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Vidyan Ravinthiran

Vidyan Ravinthiran

Vidyan Ravinthiran’s last collection, The Million-Petalled Flower of Being Here (Bloodaxe, 2019), was shortlisted for both the Forward and T.S. Eliot Prizes and won a Northern Writers Award and a PBS Recommendation. His poems have appeared in Australian Book Review, The London Review of Books, The Nation, Poetry, and many other newspapers and magazines. He is co-editing an anthology of Sri Lankan and diasporic poetry.

'Pillaiyar', a poem by Vidyan Ravinthiran

August 2022, no. 445 29 July 2022
– that’s Ganesh to you – is pictured                         with a broken tusk: why?The tale was addedlate onto the Mahabharata.Vyasa, authorrequiring a scribeasked that noble child with an elephant’s head.Only, replied the god,if once begun we do not cease …my pen mus ... (read more)