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A.J. Carruthers

A.J. Carruthers

A. J. Carruthers is a poet, essayist and scholar in long poems and musico-poetics. Poems have appeared in the Anthology of Asian-Australian Poets (Puncher and Wattmann) and a range of literary magazines. He has also created a chapbook, The Tulip Beds: a toneme suite (Vagabond, 2013), and an assortment of artworks / artists’ books. He holds a PhD in English at the University of Sydney. Axis Book 1: ‘Areal’ is his first full-length collection and the first book in the first part of a lifelong long poem: HEMISPHERE.

A.J. Carruthers reviews 'Net Needle' by Robert Adamson

December 2015, no. 377 27 November 2015
Australian poetry has always been influenced by international literary trends, especially avant-garde or experimental ones, from the French Symbolists to US 'Language Writing' from around 1970 to the present. A curious aspect of this has been a kind of hybrid poet who can straddle both 'experimental' and 'romantic' traditions. Given the increased popularity of experimental writing in Australia, it ... (read more)