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Russell Marks

Russell Marks is a Melbourne-based writer and lawyer.

Russell Marks reviews 'Mandatory Murder: A true history of homicide and injustice in an outback town' by Steven Schubert

November 2019, no. 416 24 October 2019
ABC journalist Steven Schubert’s first book, Mandatory Murder, could have been a definitive account of the bizarre sentencing of Zak Grieve for the murder of fellow Katherine resident Ray Niceforo in October 2011. To achieve this, it had to dig deeper and cover greater territory than existing accounts, including Dan Box’s mediocre documentary, The Queen & Zak Grieve, presented in six ‘we ... (read more)

Russell Marks reviews 'Trust Me: Australians and their Politicians' by Jackie Dickenson

October 2013, no. 355 27 September 2013
‘Trust’ between voters and their elected representatives must seem rather arbitrary to politicians, whose success depends on its maintenance. Our simplistic expectations of honesty are belied by the ways in which our subconscious perceptions are herded into different narratives. Julia Gillard was either inherently untrustworthy because she benefited from Kevin Rudd’s political assassination ... (read more)