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Kate Lilley

Kate Lilley

Kate Lilley’s most recent book, Tilt (Vagabond Press), won the Victorian Premier’s Prize for Poetry. She is an Honorary Associate Professor of English at the University of Sydney.

Kate Lilley on John Tranter (1943-2023)

June 2023, no. 454 23 May 2023
Poet and editor extraordinaire John Tranter died on 21 April 2023, after a few cruel years of illness with Lewy body dementia. Friends and family gathered at his funeral in the inner Sydney suburb of Rozelle on what would have been his eightieth birthday (29 April) to celebrate John’s remarkable life and mourn his loss. I was honoured to be one of the speakers: what follows incorporates what I s ... (read more)

Kate Lilley reviews 'Reading Early Modern Women’s Writing' by Paul Salzman

May 2007, no. 291 01 May 2007
The study of early modern women’s writing is today a thriving field, largely formed by innovative politically and sexually engaged work at the crossroads of historical and theoretical scholarship and teaching. What is often somewhat offhandedly referred to as the work of feminist recovery or canonical revision, an ongoing investigation of the print and manuscript archive of early modern women’ ... (read more)

'For Noting', a new poem by Kate Lilley

October 2020, no. 425 24 September 2020
A creeping association might doldrumyour bullet points and action itemsresembling life grid passing then gonechange my number leave me alonegive no ear to charmsslip the bridle ungirth the saddlethe x of the x blowssit at my desk and think there is more to comea spreadsheet fringe exposureseemly as introduction exactly sotalking invents its outstretchednecessities breezy pictures and otherobjectiv ... (read more)