The Audit

March 2021, no. 429

The Audit

March 2021, no. 429


Commissioning deities:                      Aphrodite, Adonis, Gaia, Venus

Topic:                                                  Beauty

Scope:                                                 Internal audit

Auditor name:                                   Φαιδρα (Phaedra)

Auditor registration number:         ͵δφξζ

Audit site:                                          Addison St, Elwood, Victoria, Australia

                                                           Avenue measures είκοσι δύο schoinions

Date:                                                 ζʹ moon waning,͵βκ

Notes:                                                Local numbering and sacred references

Key findings:

School sing-song wisps, plane trees frame powerline peril,
ribs smeared salmon and taupe to the apse. Driveways
bloom yards – uncombed jasmine at 93, roses clipped to fists,
fringed birch, spots of cumquat. Leonine sentries kiss camellias
pink, snow, arterial red; flocks of magnolia plead mercy and chant
novenas for poplar bones. Cruciform canal, swollen with sticks
and storms; hunched sentries tear bread, toddlers lob offerings –
spoonbill, heron, teal. Crossed by Shelley Street, freesias waft
to the uncoupled. Waterside, a baker dances in her driveway,
paints palings – I still love you, comical fish. Pickets woo
violets, homes claim names … Santa Fe, the tulip fretwork
of Ashfel, Rappelle’s sasanqua. A handful of banana palms
play, tawny eyes spy tabernacled pigeons; trouser legs watch
first-act baths, tea steams a bolted bench. Rainbow gates
at 13, swings on the verge – tyre and rope, plank and nylon –
Hebe’s brood insided. Baskets freckled purple at 7, terracotta
warms silver-eye and bird-of-paradise agree with soft winds.
Lorikeets hide in velvet-gloved gum, father-of-the-bride magpies
strut and ivy pretends to flee, one tendril at a time. Blossom
clots branches, a southerly tickles pregnant jacaranda,
nasturtiums unperturbed. At 58, a citrus circus teases would-be
thieves and cooks; eternally bogged, a wheelbarrow brims parsley
and rosemary twists for Priapos. Limbs buttress nests, tail feathers
pause … a lyre unsheathed, choristers perch on Addison’s bridge.

Escalation/s: N/A


Site meets acceptable aesthetic standard: (Cross appropriate box)

☒ Strongly agree       ☐ Agree      ☐ Neutral      ☐ Disagree      ☐ Strongly disagree


Report in Calliope-endorsed format                          ☐ Yes     ☐ No

Appropriate escalations/recommendation                  ☐ Yes      No


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