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Letters to the Editor - November 2023

by Patrick Hockey, et al.
November 2023, no. 459

Letters to the Editor - November 2023

by Patrick Hockey, et al.
November 2023, no. 459

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Rubinstein in Coleraine

Dear Editor,

Ian Britain’s review of Angus Trumble’s biography (ABR, September 2023) omits any mention of Helena Rubinstein’s time in Coleraine in western Victoria.

Patrick Hockey (online comment)


Dear Editor,

Ouch! I’m surprised that Danielle Clode, in her review of Big Meg by Tim Flannery and Emma Flannery (ABR, October 2023), did not disclose her professional collaborations with John Long.

Vicki Flannery (online comment)

Danielle Clode replies:

My work as a science writer with some shared interests in fossils and museums often intersects with that of Tim Flannery and John Long, both of whom I regard as role models for their contributions to popular science writing. I have reviewed Flannery’s books, taught his work in writing classes, and chaired/hosted his sessions at festivals and museums. In 2021, I published a biography of Long for younger readers, so naturally I was struck by the different accounts of the megalodon tooth discovery.

From time to time, both Flannery and Long have reviewed sections of my own books as subject matter experts. It is expected that reviewers have some level of knowledge or expertise about the authors or books they review, something that does not require disclosure. All my reviews are entirely my own opinion. Obviously, I did not involve Long or anyone else in this review.


Professorial pile-on

Dear Editor,

What a pile-on of professors in the Letters page (ABR, September 2023). Clare Wright dares to suggest that historians might stick to history rather than prophecy, so she is attacked not only there but also by Professor James Curran, who calls her a ‘Stanner in reverse’ and implies that she is some kind of intellectual failure. Who is being silenced here? You did not have to be a professor to see that winning the referendum would be an uphill battle, given the lack of bipartisan support and the shameless lying of federal Opposition leaders. The professoriate may see itself as aloof from the political struggle currently engaging many Voice supporters. It may be happy saying ‘I told you so!’ if the referendum fails. But it doesn’t help anyone.

Susan Lever

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