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Libby Connors

Libby Connors

Libby Connors is a retired history academic. She is the author of Warrior (Allen & Unwin, 2015), which won the Queensland Premier’s Award for a Work of State Significance, the Magarey Medal for Biography, and the Australian and New Zealand Law & History Society Annual Prize in Legal History. 

Libby Connors reviews 'Tongerlongeter: First Nations leader and Tasmanian war hero' by Henry Reynolds and Nicholas Clements

October 2021, no. 436 22 September 2021
Tongerlongeter was surely one of Australia’s toughest military leaders. Henry Reynolds and Nicholas Clements expressly narrate his story to affirm the place of the Frontier Wars in the Anzac pantheon. Reflexive conservative responses to such arguments – that Anzac Day commemorates only those who served in the Australian military – are flawed and outdated. The Tasmanian frontier is one of Aus ... (read more)