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Peter Kenneally

Peter Kenneally

Peter Kenneally is a writer, editor and librarian based in Melbourne. In 2020 he was shortlisted for the City of Melbourne Creative Writing Award and longlisted for the BBC Radio 4 National Short Story Prize.

Peter Kenneally reviews 'The Sunlit Zone' by Lisa Jacobson

July–August 2012, no. 343 10 July 2012
It is 2050 in Melbourne. The seas have risen, full of accidental genetic mixtures and cloned versions of extinct favourites, while the land is dried out and life is a tense combination of techno-affluence, terror, and normality. This is the world the characters in Lisa Jacobson’s submarine, emotive verse novel inhabit – almost a dystopia, but not quite. The central character, North, lives a l ... (read more)

Peter Kenneally reviews 'Australian Poetry Journal: Beginnings' edited by Bronwyn Lea

December 2011–January 2012, no. 337 24 November 2011
Bronwyn Lea has chosen ‘Beginnings’ as the theme for the first issue of Poetry Australia’s new journal. The Editor has some interesting things to say about a poem’s ‘beginning’ in her Foreword, but the journal doesn’t as yet have the feel of something fresh, lively, and distinctive that a beginning promises. It is as if the title doesn’t apply to the publication as a whole. This cr ... (read more)
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