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J.J. Errington

J.J. Errington

J.J. Errington has a PhD in English and Creative Writing from the University of Adelaide. He recently moved to Busan, South Korea to work at an International School.

J.J. Errington reviews 'Waypoints' by Adam Ouston

August 2022, no. 445 29 July 2022
In 1908, on 11 September (an ominous day for the changing nature of planes in our dreams), Franz Kafka and Max Brod travelled to Brescia in Italy to watch Louis Blériot fly a plane. For Kafka, and probably most in the crowd, this was the first opportunity to witness a human crawl into a machine and, like something out of Greek Myth, fly towards the Mediterranean sun. Kafka and Brod decided to rec ... (read more)