markus

DAO, André, Anam, Hamish Hamilton, 455/42, Scott McCulloch

DAVIDSON, Robyn, Unfinished Woman, Bloomsbury, 458/50, Jacqueline Kent

DAVIS, Megan and George Williams, Everything You Need to Know about the Voice, NewSouth, 458/17, Bronwyn Fredericks

DAVISON, Graeme, My Grandfather’s Clock: Four centuries of a British-Australian family, Miegunyah Press, 459/11, Marilyn Lake

DAY, Gregory, The Bell of the World, Transit Lounge, 451/34, Michael Winkler

DAY, Sarah, Slack Tide, Pitt Street Poetry, 451/43, Jennifer Harrison

DE GRAZIA, Margreta, Shakespeare Without a Life, Oxford University Press, 457/48, David McInnis

DEANE, Joel, Judas Boys, Hunter, 459/30, Anders Villani

DEBENEDETTI, Gabriel, The Long Alliance: The imperfect union of Joe Biden and Barack Obama, Scribe, 450/26, Varun Ghosh

DOBBIN, Cindy and Freda Marnie Nicholls, My Mother the Spy, Allen & Unwin, 458/61, Michael Sexton

DOWDING, Peter and Ken Spillman, Secret Agent, Unsung Hero: The valour of Bruce Dowding, Pen and Sword, 459/53, Peter McPhee

DOWLING, Gregory, The Colosseum Introduction, Franciscan University Press, 453/53, Geoff Page

DOYLE, Briohny, Why We Are Here, Vintage, 457/36, Alex Cothren

DRUMMOND, Willo, Moon Wrasses, Puncher & Wattmann, 459/43, Sam Ryan

DUNBAR, Jennifer Mackenzie, Missing Pieces, MidnightSun, 456/34, Diane Stubbings

DUNLOP, Tim, Voices of Us: The independents’ movement transforming Australian democracy, NewSouth, 450/20, Dennis Altman

DYLAN, Bob, The Philosophy of Modern Song, Simon & Schuster, 451/47, Andrew Ford

EAGLETON, Terry, Critical Revolutionaries: Five critics who changed the way we read, Yale University Press, 451/36, Benjamin Madden

ECKERMANN, Ali Cobby, She is the Earth, Magabala Books, 458/42, Julie Janson

EDELE, Mark, Russia’s War Against Ukraine: The whole story, Melbourne University Press, 457/20, Nick Hordern

EDEN HOROWITZ, Mark (ed.), The Letters of Oscar Hammerstein II, Oxford University Press, 453/40, Ian Dickson

EICH, Stefan, The Currency of Politics, Princeton University Press, 451/50, John Tang

ELLIOTT, Anthony, Algorithmic Intimacy: The digital revolution in personal relationships, Polity Press, 460/52, Judith Bishop

ELLIOTT, Helen, Eleven Letters to You: A memoir, Text Publishing, 455/22, Brenda Walker

ENRIGHT, Anne, The Wren, The Wren, Jonathen Cape, 459/31, Diane Stubbings

FINK, Jesse, The Eagle in the Mirror, Viking, 458/61, Michael Sexton

FINKEL, Alan, Powering Up: Unleashing the clean energy supply chain, Black Inc., 457/37, Julian V. McCarthy

FINKEMEYER, Pip, Sad Girl Novel, Ultimo Press, 454/36, Laura Elizabeth Woollett

FITZGERALD, Deborah, Her Sunburnt Country: The extraordinary literary life of Dorothea Mackellar, Simon & Schuster, 459/17, Susan Sheridan

FITZGERALD, Michael, Late: A novel, Transit Lounge, 460/40, Tim Byrne

FLANAGAN, Richard, Question 7, Knopf, 459/9, Catriona Menzies-Pike

FLANNERY, Tim and Emma Flannery, Big Meg: The story of the largest and most mysterious predator that ever lived, Text, 459/56, Danielle Clode

FORD, Richard, Be Mine, Bloomsbury, 456/32, Geordie Williamson

FORD, Thomas H., and Justin Clemens, Barron Field in New South Wales: The poetics of Terra Nullius, Melbourne University Press, 455/44, Philip Mead

FOSTER, Chrissie with Paul Kennedy, Still Standing, Viking, 453/17, Barney Zwartz

FOULCHER, John, Dancing with Stephen Hawking, Pitt Street Poety, 451/45, Prithvi Varatharajan

FROW, John (ed.), The Oxford Encyclopedia of Literary Theory, 452/22, Paul Giles

FUNDER, Anna, Wifedom: Mrs Orwell’s invisible life, Hamish Hamilton, 455/20, Michael Hofmann

GAMIELDIEN, Zeynab, The Scope of Permissibility, Ultimo Press, Rafqa Touma, online only

GARIBALDI, Korey, Impermanent Blackness: The making and unmaking of interracial literary culture in modern America, Princeton University Press, 457/45, Paul Giles

GAWENDA, Michael, My Life as a Jew, Scribe, 460/19, David Trigger

GIBSON, Andrew, J.M. Coetzee and Neoliberal Culture, Oxford University Press, 451/22, Sue Kossew

GIBSON, Prudence, The Plant Thieves: Secrets of the Herbarium, NewSouth, 454/53, Danielle Clode

GILLARD, Julia (ed.), Not Now, Not Ever: Ten years on from the misogyny speech, Vintage, 450/24, Kim Rubenstein

GLOVER, Dennis, Thaw, Black Inc., 456/33, Morgan Nunan

GORMAN, Zachary (ed.), The Young Menzies: Success, failure, resilience 1894-1942, Melbourne University Press, 451/16, David Horner

GOUGOULIS, Alaina and Ian See (eds.), Family: Stories of belonging, Text Publishing, 454/26, Michael Winkler

GRACE, Paul, Operation Hurricane: The story of Britain’s first atomic test in Australia and the legacy that remains, Hachette, 458/47, Elizabeth Tynan

GRAHAM, Jillian, Inner Song: A biography of Margaret Sutherland, Miegunyah Press, 453/38, Kay Dreyfus

GRANT, Stan, The Queen is Dead: The time has come for a reckoning, Fourth Estate, 455/26, Malcolm Allbrook

GRENVILLE, Kate, Restless Dolly Maunder, Text Publishing, 457/33, Penny Russell

GRIFFITHS, Madison, Tissue, Ultimo Press, 456/60, Caroline de Costa

GUIAO, Jordan, Disconnect: Why we get pushed to extremes online and how to stop it, Monash University Publishing, 453/54, Joshua Krook

GUILLORY, John, Professing Criticism, University of Chicago Press, 454/39, Paul Giles

HANKS, Tom, The Making of Another Major Motion Picture Masterpiece, Hutchinson Heinemann, 454/34, Jordan Prosser

HANNAN, Victoria, Marshmallow, Hachette, 451/30, Debra Adelaide

HARFORD, Lesbia, Selected Poems, Text Publishing, 457/52, Rose Lucas

HASLUCK, Nicholas, Che’s Last Embrace, Arcadia, 454/38, A. Frances Johnson

HAUGEN, Frances, The Power of One: Blowing the whistle on Facebook, Hodder & Stoughton, 457/21, Kieran Pender

HEMMER, Nicole, Partisans: The conservative revolutionaries who remade American politics in the 1990s, Basic Books, 450/28, Dominic Kelly

HETHERINGTON, Paul, Ragged Disclosures, Recent Work Press, 451/45, Prithvi Varatharajan

HEUSER, Beatrice, War: A genealogy of Western ideas and practices, Oxford University Press, 451/53, Philip Dwyer

HIGGIE, Jennifer, The Mirror and the Pallette: Rebellion, revolution and resilience: 500 years of women’s self-portraits, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 450/52, Julie Ewington

HIGGS, Annette, On a Bright Hillside in Paradise, Vintage, 456/31, Kerryn Goldsworthy

HILL, Anthony, The Investigators, Michael Joseph, 452/38, Stephen Knight

HILL, Barry, Eggs for Keeps: Poetry reviews and other praise, Arcadia, 450/38, Geordie Williamson

HOBBS, Harry and George Williams, How to Rule Your Own Country: The weird and wonderful world of micronations, NewSouth, 450/23, Frank Bongiorno

HOBSON, Ben, The Death of John Lacey, Allen & Unwin, 452/38, Stephen Knight

HOGAN, Dan, Secret Third Thing, Cordite, 460/50, J. Taylor Bell

HOLMES À COURT, Simon, The Big Teal, Monash University Publishing, 450/20, Dennis Altman

HOPKIN, Michael (ed.), 2020: Reckoning with power and privilege, Thames & Hudson, 452/30, Joel Deane

HORNE, Craig, Line of Blood: The truth of Alfred Howitt, Melbourne Books, 458/36, Jason M. Gibson

HOULDEN, Jacquie and Seamus Spark (eds.), Shadowline: The Dunera diaries of Uwe Radok, Monash University Publishing, 451/55, Francesca Sasnaitis

HOYER, Katja, Beyond the Wall: East Germany 1949-1990, Allen Lane, 455/19, Sheila Fitzpatrick

HUGGINS, Rita and Jackie Huggins, Auntie Rita: The classic memoir of an Aboriginal woman’s love and determination, Aboriginal Studies Press, 458/31, Julie Andrews

INOON, Ayesha, Untethered, HQ Fiction, Rafqa Touma, online only

JACK, Richard Morton, Nick Drake: The life, Hachette, 459/55, Barnaby Smith

JACKSON, Davina, Australian Architecture: A history, Allen & Unwin, 451/37, Philip Goad

JAMES, Harold, Seven Crashes: The economic crises that shaped globalisation, Yale University Press, 459/23, Stuart Kells

JANSON, Julie, Madukka the River Serpent, UWA Publishing, 457/28, Debra Adelaide

JAY, Mike, Psychonauts: Drugs and the making of the modern mind, Yale University Press, 457/57, Ben Brooker

JOHNSON, Susan, Aphrodite’s Breath: A memoir, Allen & Unwin, 454/23, Jacqueline Kent

JOHNSTON, Michelle, Tiny Uncertain Miracles, Fourth Estate, 451/34, Naama Grey-Smith

JONES, Jill, Acrobat Music: New and selected poems, Puncher & Wattmann, 457/55, Cassandra Atherton

JORDAN, Toni, Prettier if She Smiled More, Hachette, 454/36, Laura Elizabeth Woollett

JOSE, Nicholas, The Idealist, Giramondo, 459/26, Paul Giles

KALAGIAN BLUNT, Ashley, Dark Mode, Ultimo Press, 451/28, Laura Elizabeth Woollett

KELLS, Stuart, MUP: A centenary history, Miegunyah Press, 452/20, Frank Bongiorno

KEMP, Peter, Retroland: A reader’s guide to the dazzling diversity of modern fiction, Yale, 460/47, Andrew van der Vlies

KENEALLY, Tom, Fanatic Heart, Vintage, 450/34, Ronan McDonald

KENNY, Paul D., Why Populism? Political strategy from Ancient Greece to the present, Cambridge University Press, 457/16, Ben Wellings

KERINAIUA, Mavis and Laura Rademaker, Tiwi Story: Turning history downside up, NewSouth, 458/35, John J. Bradley

KERTZER, David I., The Pope at War: The secret history of Pius XII, Mussolini, and Hitler, Oxford University Press, 451/56, Miles Pattenden

KILLAR, Ashley, Cranko: The man and his choreography, Matador, 452/24, Lee Christofis

KING, Richard, Here Be Monsters: Is technology reducing our humanity?, Monash University Publishing, 456/61, Robyn Arianrhod

KINSELLA, John, Collected Poems: Volume One (1980-2005), The Ascension of Sheep, UWAP, 454/50, John Hawke

KINSELLA, John, Collected Poems: Volume Two (2005-2014), Harsh Hakea, UWAP, 454/50, John Hawke

KLEIN, Naomi, Doppelganger: A trip into the mirror world, Allen Lane, 459/20, Zora Simic

KNEEN, Kris, Fat Girl Dancing, Text Publishing, 454/22, Diane Stubbings

KRISHNAN, Nikhil, A Terribly Serious Adventure: Philosophy and war at Oxford 1900-1960, Random House, 457/59, Karen Green

KRUZE, Kevin M. and Julian E. Zelizer, Myth America: Historians take on the biggest legends and lies about our past, Basic Books, 452/12, Marilyn Lake

KWON, Silvia Vincent & Sien, Macmillan, 457/29, Naama Grey-Smith

LANGTON, Marcia, The Welcome to Country Handbook: A guide to Indigenous Australia, Hardie Grant Books, 458/19, Sandra R. Phillips

LEACH, Roland, Cuttlefish: Western Australian poets, Sunline Press, 459/42, Brenda Walker

LEGGE, Kate, Infidelity and Other Affairs, Thames & Hudson, 451/21, Johanna Leggatt

LOHREY, Amanda, The Conversation, Text, 459/27, Felicity Plunkett

LOWELL, Robert, Memoirs, Allen & Unwin, 456/26, David Mason

LUBIS, Todung Mulya, War on Corruption: An Indonesian experience, Melbourne University Press, 456/17, Howard Dick

LUCAS, Madelaine, Thirst for Salt, Allen & Unwin, 452/41, Maria Takolander

LUCAS, Rose, Increments of the Everyday, Puncher & Wattmann, 455/48, Felicity Plunkett

LUCASHENKO, Melissa, Edenglassie, UQP, 458/53, Jeanine Leane

LUI-CHIVIZHE, Leah, Masked Histories: Turtle shell masks and Torres Strait Islander people, Miegunyah Press, 451/42, Ben Silverstein

LUMBY, Catharine, Frank Moorhouse: A life, Allen & Unwin, 459/19, Kerryn Goldsworthy

MACDONALD, Helen, and Sin Blaché, Prophet, Jonathen Cape, 458/57, J. R. Burgmann

MACINTYRE, Raina, Dark Winter: An insider’s guide to pandemics and biosecurity, NewSouth, 454/45, Ben Brooker

MAGEE, Paul, Suddenness and the Composition of Poetic Thought, Rowman & Littlefield, 457/49, Patrick Flanery

MALCOLM, Janet, Still Pictures, Text Publishing, 452/14, Georgina Arnott

MALCOLM, Lynne, All in the Mind, ABC Books, 457/58, Nick Haslam

MALING, Caitlin, Spore or Seed, Fremantle Press, 455/48, Felicity Plunkett

MANDELBAUM, Michael, The Four Ages of American Foreign Policy: Weak, power, great power, superpower, hyperpower, Oxford University Press, 452/11, Emma Shortis

MARKS, Russell, Black Lives, White Law: Locked up and locked out in Australia, La Trobe University Press, 451/10, David Kearns

MARNEY, Ellie, Some Shall Break, Allen & Unwin, 459/32, Ben Chandler

MARR, David, Killing for Country: A family story, Black Inc., 458/14, Mark McKenna

MARSH, Walter, Young Rupert: The making of the Murdoch Empire, Scribe, 456/20, Jonathan Green

MASON, Brett, Saving Lieutenant Kennedy: The heroic story of the Australian who helped rescue JFK, NewSouth, Nick Hordern, online only

MASON, Brett, Wizards of Oz: How Oliphant and Florey helped win the war and shape the modern world, NewSouth, 450/29, Julia Horne

MASON, David, Incarnation and Metamorphosis: Can literature change us?, Paul Dry Books, 453/53, Geoff Page

McCAFFRIE, Brendan, Michelle Grattan and Chris Wallace (eds.), The Morrison Government: Governing through crisis, 2019-2022, UNSW Press, 454/14, Patrick Mullins

McCARTHY, Cormac, Stella Maris, Picador, 450/33, Shannon Burns

McCARTHY, Cormac, The Passenger, Picador, 450/33, Shannon Burns

McCLELLAND, Roanna, The Comforting Weight of Water, Wakefield Press, 457/30, J.R. Burgmann

McCOOEY, David, The Book of Falling, Upswell, 452/50 and 454/47, Judith Bishop

McGRATH, Ann, Laura Rademaker, and Jakelin Troy, Everywhere: Australia and the language of deep history, UNSW Press, 458/20, Leonie Stevens

McKAY, Laura Jean, Gunflower, Scribe, 460/43, Susan Midalia

McKENZIE, Nick, Crossing the Line, Hachette, 456/11, Kevin Foster

McMULLIN, Ross, Life So Full of Promise: Further biographies of Australia’s lost generation, Scribe, 454/15, Raelene Francis

McPHEE-BROWN, Laura, Little Plum, Text Publishing, 451/31, Debra Adelaide

McPHERSON, Kira, Higher Education, Ultimo Press, 451/30, Debra Adelaide

MEAD, Rachel, The Art of Breaking Ice, Affirm Press, 456/34, Diane Stubbings

MEEHAN, Michael, An Ungrateful Instrument, Transit Lounge, 453/33, Graham Strahle

MILDENHALL, Kate, The Hummingbird Effect, Scribner, 456/28, Cassandra Atherton

MILLER, Alex, A Brief Affair, Allen & Unwin, 450/32, Penny Russell

MILLER, Alex, A Kind of Confession: The writer’s private world, Allen & Unwin, 460/18, Brenda Walker

MILLER, Suzie, Prima Facie, Picador, 460/38, Diane Stubbings

MITCHELL, Heather, Everything and Nothing: A memoir, 456/24, Tim Byrne

MITCHELL, James, Men at War: Australia, Syria, Java 1940–1942, Hardie Grant, 460/53, Michael McKernan

MOLLOY, Shannon, You Made Me This Way, Fourth Estate, 452/19, Anders Villani

MOORE, Lorrie, I Am Homeless If This Is Not My Home, Faber, 457/34, Kirsten Tranter

MORRISSEY, John, Firelight, Text, 458/52, Claire G. Coleman

MOULLAKIS, Joyce and Chris Wright, The Millionaires’ Factory: The inside story of how Macquarie became a global giant, Allen & Unwin, 453/18, Michael Easson

NEEDHAM, Kylie, Girl in a Pink Dress, Penguin, 454/38, A. Frances Johnson

NEILL, Sam, Did I Ever Tell You This? A memoir, Text Publishing, 456/24, Tim Byrne

NISBET, Gemma, The Things We Live With: Essays on uncertainty, Upswell, 460/56, Francesca Sasnaitis

NIX, Garth, The Sinister Booksellers of Bath, Allen & Unwin, 459/32, Ben Chandler

NOVAK, Genevieve, Crushing, HarperCollins, 454/36, Laura Elizabeth Woollett

NOWRA, Louis, Sydney: A biography, NewSouth, 450/57, Gay Bilson

O’FAIRCHEALLAIGH, Ciaran, Indigenous Peoples and Mining: A global perspective, OUP, 459/33, Deanna Kemp

O’GRADY, Emily, Feast, Allen & Unwin, 456/34, Diane Stubbings

O’KEEFE, Angela, The Sitter, University of Queensland Press, 457/29, Naama Grey-Smith

ODELL, Jenny, Saving Time: Discovering a life beyond the clock, Bodley Head, 453/46, Tim McMinn

OGILVIE, Sarah, The Dictionary People: The unsung heroes who created the Oxford English Dictionary, Chatto & Windus, 459/46, Ian Britain

OLUBAS, Brigitta, Shirley Hazzard: A writing Life, Virago, 451/18, Frances Wilson

ORD, Mandy, Bulk Nuts, Gazebo Books, 460/44, Bernard Caleo

PAGE, Geoff, 101 Poems: 2011-2021, Pitt Street Poetry, Paul Hetherington, online only

PALMER, Shannyn, Unmaking Angas Downs: History and myth on a Central Australian pastoral station, Melbourne University Press, 451/13, Eleanor Hogan

PAMUK, Orhan (translated by Ekin Oklap), Nights of Plague, Hamish Hamilton, 451/32, Mehrdad Rahimi-Moghaddam

PATEL, Zoya, Once A Stranger, Hachette, Rafqa Touma, online only

PATERSON, Susan, Where Light Meets Water, Simon & Schuster, 453/34, Susan Midalia

PETERS-LITTLE, Frances, Jimmy Little: A Yorta Yorta man, Hardie Grant Publishing, 454/30, Philip Morrissey

PHILLIPS, Carl, My Trade Is Mystery: Seven meditations from a life in writing, Yale University Press, 453/47, Felicity Plunkett

PHILPS, Alan, The Red Hotel: The untold story of Stalin’s disinformation war, Headline, 458/45, Sheila Fitzpatrick

PICK-GOSLAR, Hannah, with Dina Kraft, My Friend Anne Frank, Ebury Publishing, 457/46, Tali Lavi

PIM, Keiron, Endless Flight: The life of Joseph Roth, Granta, 451/48, Joachim Redner

PINCKNEY, Darryl, Come Back in September: A literary education on West Sixty-Seventh Street, Manhattan, riverrun, 452/16, Peter Rose

PITTOCK, Murray, Scotland: The global history – 1603 to the present, Yale University Press, 450/56, Gordon Pentland

PORTER, Max, Shy, Faber, 453/35, Diane Stubbings

PRETTY, Ron, 101 Poems, Pitt Street Poetry, 453/51, Sam Ryan

PRIOR, Robin, Conquer We Must: A military history of Britain 1914-1945, Yale University Press, 456/16, Joan Beaumont

RADFORD, Ron, John Glover: Patterdale farm and the revelation of the Australian landscape, Ovata Press, 457/62, Anne Gray

REES, Peter, I am Tim: Life, politics, and beyond, MUP, 459/44, Joshua Black

REGIS, Ed, Science, Secrecy and the Smithsonian: The strange history of the Pacific Ocean biological survey, Oxford University Press, 453/12, Billy Griffiths

RICHARDS, Michael, A Maker of Books: Alec Bolton and his Brindabella Press, National Library of Australia, 451/25, Brenda Niall

RILEY, Charlotte Lydia, Imperial Island: A history of empire in modern Britain, Bodley Head, 460/23, Jon Piccini

RILEY, Erin, A Real Piece of Work: A memoir in essays, Viking, 458/49, Yves Rees

RISEMAN, Noah, Transgender Australia: A history since 1910, Melbourne University Press, Jack Nicholls, online only

RITCHIE, Brendan, Eta Draconis, UWA Publishing, 457/30, J.R. Burgmann

ROBIN, Libby, What Birdo Is That? A field guide to bird people, Melbourne University Publishing, 454/53, Peter Monkhurst

ROBINSON, Jennifer and Keina Yoshida, How Many More Women? Exposing how to the law silences women, Allen & Unwin, 450/24, Kim Rubenstein

ROYAL, Autumn, The Drama Student, Giramondo, 455/50, Chris Arnold

RUDENKO, Serhii, Zelensky: A biography, Polity Press, 451/14, Nick Hordern

RUSHDIE, Salman, Victory City, Jonathan Cape, 451/29, Geordie Williamson

RUSSELL, Catherine, The Cinema of Barbara Stanwyck, University of Illinois Press, 457/61, Felicity Chaplin

RUSSELL, Meg and Lisa James, The Parliamentary Battle Over Brexit, Oxford University Press, 454/18, Ben Wellings

SALES, Leigh, Storytellers: Questions, answers and the craft of journalism, Scribner, 458/44, Patrick Mullins

SARTRE, Jean-Paul (translated by Carol Cosman, edited by Joseph S. Catalano), The Family Idiot: Gustave Flaubert, 1821-1857, an abridged edition, University of Chicago Press, 453/43, Brian Nelson

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Π.O., The Tour, Giramondo, 459/36, Francesca Sasnaitis


2023 Features Index

ABR Arts

ABR Arts reviews can be read here.


GARDINER, Thea, ‘Women philanthropists in our galleries’, online only

LOGAN, Cameron, ‘Architecture and the new national cultural policy’, online only

Maria Callas, Ian Dickson, online only


2023 Sydney International Piano Competition Opening Gala, Malcolm Gillies, online only

Melbourne International Jazz Festival, Des Cowley, online only


A Haunting in Venice (Twentieth Century), Philippa Hawker, online only

Aftersun (Kismet), Jo Stubbings, online only

Alcarràs (Palace Films), Stefan Solomon, online only

All the Beauty and the Bloodshed (Madman Entertainment), Anne Rutherford, online only

Asteroid City (Universal Pictures), Felicity Chaplin, online only

Beau is Afraid (Roadshow), Jordan Prosser, online only

Broker (Madman Entertainment), Michael Sun, online only

Caravaggio Shadow (Italian Film Festival), Angela Viora, online only

Corsage (Vendetta Films), James Cleverley, online only

Dalíland (Kismet), 456/66, Philippa Hawker

EO (Hi Gloss Entertainment), Anthony Frajman, online only

Godland (Palace Films), Stefan Solomon, online only

John Farnham (Beyond Oz), Joshua Black, online only

Killers of the Flower Moon (Paramount), 459/63, Philippa Hawker

La Chimera (Italian Film Festival), Felicity Chaplin, online only

Limbo (Bunya Productions), Anne Rutherford, online only

Maestro (Netflix Original), Jordan Prosser, online only

Napoleon (Sony), Philippa Hawker, online only

November (Palace Films), 454/58, Felicity Chaplin

One Fine Morning (Palace Films), Philippa Hawker, online only

Oppenheimer (Universal Pictures Australia), Jordan Prosser, online only

Past Lives (StudioCanal), 458/64, Michael Sun

Reality (Kismet), Stefan Solomon, online only

Run Rabbit Run (Netflix Original), Anthony Frajman, online only

Saint Omer (Palace Films), 455/60, Anwen Crawford

Shayda (Madman Entertainment), Anne Rutherford, online only

Sick of Myself (Static Vision), Stefan Solomon, online only

TÁR (Universal Pictures Australia), 451/64. Jordan Prosser

The Banshees of Inisherin (Searchlight Pictures), 450/67, Jordan Prosser

The Old Oak (Palace), Stefan Solomon, online only

The Son (Transmission Films), Tim Byrne, online only

The Teachers’ Lounge (German Film Festival), James Cleverley, online only

The Whale (Madman Entertainment), Jo Stubbings, online only

The Zone of Interest (A24), 460/59, Diane Stubbings

Un Couple (MIFF), Anthony Frajman, online only


All Rise (Lincoln Center Orchestra and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra), Des Cowley, online only

An Australian Songbook (Adelaide Cabaret Festival), Chris Reid, online only

Australian Chamber Orchestra (Ukaria Festival), Graham Strahle, online only

Juan Diego Flórez in Recital (Arts Centre Melbourne), 460/58, Peter Rose

Mahler’s Ninth Symphony (Australian World Orchestra), Malcolm Gillies, online only

Mahler’s Seventh (London Symphony Orchestra), 454/59, Michael Shmith

Melbourne Jazz Co-Operative (Melbourne Recital Centre), Des Cowley, online only

Midsummer Dreams(The Australian Romantic & Classical Orchestra), Malcolm Gillies, online only

Mozart and Beethoven Concertos (Melbourne Chamber Orchestra), Peter Tregear, online only

Ngapa William Cooper (Adelaide Festival), 452/59, Graham Strahle

Sibyl (Sydney Opera House), Michael Halliwell, online only

Steven Osborne (Ukaria Cultural Centre), Graham Strahle, online only


A Deep Black Sleep (IHOS Amsterdam), Sarah Day, online only

Adriana Lecouvreur (Opera Australia), Michael Halliwell, online only

Antarctica (Sydney Chamber Opera), Michael Halliwell, online only

Biographica (Theatre Works), Peter Tregear, online only

Das Rheingold (Royal Opera House), 459/61, John Allison

Das Rheingold Die Walküre (Opera Australia), Michael Halliwell, online only

Das Rheingold Die Walküre (Melbourne Opera), Peter Rose, online only

Das Rheingold (Royal Opera House), John Allison, online only

Der Ring des Nibelungen (Melbourne Opera), 453/58, Peter Rose

Die Frau ohne Schatten and Tosca (Wiener Staatsoper), Peter Rose, online only

Earth. Voice. Body (Sydney Chamber Opera), Michael Halliwell, online only

Idomeneo (Victorian Opera and Opera Australia), Peter Rose, online only

Juan Diego Flórez in Recital (Castiglione Arts & Culture), Peter Rose, online only

La Gioconda (Opera Australia), 457/64, Peter Rose

Maria Stuarda (Melbourne Opera), Peter Rose, online only

Michael Fabiano in Concert (Opera Australia), Peter Rose, online only

Otello, Hamlet, War and Peace (Bayerische Staatsoper), Michael Halliwell, online only

Siegfried and Götterdämmerung (Melbourne Opera), Peter Rose, online only

Siegfried Götterdämmerung ½ (Opera Australia), Michael Halliwell, online only

Tannhäuser (Opera Australia), Michael Shmith, online only

The Makropulos Case (Opéra National de Paris), Peter Rose, online only

The Tales of Hoffmann (Opera Australia), Michael Halliwell, online only


A Streetcar Named Desire (Red Line Productions), 455/59, Kirk Dodd

Bernhardt/Hamlet (Melbourne Theatre Company), Diane Stubbings, online only

Death of a Salesman (Her Majesty’s Theatre), 458/65, Diane Stubbings

Do Not Go Gentle (Sydney Theatre Company), 455/62, Clare Monagle

Escaped Alone (Melbourne Theatre Company), 457/65, Diane Stubbings

Exiles (Bloomsday in Melbourne), Ronan McDonald, online only

Far Away (Patalog Theatre Company), Ben Brooker, online only

Flake (Red Stitch Actors’ Theatre), Ben Brooker, online only

Happy Days (Melbourne Theatre Company), 454/63, Ronan McDonald

Into the Woods (Belvoir St Theatre), Ian Dickson, online only

Julia (Sydney Theatre Company), 453/58, Clare Monagle

Julius Caesar (Melbourne Shakespeare Company), Tim Byrne, online only

Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar and Grill (Melbourne Theatre Company), 459/60, Ian Dickson

Loaded (Malthouse Theatre), Ben Brooker, online only

Macbeth (Bell Shakespeare), 452/56, Kirk Dodd

My Sister Jill (Melbourne Theatre Company), Diane Stubbings, online only

Nosferatu (Malthouse Theatre), Guy Webster, online only

Oil (Sydney Theatre Company), Patrick Lau, , online only

Orlando (Antipodes Theatre Company), Guy Webster, online only

Prima Facie (Melbourne Theatre Company), 451/65, Diane Stubbings

Romeo and Juliet (Bell Shakespeare), Kirk Dodd, online only

The Chairs (Redline Productions), 458/67, Ian Dickson

The Goat, Or Who Is Sylvia? (Sydney Theatre Company), Ian Dickson, online only

The Master & Margarita (Belvoir St Theatre), Ian Dickson, online only

The Poison of Polygamy (La Boite and Sydney Theatre Company), 455/58, Josh Stenberg

The Seagull (Sydney Theatre Company), Clare Monagle, online only

The Tempest (Sydney Theatre Company), 450/61, Kirk Dodd

What If If Only (Melbourne Theatre Company), 457/65, Diane Stubbings

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (Red Stitch Actors’ Theatre), 460/60, Ben Brooker

Wittenoom (Red Stitch), Tim Byrne, online only

Worstward Ho (Victorian Theatre Company), Ben Brooker, online only

Visual Arts

Andy Warhol and Photography: A Social Media (The Art Gallery of South Australia), 452/54, Patrick Flanery

Barbara Hepworth: In Equilibrium (Heide Museum of Modern Art), 450/62, Sophie Knezic

Catherine Opie: Binding Ties (Heide), Kelly Gellatly, online only

Imagine … the Wonder of Picture Books (State Library of New South Wales), Margaret Robson Kett, online only

Kandinsky (Art Gallery of New South Wales), 460/62, Roger Benjamin

Melbourne Now 2023 (National Gallery of Victoria), 453/63, Sophie Knezic

Peter Tyndall (Buxton Contemporary), 451/66, Jarrod Zlatic

Photography Real and Imagined (National Gallery of Victoria), Alison Stieven-Taylor, online only

Pre-Raphaelites Drawings & Watercolours (Art Gallery of Ballarat), Christopher Menz, online only

Radical Utopia An archeology of a creative city (RMIT Gallery), Jarrod Zlatic, online only

Rembrandt – True to Life (National Gallery of Victoria), 456/67, Roger Benjamin

Sydney Modern (Art Gallery of New South Wales), Julie Ewington, online only

SYNERGY (Drill Hall Gallery), 454/56, Saskia Beudel

The Ballad of Sexual Dependency (National Gallery of Australia), Saskia Beudel, online only

Thin Skin (Monash University Museum of Art), Jarrod Zlatic, online only

Essays and Commentary

ALTMAN, Dennis, ‘Frozen between despair and denial: The role of Australian Jews in an intractable conflict’, 456/8

ATTWOOD, Bain, ‘A referendum in trouble: Race, rights and history talk in 1967 and 2023’, 455/10

ATTWOOD, Bain, ‘Turning a blind eye: The referendum and the burden of history’, 460/11

BOYCE, James, ‘Soul shifts: Reflections on Richard Flanagan’s Question 7’, 460/27

CASTAN, Melissa and Lynette Russell, ‘Ancient sovereignty shining through: A Voice to parliament, not a Voice in parliament’, 458/9

CORBETT, Jack, ‘Statehood á la carte: Sovereignty games in the Pacific Islands’, 455/23

CURRAN, James, ‘Exorcising the ghosts: Australia’s new, old foreign policy’, 452/8

CURRAN, James, ‘Stanner in reverse: A response to Clare Wright’, 457/13

DEANE, Joel, ‘A maddening country: The long political shadow of John Howard’, 460/15

DEANE, Joel, ‘The Great Australian Intemperance: Thoughts on a time of unbottled rage’, 457/9

DICKSON, Ian, ‘Letter from London’, 450/47

DINIĆ, Jelena, ‘‘Come closer and listen’: A tribute to Charles Simic (1938 – 2023)’, 459/47

EWINGTON, Julie, ‘Lyrical Layers at AGNSW: A new landmark building in Sydney’, 452/32

HAMILTON, Debi, ‘The tyranny of sound: The world’s addiction to background noise’, 452/25

HODA, Rashina, ‘A tale of two species: Balancing new technology and ethical considerations’, 459/51

HOLMAN, Zoe, ‘“Call it a revolution”: From falling veils to a failing regime’, 450/8

KAVANAGH, Siobhan, ‘The Morning Belongs to Us’, 459/38

KENNY, Mark, ‘Labor’s year in clover: The challenges facing Peter Dutton’, 454/9

KONISHI, Shino, Julie Andrews, Odette Best, Brenda L. Croft, Steve Kinnane, Greg Lehman, and Uncle John Whop, ‘Who’s your mob?: An Indigenous Australian Dictionary of Biography’, 458/24

LAIDLAW, Zoë, ‘‘You take um up my land for me’: An Indigenous history of the University of Melbourne’, 458/28

LEY, James, ‘‘Not like an arrow, but a boomerang’: Ralph Ellison and literary humanism’, 460/45

LEY, James, ‘An obscure prodigy: J.M. Coeztee’s Life and Time of Michael K at forty’, 456/50

LILLEY, Kate, ‘Intricacies of aliveness: A personal tribute to John Tranter (1943-2023)’, 454/24

LOGAN, Cameron, ‘Beyond real estate: The role of architecture in cultural policy’, 452/57

LYNCH, Timothy J., ‘Enough already!: Post-Trump America returns to the centre’, 450/17

MANDERSON, Desmond, ‘Yunupingu’s song: Constitution as acts of vision, not of division’, 457/24

MILLS, Jennifer, ‘A revival meeting at the Espy: Labor’s new National Cultural Policy’, 451/8

MYERS, David N., ‘Dem-o-krat-yah now!: The egregious erosion of democracy in Israel’, 453/8

NILSSON, Ebony, ‘“A happy white men’s club”: The Australian Labor Party’s uneasy history with immigration’, 455/29

OGILVIE, Sarah, ‘The Melbourne Dictionary People: Active service to the mother tongue’, 457/40

PENTLAND, Gordon, ‘Parlour games: Britain and the anaesthesia of nostalgia’, 453/21

ROLPH, David, ‘Self-inflicted wounds: A vindication of investigative journalism’, 455/17

ROLPH, David, ‘Who blinks first: Lachlan Murdoch v Crikey’, 454/11

TWOMEY, Anne, ‘Voiceless in Australia: Will we ever have another referendum?’, 460/9

WRIGHT, Alexis, ‘The sovereign time of Country: Living in the pulse and heartbeat of an infinite clock’, 458/12

ZUBRZYCKI, John, ‘Politics by other means: India addresses centuries of humiliation’, 454/20


Calibre Essay Prize

ELLIS, Tracy, ‘Flow States’, 453/24

VINCENT, Bridget, ‘Child Adjacent’, 454/27

Peter Porter Poetry Prize

ANDREWS, Chris, ‘Loss-invaded Catalogue’, 450/41

ARNOLD, Chris, ‘Running Up That Bill’, 450/41

CAHILL, Michelle, ‘Field Notes for an Albatross Palimpsest’, 450/44

DISNEY, Dan, ‘periferal, fantasmal’, 450/43

TOLCHINSKY, Raisa, ‘Abiquiu, New Mexico’ , 450/40

ABR Elizabeth Jolley Short Story Prize

BEL, Winter, ‘Black Wax’, 456/36

HEATH, Rowan, ‘The Mannequin’, 456/41

KHAN, Uzma Aslam, ‘Our Own Fantastic’, 456/46


Open Page

ALEXANDRA, Belinda, 456/62

DALGARNO, Paul, 450/51

HEISS, Anita, 458/30

JOSE, Nicholas, 459/57

McKENZIE, Nick, 455/56

McMULLIN, Ross, 454/49

WILLIAMS, Pip, 452/52 

Poet of the Month

DISNEY, Dan, 453/49

JACKSON, Andy, 457/56

PLUNKETT, Felicity, 456/59

Publisher of the Month

HUGHES, Martin, 453/56

SCOTT, Barry, 451/62

SMITH, Yasmin, 458/41

Critic of the Month

STUBBINGS, Diane, 459/37


ARCHER, Robyn, 454/61

EVANS, Peter, 457/67

MACKENZIE, Ruth, 460/61

MORSE, Helen, 455/63



BEVERIDGE, Judith, ‘Hawkesbury’, 451/49

BRADY, Andrea, ‘Canterbury Bell’, 457/53

COLEMAN, Aidan, ‘Metric’, 459/35

EDGAR, Stephen, ‘If Looks Could Kill’, 460/14

EDGAR, Stephen, ‘Lapis Lazuli’, 451/49

FARELL, Michael, ‘Christmas In Brogo’, 453/39

FLEMING, Joan, ‘Coins, Glass, Nails, Pottery, Cinders’, 453/45

HOLT, L.K., ‘Nina in the Hag Mask’, 456/55

JANSON, Julie, ‘Kurraarr Far Country’, 451/41

JANSON, Julie, ‘Minyerri (now marked for fracking)’, 458/33

JOHNSON, Frances A., ‘Painted Weather’, 454/51

KINSELLA, John, ‘Apotheoses and the Hölderlin Monument, Old Botanical Gardens, Tübingen’, 460/28

LAWRENCE, Anthony, ‘Reading the Conditions’, 455/27

MEAD, Philip, ‘Déjà Rêvé’, 452/21

O’BRIEN, Damen, ‘The Pelican Feeder’, 451/57

PAGE, Geoff, ‘Endings’, 459/21

SALOM, Philip, ‘A Vladimir Taxonomy’, 456/25

SAMUELS, Lisa, ‘Dise’, 455/43

SAUNDERS, Kirli, ‘Go Rogue’, 458/23

VILLANI, Anders, ‘Wallpaper’, 457/47

WEBSTER, H.R., ‘Death by Drowning’, 459/45


Books of the Year

ATTWOOD, Bain, 460/31

BIRCH, Tony, 460/33

BONGIORNO, Frank, 460/33

BRADLEY, James, 460/36

COWLEY, Des, 460/36

DAVIS, Glyn, 460/34

DEANE, Joel, 460/31

GILES, Paul, 460/29

GOLDSWORTHY, Kerryn, 460/29

HAIGH, Gideon, 460/34

HAWKE, John, 460/35

HOFMANN, Michael, 460/35

HUGHES-D’AETH, Tony, 460/32

KELLS, Stuart, 460/31

LAKE, Marilyn, 460/36

LEY, James, 460/34

McKENNA, Mark, 460/36

MEAD, Philip, 460/31

MILLS, Jennifer, 460/32

MULLINS, Patrick, 460/32

PENDER, Kieren, 460/35

PLUNKETT, Felicity, 460/32

REES, Yves, 460/33

ROSE, Peter, 460/33

RUSSELL, Lynette, 460/36

RUSSELL, Penny, 460/32

SHORTIS, Emma, 460/32

SILCOX, Beejay, 460/35

SIMIC, Zora, 460/29

STUBBINGS, Diane, 460/33

WALKER, Brenda, 460/36

WILLIAMSON, Geordie, 460/33

WILSON, Frances, 460/29

Arts Highlights

ARCHER, Robyn, 450/64

BOWER, Humphrey, 450/66

BROOKER, Ben, 450/65

BYRNE, Tim, 450/64

CHAPLIN, Felicity, 450/65

COWLEY, Des, 450/65

DICKSON, Ian, 450/65

EWINGTON, Julie, 450/64

FORD, Andrew, 450/64

HALLIWELL, Michael, 450/66

KNEZIC, Sophie, 450/66

PROSSER, Jordan, 450/65

ROSE, Peter, 450/66

RUTHERFORD, Anne, 450/65

SHMITH, Michael, 450/64

STUBBINGS, Diane, 450/64

TREGEAR, Peter, 450/66


TREGEAR, Peter, ‘Vale Barry Humphries: The great comedian’s love affair with Weimar Germany’, 454/60