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Simon Patton

Simon Patton wrote a thesis on modern Chinese poetry.

‘Time for a wider Webb’ by Simon Patton

August 1991, no. 133 01 August 1991
But I have chosen the little, obscure wayIn the dim, shouting vortex; I have takenA fool’s power in his cap and bells He described himself as a ‘no-hoper’ (he died in a mental hospital in the poverty of his poetry and Catholic faith). These days, the label ‘a poet’s poet’ is sufficient to scare off anyone interested in approaching a body of work that is both substantial and challe ... (read more)

Simon Patton 'Anima and Other Poems' by Bruce Beaver

June 1994, no. 161 01 June 1994
What do we do, where do we go to get beyond the routines of the self and the paradoxical alienation it produces in both ourselves and in others? Is it possible to break down the shell of separation and deal with others from a perspective that is neither ‘self- or need-observed’? These are the questions that occupy Bruce Beaver in many of the poems in this collection, and one that he traces thr ... (read more)

Simon Patton reviews 'Animal Warmth' by Philip Hodgins

April 1990, no. 119 01 April 1990
Philip Hodgins writes with assurance and he has a fine ear for the rhythms of spoken Australian. This enables him to recreate the ‘tall story’ in poetic form with great facility and yet this very facility is at the same time limiting, since it restricts the writer largely to what has already been said (typically, he devotes seventeen pages in this collection to a poem entitled ‘The Way Thing ... (read more)