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Jonica Newby

Jonica Newby

Jonica Newby is an award-winning science reporter, writer, TV presenter, and director, and is best known for her two decades on ABC TV’s weekly science program, Catalyst. Her latest book, Beyond Climate Grief: A journey of love, snow, fire and an enchanted beer can, charts her struggles navigating the emotional turmoil of climate change, and provides guidance and emotional sustenance to help us face the uncertainties ahead.

Jonica Newby reviews 'Signs and Wonders: Dispatches from a time of beauty and loss' by Delia Falconer

November 2021, no. 437 25 October 2021
Reading Richard Flanagan’s searing allegory The Living Sea of Waking Dreams (2020) and Delia Falconer’s new non-fiction book, Signs and Wonders: Dispatches from a time of beauty and loss, in rapid succession was a surreal, slightly unmooring experience. Both authors lucidly capture the dreamlike state of disbelief and horrified fury with which we’ve watched the world slide terribly into ... (read more)