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Judith Brett

Judith Brett reviews ‘John Howard and the Conservative Tradition’ by Norman Abjorensen

March 2009, no. 309 01 March 2009
There has always been a problem with locating conservatism in Australia’s political traditions. As a new settler society dedicated to development, it is hard to see a natural place for a political philosophy that advocates taking things slowly and respecting the wisdom of the past. Nevertheless, the term has been in use as a political label in Australia since the nineteenth century, generally to ... (read more)

Judith Brett reviews 'R.G. Menzies: A portrait' by John Bunting

June 1988, no. 101 01 June 1988
John Bunting’s portrait of Robert Menzies is a book for fans. Beautifully produced, with a handsome cover, tartan endpapers, and a royal blue marker, it is an ideal gift for those who agree with Bunting’s judgement – that Menzies was ‘grand and magnificent, the best man of his time’. It will also please those who, though more reserved in their admiration than Bunting, remember Menzies wi ... (read more)