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Leonie Stevens

Leonie Stevens

Leonie Stevens is descended from Irish and German settlers. She is the author of six novels, including Nature Strip and The Marowack Two, a range of short fiction, and has edited two anthologies. The Australian Culture Wars of the early 2000s ignited a passion for true stories, and she turned to academia, studying history and archaeology. Her most recent book is Me Write Myself: The free Aboriginal inhabitants of Van Diemen’s Land at Wybalenna. She is a Research Fellow on the Global Encounters and First Nations Peoples project at Monash University.

Leonie Stevens reviews 'Everywhen: Australia and the language of deep history' edited by Ann McGrath, Laura Rademaker, and Jakelin Troy

October 2023, no. 458 24 September 2023
It can take an enormous intellectual effort for non-Indigenous people (such as this reviewer) to grasp Indigenous concepts of time. This is partially due to what Aileen Moreton-Robinson has described as the incommensurability of Indigenous and Western epistemological approaches. In settler-colonial terms, land is a resource to be appropriated, surveyed, and exploited. Temporality is generally used ... (read more)