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Index for 2022: Nos 439–449 & online features

ABR Index 2022

NB: this index includes material published in the print magazine and online in 2022.

2022 Australian Book Review Index

Subscribers can read these reviews online here.

AITKEN, Adam, Revenants, Giramondo, 443/50, Toby Davidson

ALBISTON, Jordie, Fifteeners, Puncher & Wattmann, 440/44, Joan Fleming

ALIGHIERI, Dante (translated by D.M. Black), Purgatorio, NYRB Classics, 441/45, Theodore Ell

ALLSOPP, Kimberley, Love and Other Puzzles, HarperCollins, 442/40, Debra Adelaide

ALSOP, Maureen, Pyre, What Books Press, 445/50, Anders Villani

ANDERSON, Clare, Convicts: A global history, Cambridge University Press, 443/55, Briony Neilson

ANDREWS, Rosie, The Leviathan, Raven Books, 443/25, Diane Stubbings

ANDRIESSE, Alex (ed.), The Uncollected Essays of Elizabeth Hardwick, New York Review Books, 446/20, Michael Hofmann

ANYIETH, Akuch Kuol, Unknown: A refugee’s story, Text Publishing, online only, Nicholas Bugeja

ARNOTT, Georgina (ed.), Judith Wright: Selected writings, La Trobe University Press, 442/23, Philip Mead

ARNOTT, Robbie, Limberlost, Text Publishing, 447/38, Jennifer Mills

ASHENDEN, Dean, Telling Tennant’s Story: The strange career of the great Australian silence, Black Inc., 443/16, Kim Mahood

ATHERTON, Cassandra and Paul Hetherington (eds.), The Language in My Tongue: An anthology of Australian and New Zealand poetry, FarFlung Editions, 445/51, David Mason

ATKINS, Brendan, The Naturalist: The remarkable life of Allan Riverstone McCulloch, NewSouth, 449/23, Danielle Clode

ATKINSON, Alan, Elizabeth and John: The Macarthurs of Elizabeth Farm, NewSouth, 448/8, Penny Russell

ATWOOD, Margaret, Burning Questions: Essays and occasional pieces, 2004–2021, Chatto & Windus, 442/24, Andrea Goldsmith

BACKDERF, Derf, Kent State, Abrams ComicArts, 439/24, Bernard Caleo

BACON, Eugen, Danged Black Thing, Transit Lounge, 443/31, Cassandra Atherton

BAMSTON, Troy, Bob Hawke: Demons and destiny, Viking, 441/12, Patrick Mullins

BARNETT, Katy and Jeremy Gans, Guilty Pigs: The weird and wonderful history of animal law, La Trobe University Press, 442/12, Sophie Riley

BEARD, Mary, Twelve Caesars: Images of power from the ancient world to the modern, Princeton University Press, 439/19, Alastair J.L. Blanshard

BEAUMAN, Ned, Venomous Lumpsucker, Hodder & Stoughton, 449/51, J.R Burgmann

BEAUMONT, Joan, Australia’s Great Depression: How a nation shattered by the Great War survived the worst economic crisis it has ever faced, Allen & Unwin, 442/17, Benjamin Huf

BEECH, Isobel, Sunbathing, Allen & Unwin, 445/27, Georgia White

BEEVOR, Anthony, Russia: Revolution and civil war 1917–1921, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 448/12, Tim McMinn

BEILHARZ, Peter and Sian Supski (eds.), The Work of History: Writing for Stuart Macintyre, Melbourne University Press, 447/22, Christina Twomey

BENSON, Simon and Geoff Chambers, Plagued: Australia’s two years of hell – the inside story, Pantera Press, 448/19, Joshua Black

BERNSTEIN, Charles, Topsy-Turvy, Chicago University Press, 440/45, Gig Ryan

BIRD, Carmel, Telltale: Reading writing remembering, Transit Lounge, 446/41, Gregory Day

BIRMINGHAM, Kevin, The Sinner and the Saint: Dostoevsky, a crime and its punishment, Allen Lane, 440/22, Geordie Williamson

BONGIORNO, Frank, Dreamers and Schemers: A political history of Australia, La Trobe University Press, 448/16, James Walter

BOSCO, David, The Poseidon Project: The struggle to govern the world’s oceans, Oxford University Press, 446/51, Killian Quigley

BRADY, Andrea, Poetry and Bondage: A history and theory of lyric constraint, Cambridge University Press, 441/46, John Hawke

BROINOWSKI, Richard, Fact or Fission: The truth about Australia’s nuclear ambitions, Scribe, 447/54, Jessica Urwin

BROOKS, Geraldine, Horse, Hachette, 444/40, Peter Craven

BROPHY, David, China Panic: Australia’s alternative to paranoia and pandering, La Trobe University Press, 442/54, Tim Robertson

BROWN, Pam, Endings & Spacings, Never Never Books, 439/44, Abigail Fisher

BROWN, Pam, Stasis Shuffle, Hunter Publications, 442/48, Chris Arnold

BULLOUGH, Oliver, Butler to the World: How Britain became the servant of tycoons, tax dodgers, kleptocrats and criminals, Profile Books, 445/55, Kieran Pender

BURNS, Shannon, Childhood, Text Publishing, 447/31, Peter Rose

BURTON, Mirranda, Underground, Allen & Unwin, 439/24, Bernard Caleo

BURTON, Pamela and Meredith Edwards, Persons of Interest: An intimate account of Cecily and John Burton, ANU Press, 446/42, Peter Edwards

CAHILL, James, Tiepolo Blue, Hodder & Stoughton, 446/26, Theodore Ell

CAHILL, Michelle, Daisy & Woolf, Hachette, 444/38, Diane Stubbings

CAMPBELL, Marion May, languish, Upswell Publishing, 445/52, Jennifer Harrison

CARMAN, Luke, An Ordinary Ecstasy, Giramondo, 448/38, Sascha Morrell

CARMICHAEL, Jay, Marlo, Scribe, 445/30, Jay Daniel Thompson

CARR, Helen and Suzannah Lipscomb (eds.), What is History, Now? How the past and present speak to each other, Weidenfield & Nicolson, 439/16, Billy Griffiths

CARROLL, Steven, Goodnight, Vivienne, Goodnight, Fourth Estate, 441/29, Patrick Allington

CARTER. Nanette and Robyn Oswald-Jacobs, Frances Burke: Designer of modern textiles, Miegunyah, 439/49, Christopher Menz

CASEY-HARDY, Anne, Cautionary Tales for Excitable Girls, Scribner, 447/50, Alex Cothren

CATALANO, Gary, Collected Prose Poems, Life Before Man, 440/47, Paul Hetherington

CAUSER, Tim and Phillip Schofield (eds.), Panopticon versus New South Wales and Other Writings on Australia, UCL Press, 449/26, Gordon Pentland

CAUSER, Tim, Margot Finn, and Philip Schofield (eds.), Jeremy Bentham and Australia, UCL Press, 449/26, Gordon Pentland

ĆEHIĆ, Ennis, Sadvertising, Vintage, 443/31, Cassandra Atherton

CHAMBERLAIN, Lesley, Rilke: The last inward man, Pushkin Press, 449/24, Alison Croggon

CHARLES, Stephen and Catherine Williams, Keeping Them Honest: The case for a genuine national integrity commission and other vital democratic reforms, Scribe, 442/11, Chris Wallace

CHRISTIN, Pierre and Sébastian Verdier (translated by Edward Gauvin), Orwell, Self Made Hero, 443/57, Bernard Caleo

CHRULEW, Matthew and Thom Van Dooren (eds.), Kin: Thinking with Deborah Bird Rose, Duke University Press, 449/58, Prithvi Varatharajan

CLARK, Anna, Making Australian History, Vintage, 440/13, Penny Russell

CLARK, John, An Eye for Talent: A life at NIDA, Coach House Books, 449/60, Ben Brooker

CLARK, Katerina, Eurasia without Borders: The dream of a leftist literary commons 1919–1943, Harvard University Press, 441/36, Nicholas Jose

CLODE, Danielle, Koala: A life in trees, Black Inc., 445/59, Peter Menkhorst

COLLETTE, Katherine, The Competition, Text Publishing, 442/40, Debra Adelaide

COLLEY, Brendan, The Signal Line, Transit Lounge, 443/29, Naama Grey-Smith

COPER, Ed, Facts and Other Lies: Welcome to the disinformation age, Allen & Unwin, 442/58, David Ferrell

COTTON, James, The Australians at Geneva: Internationalist diplomacy in the interwar years, Melbourne University Press, 449/16, Michelle Staff

COURTENAY, Christine, Bryce Courtenay: Storyteller, Viking, 449/25, Jacqueline Kent

CUNNINGHAM, Sophie, This Devastating Fever, Ultimo Press, 446/27, Ann-Marie Priest

CURRAN, James, Australia’s China Odyssey: From euphoria to fear, NewSouth, 445/11, Hugh White

CURRAN, James, Campese: The last of the dream sellers, Scribe, 439/59, Barnaby Smith

DALEY, Paul, Jesustown: A Novel, Allen & Unwin, 446/29, Susan Midalia

DAMASIO, Antonio, Feeling and Knowing: Making minds conscious, Hachette, 440/55, Diane Stubbings

DAVIDSON, Jim, Emperors in Lilliput: Clem Christesen of Meanjin and Stephen Murray-Smith of Overland, The Miegunyah Press, 447/30, Graeme Davison

DAVIES, Paul, What’s Eating the Universe? And other cosmic questions, Allen Lane, 440/60, Robyn Arianrhod

DAVIS, Lydia, Essays Two: On Proust, translation, foreign languages, and the City of Arles, Hamish Hamilton, 444/15, Frances Wilson

DAVIS, Rhett, Hovering, Hachette, 440/29, Debra Adelaide

DAY, Gregory, Words Are Eagles: Selected writings on the nature and language of place, Upswell, 444/49, Tom Griffiths

DE MESQUITA, Bruce Bueno, The Invention of Power: Popes, kings, and the birth of the West, Public Affairs, 449/57, Miles Pattenden

DEWEY MORGAN, Lia, Bath Songs, no more poetry, 447/56, Ender Başkan

DINIĆ, Jelena, In the Room with the She Wolf, Wakefield Press, 441/43, Jennifer Harrison

DISNEY, Dan, >>>&||(accelerations and inertias), Vagabond, 439/44, Abigail Fisher

DOOLEY, Gillian, Matthew Flinders: The man behind the map, Wakefield Press, 449/56, Matthew Cunneen

DOVEY, Ceridwen and Eliza Bell, Mothertongues, Hamish Hamilton, Sarah Gory

DREWE, Robert, Nimblefoot, Hamish Hamilton, 445/25, Michael Winkler

DUNN, Daisy, Not Far from Brideshead: Oxford between the Wars, Hachette, 448/31, Miles Pattenden

DYER, Geoff, The Last Days of Roger Federer: And other endings, Canongate, 448/28, Geordie Williamson

EGAN, Jennifer, The Candy House, Corsair, 442/36, James Bradley

ELL, Theodore, Beginning in Sight, Recent Work Press, 446/47, Rose Lucas

ELLIS, Jack, Home and Other Hiding Places, Ultimo Press, 440/29, Debra Adelaide

ERDRICH, Louise, The Sentence, Hachette, 439/40, Alice Nelson

EVANS, Gareth, Good International Citizenship: The case for decency, Monash University Publishing, 446/19, Alison Broinowski

FAHEY, Diane, Glass Flowers, Puncher & Wattmann, 443/48, Sarah Day

FAINE, Jon, Apollo and Thelma: A true tall tale, Hardie Grant, 445/44, Michael McGirr

FALKINER, Suzanne, Rose: The extraordinary voyage of Rose de Freycinet, the stowaway who sailed around the world for love, ABC Books, 445/22, Danielle Clode

FAYE, Shon, The Transgender Issue: An argument for justice, Allen Lane, online only, Elizabeth Duck-Chong

FEATHERSTONE, Nigel, My Heart is a Little Wild Thing, Ultimo Press, 445/30, Jay Daniel Thompson

FELSCH, Philipp (translated by Tony Crawford), The Summer of Theory: History of a rebellion, Polity, 440/12, Sheila Fitzpatrick

FELSEN, Yuri (translated by Bryan Karetnyk), Deceit, Prototype, 444/44, Kate Crowcroft

FERNANDES, Clinton, Subimperial Power: Australia in the international arena, Melbourne University Press, 449/11, Kevin Foster

FITZGERALD, Else, Everything Feels Like the End of the World, Allen & Unwin, 447/49, Alex Cothren

FITZHARRIS, Lindsey, The Facemaker: One surgeon’s battle to mend the disfigured soldiers of World War I, Allen Lane, 448/14, Michael Winkler

FITZPATRICK, Sheila, The Shortest History of the Soviet Union, Black Inc., 446/12, Luke Stegemann

FLEMING, Joan, Song of Less, Cordite Books, 442/43, Geoff Page

FLETCHER, Ned, The English Text of the Treaty of Waitangi, Bridget Williams Books, 449/41, Bain Attwood

FLETT, Alison, Where We Are, Cordite Books, 445/54, Chris Arnold

FLYNN, Chris, Here be Leviathans, University of Queensland Press, 447/49, Alex Cothren

FOGARTY, Lionel, Harvest Lingo: New poems, Giramondo, 446/48, Philip Morrissey

FORD, Thomas H., How to Read a Poem: Seven steps, Routledge, 439/43, David Mason

FRAME, Tom, Veiled Valour: Australian Special Forces in Afghanistan and war crimes allegations, UNSW Press, 446/17, Kevin Foster

FRANKS, Rachel, An Uncommon Hangman: The life and deaths of Robert ‘Nosey Bob’ Howard, NewSouth, 442/20, Penny Russell

FREVERT, Ute, The Politics of Humiliation: A modern history, Oxford University Press, 443/54, Philip Dwyer

GADSBY, Hannah, Ten Steps to Nanette, Allen & Unwin, 443/10, Sarah Balkin

GARNER, Helen, How to End a Story: Diaries 1995 –1998, Text, 439/8, Lisa Gorton

GERSTLE, Gary, The Rise and Fall of the Neoliberal Order: America and the world in the free market era, Oxford University Press, 448/23, Ian Tyrell

GHOSH, Amitav, The Nutmeg’s Curse: Parables for a planet in crisis, John Murray, 442/51, Killian Quigley

GIBIAN, Jane, Beneath the Tree Line, Giramondo, 441/43, Jennifer Harrison

GIBSON, Katerina, Women I Know, Scribner, 449/48, Debra Adelaide

GILLIGAN, James and David A.J. Richards, Holding a Mirror up to Nature: Shame, guilt and violence in Shakespeare, Cambridge University Press, 441/50, P. Kishore Saval

GILMARTIN, Bridget, Strange Animals, no more poetry, 447/56, Ender Başkan

GÍSLASON, Kári, The Sorrow Stone, University of Queensland Press, 440/33, Dilan Gunawardana

GOLDHILL, Simon, The Christian Invention of Time: Temporality and the literature of late antiquity, Cambridge University Press, 446/56, David T. Runia

GOODFELLOW, Geoff, Blight Street, Walleah Press, 442/43, Geoff Page

GORTON, Lisa, Mirabilia: New poems, Giramondo, 447/54, Anders Villani

GRAY, Robert, Rain Towards Morning: Selected poems and drawings, Puncher & Wattmann, 446/46, Judith Beveridge

GREENWELL, Tom and Chris Bonnor, Waiting for Gonski: How Australia failed its schools, UNSW Press, 443/51, Ilana Snyder

GUNAYDIN, Eda, Root & Branch: Essays on inheritance, NewSouth, 444/33, Mindy Gill

GWYNNE, Phillip, The Break, Penguin Books, 441/31, Ben Chandler

HACKETT, Elizabeth, The Elizabethan Mind: Searching for the self in an age of uncertainty, Yale University Press, 446/42, P. Kishore Saval

HARRY, J.S., New and Selected Poems, Giramondo, 442/42, Judith Bishop

HASLUCK, Nicholas, Bench and Book, Arcadia, 446/54, Michael Sexton

HENDRICK, Kate, Fish Out of Water, Text Publishing, 441/31, Ben Chandler

HENDY, David, The BBC: A people’s history, Profile Books, 449/37, Paul Long

HENRY-JONES, Eliza, Salt and Skin, Ultimo Press, 447/44, Katherine Brabon

HETI, Sheila, Pure Colour, Harvill Secker, online only, Georgie Harriss

HILL, David, Reckoning: The forgotten children and their quest for justice, William Heinemann, 442/57, Jacqueline Kent

HOBBS, Mia Martin, Return to Vietnam: An oral history of American and Australian veterans’ journeys, Cambridge University Press, 441/18, Peter Edwards

HOBBY, Nathan, The Red Witch: A biography of Katharine Susannah Prichard, Miegunyah Press, 444/13, Sheila Fitzpatrick

HOCKEY, Joe with Leo Shanahan, Diplomatic: A Washington memoir, HarperCollins, 443/11, Timothy J. Lynch

HOLBROOK, Carolyn, Lyndon Megarrity and David Lowe (eds.), Lessons from History: Leading historians tackle Australia’s greatest challenges, NewSouth, 444/18, Penny Russell

HOLLAND-BATT, Sarah, The Jaguar, UQP, 443/46, David Mason

HOOPER, Chloe, Bedtime Story, Simon & Schuster, 442/49, Brenda Walker

HORE, Jarrod, Visions of Nature: How landscape photography shaped settler colonialism, University of California Press, 444/32, Gary Werskey

HORNER, David, The War Game: Australian war leadership from Gallipoli to Iraq, Allen & Unwin, 447/19, Peter Edwards

HOUELLEBECQ, Michel (translated by Andrew Brown), Interventions 2020, Polity, 444/36, David Jack

HOWARD, John, A Sense of Balance, HarperCollins, 447/21, Patrick Mullins

ILANBEY, Sumeyya, Daniel Andrews: The revealing biography of Australia’s most powerful premier, Allen & Unwin, 447/12, Gideon Haigh

IVORY, James, Solid Ivory, Corsair, 441/57, Ian Britain

JABLONKA, Ivan (translated by Nathan Bracher), A History of Masculinity: From patriarchy to gender justice, Allen Lane, 444/17, Shannon Burns

JACOBSON, Howard, Mother’s Boy: A writer’s beginning, Jonathan Cape, 444/47, Don Anderson

JAIRETH, Subhash, Aflame, Life Before Man, 441/42, Luke Beesley

JAKOBSEN, Mette, The Wingmaker, Text, 439/37, Polly Simons

JANAKIRAMANAN, Neela, The Registrar, Allen & Unwin, 446/30, Debra Adelaide

JEFFREYS-JONES, Rhodri, A Question of Standing: The history of the CIA, Oxford University Press, 446/33, Timothy J. Lynch

JEFFRIES, Stuart, Everything, All the Time, Everywhere: How we became postmodern, Verso Books, online only, Heather Blakey

JENKINS, David, Young Soeharto: The making of a soldier, 1921–1945, Melbourne University Press, 441/19, David Reeve

JOHNSON, A. Frances, Save As, Puncher & Wattmann, 439/48, Gregory Day

JONES, Barry (ed.), The Penalty Is Death: State power, law, and justice, Scribe, 447/23, Christopher Ward

JONES, Darryl, Curlews on Vulture Street: Cities, birds, people and me, NewSouth, 448/50, Peter Menkhorst

JONES, Gail, Salonika Burning, Text Publishing, 448/37, Diane Stubbings

JONES, Zach, Growing Up in Flames, Text Publishing, 444/42, Ben Chandler

JORDAN, Toni, Dinner with the Schnabels, Hachette, 442/40, Debra Adelaide

JOYCE, James and Catherine Flynn (ed.), The Cambridge Centenary Ulysses: The 1922 text with essays and notes, Cambridge University Press, 448/30, Ronan McDonald

KASSAB, Yumna, Australiana, Ultimo Press, 440/32, Jennifer Mills

KEATS CITRON, Danielle, The Fight for Privacy: Protecting dignity, identity and love in the digital age, Chatto & Windus, 448/25, Jessica Lake

KEEN, Steve, The New Economics: A manifesto, Polity, 446/54, Benjamin Huf

KEMISH, Ian, The Consul, University of Queensland Press, 448/52, Alison Broinowski

KEMP, Josh, Banjawarn, UWA Publishing, 441/33, Jennifer Mills

KENNEDY, Paul, Funkytown, Affirm Press, online only, Nicholas Bugeja

KENT, Hannah, Devotion, Picador, 439/41, Rose Lucas

KERBAJ, Richard, Five Eyes: The untold story of the international spy network, Blink, 449/40, Peter Edwards

KIM, Annabel L., Cacaphonies: The excremental canon of French literature, University of Minnesota Press, 334/39, David Jack

KINGSOLVER, Barbara, Demon Copperhead, Allen & Unwin, 449/50, Paul Giles

KOFMAN, Lee, The Writer Laid Bare: Mastering emotional honest in a writer’s art, craft and life, Ventura Press, 443/33, Merav Fima

KOVNER, Sarah, Prisoners of the Empire: Inside Japanese POW camps, Harvard University Press, 440/51, Joan Beaumont

LAI, Lee, Stone Fruit, Fantagraphics Books, 449/48, Bernard Caleo

LAMOND, Julieanne, Lohrey, The Miegunyah Press, 446/31, Brenda Walker

LAWRENCE, Anthony and Audrey Molloy, Ordinary Time, Pitt Street Poetry, 449/53, Rose Lucas

LAWRENCE, Anthony, Ken, Life Before Man, 441/42, Luke Beesley

LE BEAU, Nellie, Inheritance, Puncher & Wattmann, 443/44, Anders Villani

LE CARRÉ, John, Silverview, Viking, 439/39, Morag Fraser

LE GRAND, Chip, Lockdown, Monash University Publishing, 447/14, David Jack

LEFEVRE, Carol, The Tower, Spinifex Press, 448/40, Charle Malycon

LEIGH, Andrew, What’s the Worst That Could Happen?: Existential risk and extreme politics, MIT Press, 440/16, Gareth Evans

LIMPRECHT, Eleanor, The Coast, Allen & Unwin, 445/39, Penny Russell

LOXLEY, Will, Writing in the Dark: Bloomsbury, the Blitz and Horizon Magazine, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 440/20, Paul Kildea

LU, Siang, The Whitewash, University of Queensland Press, 446/28, Dilan Gunawardana

LUI-CHIVIZHE, Leah, Masked Histories: Turtle Shell Masks and Torres Strait Islander People, The Miegunyah Press, online only, Ben Silverstein

LUKINS, Robert, Loveland, Allen & Unwin, 440/29, Debra Adelaide

LYONS, Martyn, Dear Prime Minister: Letters to Robert Menzies 1949–1966, UNSW Press, 439/12, Brenda Niall

MACGILLIS, Alec, Fulfillment: Winning and losing in one-click America, Scribe, 439/55, Jack Callil

MACINTYRE, Stuart, The Party: The Communist Party of Australia from heyday to reckoning, Allen & Unwin, 441/14, Sheila Fitzpatrick

MAGEE, Audrey, The Colony, Faber, 443/25, Diane Stubbings

MAHOOD, Kim, Wandering with Intent: Essays, Scribe, 449/54, Shannyn Palmer

MANJAPRA, Kris, Black Ghost of Empire: The long death of slavery and the failure of emancipation, Allen Lane, 447/27, Georgina Arnott

MANNING, Paddy, The Successor: The high-stakes life of Lachlan Murdoch, Black Inc., 449/21, Patrick Mullins

MARGOYLES, Miriam, This Much is True, John Murray Press, 439/58, Carol Middleton

MASON, David, Pacific Light, Red Hen Press, 448/44, Geoff Page

MAY POWELL, Shannon, Can we rest tonight in the amnesia of pleasure, no more poetry, 447/57, Ender Başkan

McCALMAN, Iain, Delia Akeley and the Monkey: A human-animal story of captivity, patriarchy and nature, Upswell, 440/49, Libby Robin

McCAUSLAND, Vanessa, The Beautiful Words, HarperCollins, 439/37, Polly Simons

McCOURT, John, Consuming Joyce: 100 years of Ulysses in Ireland, Bloomsbury Academic, 445/40, Gary Pearce

McCULLOCH, Scott, Basin: A novel, Black Inc., 445/34, Morgan Nunan

McEWAN, Ian, Lessons, Jonathan Cape, 447/39, Geordie Williamson

McFARLANE, Fiona, The Sun Walks Down, Allen & Unwin, 449/46, Patrick Allington

McGREGOR, Fiona Kelly, Iris, Picador, 449/45, Felicity Plunkett

McGREGOR, Fiona, Buried Not Dead, Giramondo, 439/51, Sophie Knezic

McGUINNESS, Phillipa, Skin Deep: The inside story of our outer selves, Vintage Books, 441/38, Diane Stubbings

McGURL, Mark, Everything and Less: The novel in the age of Amazon, Verso, 441/21, James Ley

McHUGH, Siobhán, The Power of Podcasting, Telling stories through sound, UNSW Press, 441/51, Astrid Edwards

McLACHLAN, Mat, The Cowra Breakout, Hachette, 446/53, Seumas Spark

McLEAN, Felicity, Red, Fourth Estate, 443/28, Laura Elizabeth Woollett

MENZIES-PIKE, Catriona (ed.), Open Secrets: Essays on the writing life, Sydney Review of Books, 444/48, Alex Cothren

MEYER, Angela, Moon Sugar, Transit Lounge, 448/42, Jennifer Mills

MEYRICK, Julian, Australia in 50 Plays, Currency Press, 443/58, Andrew Fuhrmann

MIDALIA, Susan, Miniatures: A collection of short stories, Night Parrot Press, 449/47, Debra Adelaide

MILLER, Steven, The Exhibitionists: A history of Sydney’s Art Gallery of New South Wales, Art Gallery of New South Wales, 440/65, David Hansen

MILLETT, Patsy, Inseparable Elements: Dame Mary Durack, a daughter’s perspective, Fremantle Press, 440/52, Susan Sheridan

MONBIOT, George, Regenesis, Allen Lane, 448/47, Ben Brooker

MOORE, Bob, Prisoners of War: Europe: 1939–1956, Oxford University Press, 448/11, Joan Beaumont

MOORE-GILBERT, Kylie, The Uncaged Sky: My 804 days in an Iranian prison, Ultimo Press, 443/60, Hessom Razavi

MORTON, Steve, Australian Desserts: Ecology and landscapes, CSIRO Publishing, 442/50, Saskia Beudel

MOSHFEGH, Ottessa, Lapvona, Jonathan Cape, 447/43, Laura Elizabeth Woollett

MOSSAMMAPARAST, Marjon, And to Ecstasy, Upswell Publishing, 445/52, Jennifer Harrison

MOUNK, Yascha, The Great Experiment: How to make diverse democracies work, Bloomsbury, 449/12, Ben Wellings

MÜLLER, Jan-Werner, Democracy Rules, Allen Lane, 439/52, Ben Wellings

MUNRO, Doug, History Wars: The Peter Ryan­­–Manning Clark controversy, ANU Press, 439/13, Mark McKenna

MURAKAMI, Haruki (translated by Philip Gabriel and Ted Goossen), Novelist as a Vocation, Harvill Secker, 449/52, Cassandra Atherton

MUSGRAVE, David, Selected Poems, Eyewear Publishing, 439/47, Geoff Page

NELSON, Alice, Faithless, Vintage, 445/35, Nicole Abadee

NIALL, Brenda, My Accidental Career, Text Publishing, 441/52, Jacqueline Kent

NICHOLS, Tom, Our Own Worst Enemy: The assault from within on modern democracy, Oxford University Press, 441/23, Glyn Davis

NOTT, Michael, August Kleinzahler, and Clive Wilmer (eds.), The Letters of Thom Gunn, Faber, 445/48, Ian Dickson

NUGENT, Carly, Sugar, Text Publishing, 444/42, Ben Chandler

O’BEIRNE, Sean, Helen Garner, Black Inc., 442/26, Beejay Silcox

O’BRIEN, Damen, Animals with Human Voices, Recent Works Press, 440/43, Sarah Day

O’FARRELL, Maggie, The Marriage Portrait, Hachette, 448/43, Amy Walters

O’REILLY, Paddy, Other Houses, Affirm Press, online only, Sonia Nair

ORLIN, Lena Cowen, The Private Life of William Shakespeare, Oxford University Press, 441/48, David McInnis

ORR, Sue, Loop Tracks, Upswell Publishing, 440/29, Brigid Magner

OUSTON, Adam, Waypoints, Splice, online only, J.J. Errington

PAGDEN, Anthony, The Pursuit of Europe: A history, Oxford University Press, 442/56, Peter McPhee

PARRISH, Tommi, Men I Trust, Scribe, 449/48, Bernard Caleo

PATCHETT Ann, These Precious Days, Bloomsbury, 439/60, Nicole Abadee

PATRICK, Aaron, Ego: Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberal Party’s civil war, HarperCollins, 445/13, Patrick Mullins

PEARSON, Roger, The Beauty of Baudelaire: The poet as alternative lawgiver, Oxford University Press, 444/52, John Hawke

PIKETTY, Thomas (translated by Steven Rendall), A Brief History of Equality, Harvard University Press, 444/19, Yassmin Abdel-Magied

PIPER, Sally, Bone Memories, UQP, 445/27, Georgia White

POTTER, Claire, Acanthus, Giramondo, 443/48, Sarah Day

POTTER, Simon, This Is The BBC: Entertaining the nation, speaking for Britain, 1922–2022, Oxford University Press, 449/37, Paul Long

POWELL, Nicholas, Trap Landscape, Hunter Publishers, 446/.47, Rose Lucas

PRENDERGAST, Julia, Bloodrust, Spineless Wonders, 449/47, Debra Adelaide

PRESCOTT, Shaun, Bon and Lesley, Giramondo, 448/36, Morgan Nunan

PRESTON, Edwina, Bad Art Mother, Wakefield, 445/24, Jane Sullivan

PRIEST, Ann-Marie, My Tongue Is My Own: A life of Gwen Harwood, La Trobe University Press, 443/8, Stephanie Trigg

QUILTY, Andrew, August in Kabul: America’s last days in Afghanistan, Melbourne University Press, 446/15, Kieran Pender

RABIN, Sean, The Good Captain, Transit Lounge, 442/37, Alex Cothren

RAWSON, Jane, A History of Dreams, Brio Books, 441/27, Lisa Bennett

RENNEX, Bronwyn, Life with Birds: A suburban lyric, Upswell, 446/50, Sarah Gory

RICHARDSON, John, A Life of Picasso: The minotaur years, 1933-1943, Jonathan Cape, 444/60, Patrick McCaughey

RILKE, Rainer Maria (translated by Alison Croggon), Duino Elegies, Newport Street Books, 444/55, Humphrey Bower

RIWOE, Mirandi, The Burnished Sun, UQP, 443/31, Cassandra Atherton

ROBERTS, Geoffrey, Stalin’s Library: A dictator and his books, Yale University Press, 441/16, Iva Glisic

ROFF, Andrew, The Teeth of a Slow Machine, Wakefield Press, 444/41, Anthony Lynch

ROOKE, Drew, A Witness of Fact: The peculiar case of chief forensic pathologist Colin Manock, Scribe, 440/54, Alecia Simmonds

ROSA, Paul Dalla, An Exciting and Vivid Inner Life, Allen & Unwin, 444/41, Anthony Lynch

ROSE, Heather, Nothing Bad Ever Happens Here, Allen & Unwin, 448/27, Kirsten Tranter

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RYAN, Kate, The Golden Book, Scribe, 439/37, Polly Simons

RYAN, Tracy, Rose Interior, Giramondo, 444/53, Maria Takolander

SAKR, Omar, Son of Sin, Affirm Press, 442/39, Jay Daniel Thompson

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SAMUELS, Robert and Toluse Olorunnipa, His Name Is George Floyd, Bantam Press, 447/50, Declan Fry

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ZUNZ, Olivier, The Man Who Understood Democracy: The life of Alexis de Tocqueville, Princeton University Press, 446/43, Peter McPhee

2022 Features Index

ABR Arts

ABR Arts reviews can be read here.


2022 Venice Biennale, Iva Glisic, online only


A Hero (Hi Gloss Entertainment), Jordan Prosser, online only

A Stasi Comedy (Palace Films), James Cleverley, online only

Armageddon Time (Universal), Jordan Prosser, online only

Belfast (Universal Pictures), 440/63, Jordan Prosser

Benedetta (Hi Gloss Entertainment), 440/64, Miles Pattenden

Benediction (Palace Films), 439/62, Ian Britain

Bones and All (Universal Pictures), Anwen Crawford, online only

Dear Thomas (Palace Films), Ben Gook, online only

Drive My Car (Potential Films), 441/56, Dilan Gunawardana

Elvis (Warner Bros), 444/63, Jordan Prosser

Everything Went Fine (Palace Nova), Felicity Chaplin, online only

Father Stu (Sony Pictures), Miles Pattenden, online only

Flee (Madman Films), Richard Leathem, online only

Joyce Carol Oates: A Body in the Service of Mind (Jewish International Film Festival), 449/66, Sascha Morrell

Lost Illusions (Palace Films), 444/62, Felicity Chaplin

Loveland (Dark Matter Distribution), 442/64, Jordan Prosser

Maixabel (Palace/Spanish Film Festival), 443/64, Ruth McHugh-Dillon

Memoria (Madman Films), Anwen Crawford, online only

Men (Roadshow Films), Jordan Prosser, online only

Navalny (Melbourne International Film Festival), Anne Rutherford, online only

Nope (Universal Pictures), 446/60, Troy Harwood

She Said (Universal Pictures), Alecia Simmonds, online only

Sundown (Kismet Movies), 445/63, Felicity Chaplin

The Australian Wars (SBS), 448/56, Anne Rutherford

The Banshees of Inisherin (Searchlight Pictures), Jordan Prosser, online only

The Dropout (Hulu), Jordan Prosser, online only

The Godfather, Florence Honybun, online only

The Northman (Universal Pictures), Troy Harwood, online only

Three Thousand Years of Longing (Roadshow Entertainment), 447/62, Jordan Prosser

Triangle of Sadness (Sharmill Films), Jordan Prosser, online only


An American in Paris (The Australian Ballet and GWB Entertainment), Tim Byrne, online only

Australian World Orchestra (Australian World Orchestra), 447/63, Michael Shmith

Australian Youth Orchestra (Melbourne Town Hall), Peter Tregear, online only

Bo Skovus with Andrea Lam, and Brahms’s Ein deutsches Requiem (Sydney Symphony Orchestra), Michael Halliwell, online only

Melbourne International Jazz Festival (Melbourne International Jazz Festival), Des Cowley, online only

Messa da Requiem (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra), Peter Rose, online only

Of the Earth and Symphony No.2, Resurrection (Sydney Symphony Orchestra), Paul Kildea, online only

St Matthew Passion (Melbourne Bach Choir), Morag Fraser, online only

War Requiem (WASO), Humphrey Bower, online only

Winterreise (Musica Viva), 445/67, Michael Shmith


A Christmas Carol (Victorian Opera), Peter Tregear, online only

Awakening Shadow (Sydney Chamber Opera), Michael Halliwell, online only

Die Walküre (Melbourne Opera), 440/66, Michael Shmith

Elektra (Victorian Opera), 447/60, Michael Shmith

Fidelio (Sydney Symphony Orchestra), Michael Halliwell

Il Trovatore (Opera Australia) 445/65, Peter Rose

Jonny spielt auf (Gärtnerplatztheater), Peter Tregear, online only

La Juive (Opera Australia), Michael Halliwell, online only

La Traviata (Opera Australia), Peter Rose, online only

Lohengrin (Opera Australia), 443/66, Peter Rose

Lucrezia Borgia (Melbourne Opera), Peter Rose, online only

Orontea (Pinchgut Opera), 444/58, Ian Dickson

Otello (Opera Australia), 441/60, Michael Halliwell

Peter Grimes (Royal Opera House), Peter Tregear, online only

Siegfried (Melbourne Opera), 448/58, Michael Shmith

The Call (Opera Queensland), 448/55, Jenna Robertson

The Human Voice (Opera Queensland), 448/55, Jenna Robertson

The Phantom of the Opera (Opera Australia), Jason Whittaker, online only

The Turn of the Screw (State Opera of South Australia), Michael Halliwell, online only

Voss (State Opera of South Australia and Victorian Opera), Michael Halliwell, online only

Watershed: The Death of Dr Duncan (Adelaide Festival), Humphrey Bower, online only


A Raisin in the Sun (Sydney Theatre Company), 447/61, Ian Dickson

Amadeus (Red Line Productions), Ian Dickson, online only

Anna K (Malthouse Theatre), 445/61, Diana Stubbings

As You Like It (Melbourne Theatre Company), 439/66, Tim Byrne

Chalkface (State Theatre Company South Australia and Sydney Theatre Company), Ben Brooker, online only

Come Rain or Come Shine (Melbourne Theatre Company), Tim Byrne, online only

Cyrano (Melbourne Theatre Company) 448/54, Tim Byrne

Death of a Salesman (Hearth Theatre), Guy Webster, online only

Death of a Salesman (Sydney Theatre Company), 439/65, Ian Dickson

Emilia (Essential Theatre), Diane Stubbings, online only

Fun Home (Playhouse), Tim Byrne, online only

Girls & Boys (State Theatre Company of South Australia), Ben Brooker, online only

Hamlet (Bell Shakespeare), 443/65, Tim Byrne

Heroes of the Fourth Turning (Red Stitch Theatre), Guy Webster, online only

Into the Woods (Watch This Theatre Company), Tim Byrne, online only

Julius Caesar (Sydney Theatre Company), 439/67, Gabriella Edelstein

Light Shining in Buckinghamshire (Belvoir Street Theatre), Anwen Crawford, online only

Maureen: Harbinger of Death (Malthouse Theatre), Guy Webster, online only

Monsters (Malthouse Theatre), Guy Webster, online only

Opening Night (Belvoir), 441/59, Humphrey Bower

RBG: Of Many, One (Sydney Theatre Company) 449/64, Gabriella Edelstein

Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Sydney Theatre Company), Guy Webster, online only

The Amateurs (Red Stitch Theatre), Tim Byrne, online only

The Comedy of Errors (Bell Shakespeare), 445/64, Tim Byrne

The Sound Inside (Melbourne Theatre Company), Diane Stubbings, online only

The Tempest (Sydney Theatre Company), Kirk Dodd, online only

Visual Arts

#brownmaninawhitemuseum (Grainger Museum), 441/62, Peter Tregear

Barbara Hepworth: In Equilibrium (Heide Museum of Modern Art), Sophie Knezic, online only

Data Relations (Australian Centre for Contemporary Art), Jarrod Zlatic, online only

Fred Williams: The London Drawings (Ian Potter Gallery: NGV Australia), Irena Zdanowicz

HG60, Hamilton Gallery 60th Anniversary (Hamilton Gallery), 441/63, Christopher Menz

Light: Works from Tate’s Collection (ACMI). 445/62, Sophie Knezic

Mandy Martin – A Persistent Vision (Geelong Gallery), Libby Robin, online only

Matisse: Life and spirit (The Art Gallery of New South Wales), 439/63, Julie Ewington

Queer: Stories from the NGV Collection (NGV International), 442/65, Sophie Knezic

Retainers of Anarchy (Sydney Modern), Anne Rutherford, online only

Rīvus (Museum of Contemporary Art Australia), 442/66, Julie Ewington

Venice Art Biennale (Venice Biennale), 444/59, Iva Glisic

Book Talk

COWLEY, Des, ‘A New Poetry Imprint’, online only

GRENVILLE, Kate, ‘Writers for Climate Action: Walking the walk for the climate crisis’, online only

MILSOM, Rosemarie, ‘Newcastle Writers Festival: A welcome return’, online only

SCHMID, Jaimi, ‘ANU Press’s thousandth title’, online only

Essays and Commentary

BALKIN, Sarah, ‘Stone face: The history and prehistory of deadpan’, 442/53

BEAUMONT, Joan, ‘Too busy to have time for us: Reflections on Australian studies at Harvard’, 441/39

BESSANT, Judith, Faith Gordon and Rob Watts, ‘The education minister’s jackboots’, 440/21

BONGIORNO, Frank, ‘Politics by other means: Enlarging our diminished sense of political leadership’, 442/8

BOZZI, Claudio, ‘“Under the beach umbrellas”: Italy’s fragile political system’s new test’, 447/17

CHARLES, Stephen, ‘Restoring Australia’s reputation for integrity: Labor’s new anti-corruption bill’, 449/9

CRAWFORD, Anwen, ‘A rubber cudgel of a word: the speciousness of resilience’, 445/57

CURRAN, James, ‘A long way to go: Australia’s fraught relations with China’, 446/9

DAMOUSI Joy, Stephen Charles, Catherine Williams, Frank Bongiorno, Dennis Altman, and David Latham, ‘Quo vadis, Australia?: Reorienting the nation following the election’, 444/21

DUNK, James, ‘Covid travellers: The struggle between historians and microbes’, 448/48

FORD, Thomas H., ‘Covid on the brain’, 440/35

GARBUTT, Michael, ‘The Museum of Mankind’, 446/35

GILL, Mindy, ‘’Till “real voices” wake us, and we drown’, 440/8

GOLDSWORTHY, Peter, ‘Salman’s throat: living with cancer and a fatwa’, 447/36

GORDON, Faith, ‘The case for lowering the voting age’, 442/15

HARWOOD, John, ‘Gwen Harwood and the perils of reticence: Notes of a son and literary executor’, 443/16

HORNE, Julia, ‘A new accord: Restoring good relations between government and universities’, 444/27

KENNY, Mark, ‘The power of office’, 445/8

LATHAM, David, ‘“Not being talked about”: Putting the arts back on the political stage’, 440/25

LAUGESEN, Amanda, ‘A hot novax summer: The influence of sport and Covid on Australian language’, 441/35

LAUGESEN, Amanda, ‘On boganism: Reflections on class and Australian English’, 448/33

LAUGESEN, Amanda, ‘Strong curry: On the trail of election language’, 444/45

MCEVOY, Tara, ‘The verity of his company’, 446/22

MONAGLE, Clare, ‘To wear the crown too easily: A bizarre new reign begins’, 447/9

OGILVIE, Sarah, ‘Crunk, wig, and slaps: How our language dates us in the digital world’, 443/21

PENDER, Kieran, ‘Shooting the messengers: How the Collaery case stains our democracy’, 441/8

RICHARDS, Michael, ‘Too many slips showing: Alec Bolton and Australian Book Review’, 449/36

ROSE, Peter, ‘Editor’s Diary’, 440/37

RUSSELL, Gillian, ‘Raking the past: Northern Irish fiction in the age of social media’, 447/45

SAUL, Ben, ‘The law of the jungle: Western hypocrisy over the Russian invasion of Ukraine’, 444/9

TYNAN, Elizabeth, ‘Britain’s atomic oval: The vassalage of Australian governments in the 1950s and 1960s’, 443/42

WATTS, Samuel, ‘More History, Not Less: The unnaming of Moreland City Council’, 439/33

ZUBRZYCKI, John, ‘The power paradox: Illiberalism and Hindu majoritarianism in Modi’s India’, 444/30


Calibre Essay Prize

ATKINS, Linda, ‘Shouting Abortion: A doctor reflects on the politics and economics of terminations’, 443/34

GORY, Sarah, ‘Ghosts, Ghosts Everywhere’, 445/45

TEDESCHI, Simon, ‘This woman my grandmother’, 442/29

Peter Porter Poetry Prize

ARNOLD, Chris, ‘Sixes and Sparrows’, 439/30

DISNEY, Dan, ‘Gippslanding (triptych)’, 439/29

FARRELL, Michael, ‘“Australianesque”’, 439/27

LAWRENCE, Anthony, ‘In the Shadows of Our Heads’, 439/28

LIM, Debbie, ‘Hummingbird Country’, 439/26

ABR Elizabeth Jolley Short Story Prize

CULLEN, Nina, ‘Dog park’, 445/28

ELLIS, Tracy, ‘Natural Wonder’, 445/32

GARROW, C.J. ‘Whale Fall’, 445/36


Open Page

ARNOTT, Robbie, 446/58

BEARD, Mary, 440/26

BRAMSTON, Troy, 441/54

BURNS, Shannon, 447/58

CLARK, Anna, 439/34

HOOPER, Chloe, 442/62

MCGREGOR, Fiona, 449/62

VARGA, Susan, 444/56

WINKLER, Michael, 445/60

Poet of the Month

FITCH, Toby, online only

LAWRENCE, Anthony, 442/47

Publisher of the Month

WHITE, Terri-ann, 448/51

Critic of the Month

ANDERSON, Don, 439/50

WILSON, Frances, 443/62



BERNSTEIN, Charles, ‘Poem Beginning, Almost, with a Line by Duncan’, 444/34

BEVERIDGE, Judith, ‘Old Jetty’, 443/32

BISHOP, Judith, ‘Harbour’, 446/34

BISHOP, Judith, ‘The Forest’, 441/41

BRABON, Katherine, ‘Autoimmune’, 442/46

BRADY, Andrea, ‘The Rest’, 443/42

CATALANO, Gary, ‘The Building’, 440/48

CHONG, Eileen, ‘Curlew’, 440/59

DINIĆ, Jelena, ‘Close Contacts’, 440/36

ELL, Theodore, ‘Tenebrae’, 442/41

HARRISON, Jennifer, ‘Mandelbrot Set’, 445/14

HARWOOD, Gwen, ‘Suburban Sonnet’, 443/9

HAWKE, John, ‘Circle of Fifths’, 448/39

HOFMANN, Michael, ‘Paradise’, 442/15

KINSELLA, John, ‘Imitating Rural Imitation: After Robert Browning’s ‘Two in the Campagna’, 447/53

LILLEY, Kate, ‘Planisphere’, 449/20

MEAD, Philip, ‘Torrents of Spring’, 444/50

NGUYEN, Hoa, ‘Fortune Cookie No Fortune’, 447/35

PLUNKETT, Felicity, ‘On Dover Street’, 448/34

RAVINTHIRAN, Vidyan, ‘Pillaiyar’, 445/58

RAZAVI, Hessom, ‘Freya’, 446/32

ROSE, Peter, ‘Coronation Chicken’, 449/35

ROSE, Peter, ‘Styptic’, 443/14

TAYLOR, Andrew, ‘Visiting Peter’, 449/55

VILLANI, Anders, ‘Deer Knife’, 441/49


Books of the Year

ABDEL-MAGIED, Yassmin, 449/29

BEVERIDGE, Judith, 449/31

BIRCH, Tony, 449/28

BONGIORNO, Frank, 449/32

BRADLEY, James, 449/34

BRETT, Judith, 449/30

DAVIS, Glyn, 449/29

DAY, Gregory, 449/34

DEANE, Joel, 449/33

FITZPATRICK, Sheila, 449/31

FRASER, Morag, 449/34

GILES, Paul, 449/32

GILL, Mindy, 449/33

GRIFFITHS, Tom, 449/29

HAIGH, Gideon, 449/30

HOFMANN, Michael, 449/31

HOLLAND-BATT, Sarah, 449/28

HUGHES-d’AETH, 449/33

KELLY, Sean, 449/32

KENNY, Mark, 449/31

KINSELLA, John, 449/32

LEY, James, 449/34

McKENNA, Mark, 449/33

MILLS, Jennifer, 449/31

NIALL, Brenda, 449/31

PENDER, Kieran, 449/28

PLUNKETT, Felicity, 449/33

REES, Yves, 449/29

ROSE, Peter, 449/29

SILCOX, Beejay, 449/29

STUBBINGS, Diane, 449/30

WALKER, Brenda, 449/32

WILLIAMSON, Geordie, 449/33

WILSON, Frances, 449/28

WINKLER, Michael, 449/32

WRIGHT, Clare, 449/29


LUMBY, Catharine, ‘A tribute to Frank Moorhouse’, 445/42

MATTHEWS, David, ‘A tribute to Brian Matthews’, 444/25