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Doris Leadbetter

Doris Leadbetter reviews 'The Lawyer and the Rhine Maiden' by Lloyd Davies

April 1990, no. 119 09 September 2022
If it is a truism that every person has a novel in them, then it is equally hackneyed to suggest that every doctor/lawyer/vicar has a fund of entertaining anecdotes waiting for retirement from public life to allow the leisure for setting them down on paper. Yet we can all recall with pleasure a few such collections of stories. They are not, perhaps, all that well written. They certainly have no pl ... (read more)

Doris Leadbetter reviews 'Max and Other Stories' by Meredith Jelbart

April 1990, no. 119 01 April 1990
There’s a lot to be said for plain writing for writing in such a way that the reader is nudged along through nuance and observation to perception. Plain writing tends to make the reader feel as if they too are watching impassively what the writer sees. It’s a little like standing in shallow water, not noticing the tide coming in. Plain writing involves the reader; any shocks, or passions, come ... (read more)