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Geoffrey Lehmann

Geoffrey Lehmann

Geoffrey Lehmann has published seven collections of poems, a Selected Poems, and a Collected Poems, and was the first Australian poet to be published by Faber & Faber. He has co-edited with Robert Gray three anthologies of Australian poetry and has edited two anthologies of Australian humorous verse. He has also published a novel, two children's books, and Australian Primitive Painters, a book of art criticism. He was for some years a tax lawyer with an international accounting firm.

Geoffrey Lehmann reviews 'New and Selected Poems' by Chris Wallace-Crabbe

April 2013, no. 350 25 March 2013
First, I will bore you with some Chris Wallace-Crabbe statistics. Born in 1934, he has thirty-three ‘new’ poems in his New and Selected Poems, which is an average of about seven poems a year since his last volume, Telling a Hawk from a Handsaw (2008). That is a lot of poems for the second half of a poet’s eighth decade, a time when many run dry. The ‘selected’ part of this volume draws f ... (read more)

Geoffrey Lehmann reviews 'London: A History in Verse' edited by Mark Ford

December 2012–January 2013, no. 347 24 November 2012
For the poet W.S. Graham, running away from Scotland ‘with my money belt of Northern ice’ at the age of nineteen, London was the ‘golden city’ in his poem ‘The Night City’. Graham ‘found Eliot and he said yes // And sprang into a Holmes cab. / Boswell passed me in the fog / Going to visit Whistler who / Was with John Donne …’ For other poets in this anthology, London is a ‘nois ... (read more)

Geoffrey Lehmann reviews 'The Red Sea: New and Selected Poems' by Stephen Edgar

October 2012, no. 345 26 September 2012
Stephen Edgar shows us the dazzling pleasures of poetry that is ‘strictly ballroom’. Some years ago in a Greek restaurant, I was having lunch with Edgar, Martin Harrison, and Robert Gray. My fellow diners began excitedly discussing the finer technical points of a range of verse meters. Edgar said that he had written poems using sprung verse, syllabics, and regularly accented meters. I became a ... (read more)

'On the making of a poetic anthology' by Geoffrey Lehmann

November 2011, no. 336 25 October 2011
With 1086 pages of poems and critical biographies, Australian Poetry Since 1788 – the third anthology co-edited by Robert Gray and myself – is by far the largest anthology of Australian poetry to date, and at least twice the size of its predecessors. Perhaps controversially, it has fewer poets than many earlier anthologies, with only 174 named poets. But it covers the gamut of Australian poetr ... (read more)