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John Henningham

John Henningham is director of Jschool Journalism College in Brisbane. He is the author of Looking at Television News (1988) and the edited collections Issues in Australian Journalism (1990) and Institutions in Australian Society (1995), and is former editor of the journals Australian Journalism Review, Australian Studies in Journalism, and Australian Journalism Monographs. He was foundation professor of journalism at the University of Queensland and has worked as a journalist with News Corporation, Fairfax, and the ABC. His website is

John Henningham reviews 'That's The Way It Is' by Charles L. Ponce de Leon

November 2015, no. 376 29 October 2015
The notion of a golden age of television news followed by a relentless decline in standards and values is challenged by Charles L. Ponce de Leon, who argues that television news has always catered to public preferences. Ponce de Leon gives a solid overview and interpretation of the half century or so in which television news was the dominant information medium for Americans. He covers major events ... (read more)