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Tom Thompson

Tom Thompson is an Australian publisher and writer.

Four Days in Tinsel Town: The equal of seven anywhere else By Tom Thompson

February–March 1998, no. 198 01 February 1986
Sydney writers are notoriously slack during any hot summer. Sydney audiences are equally lackadaisical. Except, it seems, when it comes to fronting authors on their working-holidays, if we can judge by the numbers who turned up to this year’s Writers sessions at the Sydney Festival. For each of the eight sessions of ‘The View from Tinsel Town’, held in the grandeur of the Sydney Town Hall (J ... (read more)

'Coming Out From Behind: The unprinted stories behind the published books' by Tom Thompson

September 1991, no. 134 01 September 1991
Publishers are like invisible ink. Their imprint is in the mysterious appearance of books on shelves. This explains their obsession with crime novels. To some authors they appear as good fairies, to others the Brothers Grimm. Publishers can be blamed for pages that fall out (Look ma, a self-exploding paperback!), for a book’s non-appearance at a country town called Ulmere. For appearing too ear ... (read more)