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Michael Winkler reviews A Stolen Life: The Bruce Trevorrow case by Antonio Buti and My Longest Round by Wally Carr and Gaele Sobott

Michael Winkler
22 July 2019

Philip Larkin famously suggested that ‘they fuck you up, your mum and dad’, but the alternative is usually worse. Twenty years More

John Donnelly reviews Benang: From the heart by Kim Scott

John Donnelly
21 June 2019

Kim Scott is described on the inside cover of Benang, his second novel, as ‘a descendant of  people who have always lived along the south-east coast of Western Australia an More

Stephen Dedman reviews Driving Into the Sun by Marcella Polain

Stephen Dedman
22 April 2019

In Driving Into the Sun, Marcella Polain – winner of the Anne Elder Award, the Patricia Hackett Prize, and more – has done an excellent job of capturing the inner emotional la More

Chris Flynn reviews four new crime novels

Chris Flynn
21 April 2019

The plethora of crime stories is such that, in order to succeed, they must either follow a well-trodden narrative path and do so extremely well, or run with a high concept and hope for the More

Helena Kadmos 'The Valley' by Steve Hawke

Helena Kadmos
01 November 2018

The discovery of human bones is an intriguing narrative opening that rarely disappoints and seems an adaptable vehicle for the Australian gothic and representations of the impacts of colon More

2017 Publisher Picks

Madonna Duffy et al
21 December 2017

To complement our 2017 ‘Books of the Year’, we invited several senior publishers to nominate their favourite books – all published by other companies.