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Simon Tedeschi

Simon Tedeschi

Simon Tedeschi has written for publications across Australia. When neither writing nor practising piano, he reads books and drinks coffee. He and his wife, the painter Loribelle Spirovski, live in Sydney, Australia with their cat. His first book, Fugitive, is due to be released in May 2022 through Upswell.

2022 Calibre Essay Prize (Winner): 'This woman my grandmother' by Simon Tedeschi

May 2022, no. 442 23 April 2022
A decade before she died, my grandmother Lucy, whose Hebrew name was Leah but who was known to us as Nanna, decided to write her memoirs. English wasn’t her first language, let alone her second or third, so rather than write she chose to speak. When she was finished, the contents of eight cassette tapes were typed up and bound in blue plastic covers. Copies were made for bo ... (read more)