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Eva Sallis

Eva Sallis reviews 'Asylum' by Heather Tyler

May 2003, no. 251 01 May 2003
This important book succeeds in forcing us to see and hear the individuals hidden from knowledge and understanding behind the razor wire of Australia’s detention centres. The opening chapter, ‘The Iron Curtin’, presents material that, even if familiar to some, still has the power to shock. I was jolted once more by the cold facts of our treatment of refugees and asylum seekers. This opening ... (read more)

Eva Sallis reviews 'Love Song' by Nikki Gemmell

December 2001–January 2002, no. 237 01 December 2001
Nikki Gemmell’s third novel, Love Song, set in both Australia and England, is a striking and memorable work. The style is sharp, jagged even, but so energetic that it sucked me in. I had to read it twice to know more than the fact that I had thoroughly enjoyed it. This is a story written to an unborn child by a mother who seems, at first, both old and young, something which proves to be the cas ... (read more)