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Harold Love

Harold Love taught English at Monash University.

Harold Love reviews 'The Decline of the English Musician 1788-1888: A family of English musicians in Ireland, England, Mauritius, and Australia' by A.V Beedell

May 1993, no. 150 01 May 1993
This book opens with the pregnancy of an Irish actress in 1789 and concludes with the death of her grandson in 1888. There is mystery at both ends of the story, relating in the first case to paternity and in the second to the source of a substantial estate. In between comes a drama of marital dissonance and economic survival played out against the great crisis brought upon the musical profession i ... (read more)

Harold Love reviews '25 Years of Australian Opera' by Neil Warren-Smith with Frank Salter

April 1984, no. 59 01 April 1984
That Neil Warren-Smith was a magnificent singer and actor I knew from having seen him in many Trust and Australian Opera seasons, including the very first in 1956. But his proneness to appear as czars, monks, ancient sages, field marshals and similar dignified personages had concealed from me that he was also a magnificent larrikin. This is a very welcome bonus of what is, sadly, a posthumous auto ... (read more)