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Anthony Burke

Anthony Burke is an Associate Professor of International Politics in the University of New South Wales at the Australian Defence Force Academy. His books include Fear of Security: Australia’s Invasion Anxiety (2008), Beyond Security, Ethics and Violence: War Against the Other (2007) and Critical Security in the Asia-Pacific (2007). He is currently completing a new book entitled Postmodern Conflict: Global Security and Asymmetric War.

Anthony Burke reviews 'Why American Fights: Patriotism and war propaganda from the Philippines to Iraq' by Susan A. Brewer

June 2010, issue no. 322 01 June 2010
In September last year the impressive military intellectual David Kilcullen gave the prestigious annual ‘University Lecture’ to the assembled cohort of cadets, midshipmen, officers, academic staff and senior leadership of the Australian Defence Force Academy and its partner institution, the University of New South Wales. I was especially struck by Kilcullen’s argument, to the young officer t ... (read more)

Anthony Burke reviews 'Divided Korea: Toward a culture of reconciliation' by Roland Bleiker

May 2006, no. 281 01 May 2006
The US scares North Korea.’ If you are George W. Bush or Dick Cheney, you may be satisfied with this statement by former US diplomat Donald Gregg. It might signify the success of American policy towards North Korea, a country you consider to be a dangerous ‘rogue state’ that is developing nuclear weapons and exporting missile technology, and that is led by a repressive totalitarian régime. ... (read more)