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Dymphna Cusack

Dymphna Cusack

Dymphna Cusack (1902–1981) was an Australian writer and playwright whose novels and plays have been translated in thirty-four countries. With Miles Franklin, she co-wrote Pioneers on Parade (1939) and with Florence James, Come In Spinner (1951), which was later turned into a television series by the ABC. A passionate advocate for social reform, Cusack was a member of the Communist Party and a founding member of the Australia Society of Authors.

Dymphna Cusack reviews 'Caviar for Breakfast' by Betty Roland

February–March 1980, no. 18 01 February 1980
The publisher did scant service to the author by putting a ‘blurb’ before the book, emphasising ideas that are neither implicit nor explicit in it. Betty Roland does not claim to be a prophet. The old cliché ‘I couldn’t put it down’ was literally true when I read her Caviar for Breakfast, the account of her year in the Soviet Union in 1934. We all do silly things when we are young! ... (read more)