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Brian Edwards

Brian Edwards reviews ‘Other Gravities’ by Kevin Gillam and ‘A Tasmanian Paradise Lost’ by Graeme Hetherington

December 2003–January 2004, no. 257 01 December 2003
In the first part of his new collection, Graeme Hetherington returns to the cultural territory he presented, differently registered, in In the Shadow of Van Diemen’s Land (1999). This is the west coast of Tasmania, reconstructed this time, in ‘West Coast Garden of Eden’, as the provocative place of his childhood, an Eden after the Fall in which innocence has long before succumbed to temptati ... (read more)

Brian Edwards reviews 'Wimmera' by Homer Rieth

December 2009–January 2010, no. 317 01 December 2009
That Homer Rieth is one of the finest lyric poets writing in Australia was apparent with the publication in 2001 of his collection The Dining Car Scene. Now, with Wimmera, his lyric strengths are displayed in epic form. Presented in twelve books and 374 pages, initially titled ‘A Locale of the Cosmos’, grand in conception and impressively detailed in execution, this is a significant achievemen ... (read more)